What Does 442 W30 Mean?

What Does 442 W30 Mean

The 442 was Oldsmobile’s response to the Pontiac GTO, and it received a big-block engine in 1965. The W30 performance option was introduced in 1964, continuing to be updated through 1967.

In total, there were six different versions of the 442 – including a convertible model.

What Does 442 W30 Mean?

The 442 was Oldsmobile’s response to the Pontiac GTO. It received a big-block engine in 1965. The W30 performance option was introduced in 1964. It continued to be updated through 1967 with six different versions total.

Sleek design, powerful engines and excellent handling made this car one of the best on the market. If you’re looking for an icon of American muscle, look no further than the 442.

What does the W-30 on a 442 mean?

The W-30 option package on a 442 Oldsmobile provides increased performance and fuel efficiency. It includes the Select-Fit engine components, a functional air scoop hood, an aluminum intake manifold as well as a longer duration cam.

This makes the 442 more efficient when driving and running errands or commuting to work. Another advantage of this upgrade is that it keeps your car looking new for years to come by preventing rusting and corrosion from occurring in key areas such as the engine bay area and underbody panels

How much horsepower did a 1970 Oldsmobile 442 W30 have?

The engine made 418.8 hp at 5,000 rpm and 522 lb-ft of torque at 3,400 rpm – this is what James found when running the engine through a dyno test. It’s no wonder then that the W-30 is considered one of the most powerful muscle cars ever made.

As someone who knows all about Oldsmobile engines, James provides an insightful look into this legendary car in his report. Finally, we can see why enthusiasts love these cars so much – they’re just as fun to drive today as they were when they first came out.

Thanks for reading – let us know if you have any questions about this article or anything else related to automobiles.

How do you tell if a 442 is a W30?

The only way to determine if a vehicle is an uplevel W30 model from the VIN number is by checking the engine code. For 1949-1957, all 455 engines were exclusive to 442 models; however, for 1958 and later, any engine could be ordered in a 442 regardless of its VIN number.

The Hurst/Olds were the only formal hardtops available with W30 engines; other makes such as Pontiac or Cadillac didn’t offer this option until much later on in their production runs. If you’re not sure if your car falls into one of these categories, it’s best to consult a restoration specialist or look up the VIN online yourself before making any decisions about purchasing or restoring it.

Be sure to research your options carefully before pulling the trigger – there are many worthy cars out there that don’t have factory W30 power under the hood.

How fast was a 1970 442 W30?

The 1970 442 W30 was capable of reaching speeds up to 101.12 mph when properly driven and maintained. Even with its dated mechanicals, the car still produced impressive performance numbers when compared to modern counterparts.

If you’re looking for a muscle car that can hold its own against today’s offerings, then take a look at a 1970 Oldsmobile 442 W30. With proper maintenance and driving skills, this classic could easily exceed 100 mph on the open road.

Keep in mind that these cars are rarer than hen’s teeth, so don’t wait too long if you’re interested – they’ll go fast.

What is the rarest Oldsmobile 442?

If you’re looking for a rare Oldsmobile 442, your best bet may be to look for one that’s been restored or modified. The Sports Coupe is the most common example of the 442, but it’s still a pretty rare car.

There are only 262 W30s built in 1970, making this model one of the more scarce old sedans out there. As far as color goes, Holiday Coupes (which were limited to 1,500 units) are especially hard to come by and desirable collectors item among enthusiasts of classic cars like Oldsmobiles.

Be sure to ask about any modifications or restoration work done on an Oldsmobile 442 if you’re interested in buying one – some dealers might not want to sell it because it could impact their stock value

What did W30 mean?

The W30 designation refers to the 30th anniversary model of a Ford Mustang, and it was an extremely powerful car that is still popular today. It has a V8 engine with 360 horsepower that made it one of the fastest cars on the road at the time.

Many enthusiasts believe that if you’re looking for classic muscle car styling, then you should definitely consider purchasing a W30 Mustang. If you can find one in good condition, they can be quite expensive – but worth every penny when it comes to performance and style.

Make sure to check out our selection of vintage Mustangs here at MotorCarsDirect – we have something for everyone.

What was the fastest Oldsmobile?

The 442 was Oldsmobile’s fastest car and can reach a top speed of 389 mph. This muscle car is known for its power and agility, making it one of the quickest cars on the market in its time period.

Owners report that this Oldsmobile runs smoothly and requires little to no maintenance. The 442 offers drivers an exhilarating experience at every turn with its high-performance engine options. If you’re looking for a luxurious automobile that will transport you quickly and efficiently, look no further than the 442 from Oldsmobile.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a w31 Oldsmobile?

The W-31 Oldsmobile was a 350 cubic inch Cutlass V8 engine. This car had a lot of rarity on it because only 500 were made. The engine balancer is big and as rare as hen’s teeth.

What does the 442 stand for?

The 442 was a Cadillac model that had a V-8 engine with four barrels, a four-speed manual transmission, and dual exhausts.

What was the best year for the Oldsmobile 442?

The best year for the Oldsmobile 442 is 1968.

What engine did the 1972 442 have?

The B09 Police Apprehender option for the 1972 442 included a four-barrel carbureted 330 cubic-inch V8 with dual exhaust and 310 horsepower. The suspension, shocks, clutch, transmission, driveshaft, brakes, and wheels were also greatly improved.

How fast is a Cutlass 442?

According to ProfessCars™ estimation this Oldsmobile is capable of accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in 9 sec, from 0 to 100 km/h in 9.7 sec, from 0 to 160 km/h (100 mph) in 31.2 sec and the quarter mile drag time is 16.7 sec.

What is the most valuable Oldsmobile?

Oldsmobiles were expensive at the time, but they had some of the most valuable features. This 6.5-liter Skyrocket V-8 engine was rated at 330 horsepower.

What is a w32 Oldsmobile?

The w32 Oldsmobile was a powerful car that produced 350 horsepower and 440 ft lbs of torque. It was built in 1969 and only 25 were made. But generally four speed cars are slower.

How much is a Olds 442 worth?

The average price of a Olds 442 is $59,716.

What is the most powerful Oldsmobile engine?

The most powerful Oldsmobile engine option was the Super Rocket. This engine had a compression ratio of 9.0:1 at 310 hp (230 kW) or 10.25:1 at 360 hp (270 kW).

How much horsepower did a 1965 Oldsmobile 442 have?

This 1965 Oldsmobile 442 had 345-hp.

To Recap

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The leak could cause serious damage to infrastructure and human health, so it’s important for everyone to be aware of the warning signs and heed them immediately.

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