What Different Size Skateboard Wheels Do

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What Different Size Skateboard Wheels Do

The size of your skateboard wheel is important for the speed and control you have while skating. You should consider the size of your wheels when choosing a board, based on factors such as weight and balance.

Some riders prefer smaller wheels because they offer more speed and control than larger ones. When it comes to buying a skateboard, make sure to compare sizes so you get the best fit for your needs. There are different types of boards designed for different speeds and controlling abilities- don’t be afraid to try out several before finding the perfect one.

What Different Size Skateboard Wheels Do?

Size matters when choosing skateboard wheels. You need to find the right size for your board and body weight. Factors that affect speed and control on a skateboard include wheel size, width, and shape.

Riders with smaller or larger wheels have different advantages and disadvantages when skating fast or maneuvering around obstacles. Wheels come in many different sizes, so finding the one that fits you best is important for controlling your board’s speed and stability while skating.

Skateboard Wheels Size

Skateboard wheels come in a variety of sizes to fit any skateboard. The size of your wheel affects how easily it will turn and how stable your board will be.

When choosing a wheel, make sure the diameter is about the same as the width of your skateboard deck or trucks. Larger wheels are better for cruising and smoother surfaces; smaller ones are better for tricks and harder surfaces like concrete and asphalt streets or ramps.

Be aware that if you switch out your wheels, you’ll need to buy new bearings too.

How Big Your Wheel Should Be

The size of your skateboard wheel is important for balance, grip and safety when skating. You don’t want a large wheel that will make it difficult to move around or cause you to lose control while skating.

Choose a smaller wheel if you are new to the sport or if you plan on using your skateboard only in small areas where obstacles aren’t as high off the ground. If you have experience skating and know how big a wheel can handle, choose one about half the size of what is recommended by most experts.

In general, wheels should be between 68 mm (about 2 inches) and 78 mm (about 3 inches).

Factors That Affect Speed & Control On A Skateboard

The size of the skateboard wheel is one important factor that affects speed and control on a skateboard. Another major factor to consider is the type of bearings used in the wheels.

Width, thickness, and durometer (hardness) also affect how quickly and easily a skateboard moves across the ground. The height of your deck also plays an important role when it comes to controlling your board while skating; higher decks offer better stability while skating downhill or vertically.

Differences In Riders With Smaller Or Larger Wheels

Riders with smaller wheels tend to be more agile and responsive, but they may not have the same stability as riders with larger wheels. Larger wheel riders are typically more stable and less likely to fall off their boards.

It’s important to find a size that is comfortable for you so you can focus on enjoying your time skating rather than worrying about falling off your board or struggling to stay in control of it. Try going shopping with a friend who has different-sized wheels so you can compare and choose the perfect one for you.

Make sure to always check the manufacturer’s instructions before using your new skateboard, especially if you’re unsure about how large your wheel should be.

What are bigger skateboard wheels good for?

bigger skateboard wheels are better for cruising and going downhill. They’re also good for doing tricks because they provide more stability when you’re on the board.

  • Larger skateboard wheels are more stable and easier to maintain speed on, making them a better choice for beginners or those who want to stay in control while skating.
  • The bigger wheel size also allows for better contact with the ground, which makes it easier to gain traction and keep your balance during turns.
  • Finally, the extra stability and weight of larger wheels makes them perfect for higher-speed skating environments such as indoor pools or large expanses of smooth concrete surfaces.

What size wheels are good for a skateboard?

When choosing the size of your skateboard wheel, there are a few things to consider. First, you’ll want the biggest wheel that will still fit on your board.

Second, you’ll need to make sure that it’s strong enough to support your weight and keep you balanced while skating. Third, think about how much space you have on each side of the board – smaller wheels will work in tighter spaces but larger wheels can be used in wider areas.

When choosing the right wheel size for your skateboard, it’s important to make sure that your board is ready for wheels. Before you add any wheels, be sure to check if the deck has been prepped and if the bearings are in good condition. You should also take into account terrain and surface conditions when selecting a wheel size.

For example, on a smooth surface like concrete or asphalt, you might want to go with bigger wheels so that they don’t get stuck while rolling. However, on bumpy or uneven surfaces where speed is more important than maneuverability, smaller wheels may be better suited. It’s also important to keep an eye on tire wear as they age – Eventually, even brand new tires will start showing signs of wear and tear (even if they’ve never been ridden before).

As these signs become apparent over time, it may be necessary to replace them sooner rather than later in order to maintain optimum performance from your skateboard setup.

What are 52mm skateboard wheels used for?

52mm skateboard wheels are used for a variety of reasons, one of which is to provide better grip when you’re skating. They also tend to be slightly wider than other types of wheels, which gives you more stability as you ride.

Suitable for Beginners

Skateboard wheels are designed specifically for beginners and those who want good quality wheel performance at an affordable price. These wheels are also great for street tricks and provide good stability when skating on the ground.

Good Wheel Quality

Good wheel quality is essential if you want to enjoy your skateboarding experience safely and efficiently. The high-quality materials used in these wheels will ensure smooth turning, even when taking sharp turns or going downhill fast.

Great For Street Tricks

Street tricks require precision and agility, which is why 52mm skateboard wheels are perfect for this type of skating. With their small size, these wheels allow you to perform daring stunts with ease while maintaining control over your board.

Are smaller wheels easier to ollie?

There is some debate about whether smaller wheels are easier to ollie. While many riders believe that smaller wheels give you a better balance and control when you’re trying to ollie, others argue that it’s more difficult because your weight is spread over a greater area.

Ultimately, the size of your wheel is up to you – if you think it will make the trick easier, go for it.

It Takes More Speed To Go Over Bigger obstacles

Larger wheels take longer to reach the same speeds as smaller wheels. This means that it will be harder for you to go over bigger obstacles with large wheels than with small ones.

Larger wheels also require more energy per ollie which makes them slower when skating over short distances.

Large Wheels Take Longer To Reach Same Speeds

Large wheels take a lot longer to reach their cruising speed than smaller ones. When you skate on larger skates, it may take twice as long for them to get up to speed compared to when you are using smaller skates – making them less efficient overall when travelling on flat ground or in low-speed areas.

Smaller Wheels Require Less Energy Per Ollie

It takes less effort and energy per ollie with smaller skates because they have a lower center of gravity and are lighter weight overall. This means that you can trickier tricks easier with these types of skaters since there is less resistance from the ground beneath your feet.

You Can Trickier To Land On Large Wheeled Skates

Landing on large wheeled skateboards can be tricky due to their size and weight – requiring more finesse and practice when trying different tricks or stunts.

Can you ollie with big wheels?

If you’re looking to do tricks on your skateboard, a cruiser or longboard is not the best option. Big soft wheels make these types of boards very unstable when landing an ollie, so you’ll have trouble doing many tricks.

Hitting a curb is easy on a cruiser but much more difficult on a longboard – making it less suitable for trick riding altogether. Cruisers and Longboards are great for cruising around town, but they won’t be able to handle some serious tricks like flips and grinds that other skateboards can perform well with ease.

To Recap

Different size skateboard wheels are designed for different types of skating. Smaller wheels are better for cruising around a small area, while larger wheels are better for more aggressive skating.

Skateboarding brands also often make specific sizes of wheel specifically for their boards.

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