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Richard Seymour is a former American football defensive lineman born on October 6, 1979 in Gadsden, South Carolina. Standing at 6ft 6in and weighing 317lb, he attended Lower Richland High School in Hopkins, South Carolina and then played for the Georgia Bulldogs from 1997-2000.

Seymour was picked sixth overall in the first round of the 2001 NFL draft by the New England Patriots and played with them until 2008, winning three Super Bowls during that time. He went on to play with the Oakland Raiders from 2009-2012.

Seymour was a 7-time Pro Bowl selection and was named to the NFL 2000s All-Decade Team.

Richard Seymour

Personal Information of Richard Seymour

Birth Date1977
Birth PlaceGadsden, South Carolina
Height1,98 m
Weight141 kg
Wife/Spouse (Name)Tanya Seymour



Early years

Richard Seymour, a former American football player, was born on October 6, 1979, in Gadsden, South Carolina. Growing up, he attended Lower Richland High School, where he developed his football skills.

Despite not having the easiest upbringing, Seymour displayed remarkable talent and determination, which helped him excel on the football field. He was quick on his feet and had excellent defensive skills.

Being the team captain in his senior year at high school, Seymour was responsible for leading his team to victory. He was voted the team’s best defensive lineman and went on to win many accolades throughout his high school career, including All-Region and All-Area honors.

As a senior, he played a key role in leading his team to four All-Area Team of the Week honors. Seymour recorded 8 sacks and 83 tackles during his senior year. These accomplishments earned him an All-Area Player of the Week award.

With his exceptional performance, it was no surprise that Seymour went on to have a successful career as a professional football player.

College career

Richard Seymour had a stellar college football career at the University of Georgia. He played for the Bulldogs for four years, from 1997 to 2000. During this time, Seymour was part of a formidable defensive line that included several other outstanding players.

For instance, Marcus Stroud, Charles Grant, and Johnathan Sullivan were all part of the line too. These four players were so good that each of them would go on to become a first-round draft pick in the NFL.

Seymour was one of the most talented players in the group. He played at the defensive tackle position and was known for his exceptional speed and strength. He was also an excellent tackler, and opposing players would try to avoid him on the field.

Seymour’s performance helped the Bulldogs achieve numerous victories. He was so good that he earned several accolades during his college career. For example, Seymour made it into the All-SEC team in 1999 and 2000.

He was also a first-team All-American in 2000, which further solidified his status as one of the best college football players around. Overall, Richard Seymour’s college career was excellent and helped him prepare for a successful professional career in the NFL.

Professional career

Richard Seymour was a professional football player who was drafted by the Patriots in the first round of the 2001 NFL draft. He signed a contract worth $14.3 million for six years in 2001. He played 13 games as a defensive tackle in his rookie season, out of which he started 10 games.

Seymour managed to bag three sacks during his first season. However, he missed a few games due to a leg injury. In Super Bowl XXXVI, he started as a defensive tackle and helped the Patriots win against the St.

Louis Rams. Seymour played for the Patriots from 2001 until 2008. During this time, he was selected to play in the Pro Bowl five times in addition to being named a First-Team All-Pro three times. Seymour scored a touchdown in his professional career as well.

Later, in 2009, he was traded to the Oakland Raiders. While playing for the Raiders from 2009 to 2012, he played in 28 games and amassed four sacks. He announced his retirement from professional football in 2013.

Seymour was undeniably one of the most talented defensive players in the history of the Patriots.

NFL career statistics

Richard Seymour is a former NFL player who played as a defensive end and defensive tackle. He played in the league for 12 seasons, from 2001 to 2012. Seymour started his NFL career with the New England Patriots and spent his first eight seasons with the team.

During his time with the Patriots, Seymour won three Super Bowl championships and was named to five Pro Bowl teams. He was also a three-time First-Team All-Pro selection. In 2009, Seymour was traded to the Oakland Raiders, where he spent four seasons.

He played in 121 regular-season games in his NFL career and totaled 496 tackles, 57.5 sacks, and four interceptions. Seymour was a dominant force on defense and was known for his ability to disrupt opposing offenses.

He was also a team leader and respected by his teammates and coaches. Despite his retirement from the sport, Seymour continues to display his competitive spirit in his current hobby, professional poker.

Net Worth

Richard Seymour is a former American football player who has a net worth of **$21.6 million**. He was born on October 6, 1979, in Gadsden, South Carolina , and played college football for the University of Georgia.

He was drafted by the New England Patriots in the 2001 NFL Draft and won three Super Bowls with them. He was traded to the Oakland Raiders in 2009 and became the highest-paid defensive player in the league at the time.

He retired in 2013 after playing in seven Pro Bowls and being named to three All-Pro teams.


Richard Seymour is a professional poker player. He participates in poker games as a hobby. Seymour enjoys playing high-stake poker games. He was a participant in the 2019 World Series of Poker main event.

In the tournament, he ranked 131st. Seymour’s passion for poker is evident from his participation in major tournaments. His experience in NFL has helped him develop a strong mentality, which helps him in poker games.

Seymour’s poker skills are also evident from his success in the world of poker. His love for poker has helped him maintain an active lifestyle post his professional football career. Poker is not just another game for Seymour; it’s a passion.

He continues to pursue it with great enthusiasm and plans to participate in more tournaments in the future. Seymour’s journey from football to poker is a reminder that one can pursue their passions even after retiring from professional sports.

Did Richard Seymour retire as a Raider?

Richard Seymour, a former NFL player, spent his first eight seasons with the New England Patriots. In 2009, he was traded to the Oakland Raiders, where he remained until he retired after the 2012 season.

During his career, Seymour was a dominant defensive lineman and made a significant impact on the field. He was known for his physicality, toughness, and ability to read an opponent’s play. Seymour was selected to seven Pro Bowls and won three Super Bowl championships during his career.

Although he spent more time with the Patriots than with the Raiders, Seymour retired as a Raider after his last season in 2012. Despite his retirement, his legacy remains, and he is considered one of the best defensive players in NFL history.

His contribution to the league is widely recognized, and he will always be remembered as a legend of the game.

What did the Patriots get for Richard Seymour?

According to recent news, the Patriots received a first-round draft choice in the 2011 NFL draft from the Oakland Raiders in exchange for Richard Seymour. The trade was made by the Patriots, who were willing to give up an eight-year veteran defensive lineman.

The pick allowed the Patriots to prepare for the future effectively as it would enable them to select some promising, young talent. The Patriots Management believes that trading Seymour for a first-round pick was a wise decision, considering his age and previous performances.

The move had surprised many Patriots fans as Seymour was a valuable player in their team. However, the management considered it essential to focus on long-term prospects. The trade ended Seymour’s excellent career with the New England Patriots, and he played for the Oakland Raiders for four seasons.

With this decision, the Patriots showed that they are ready to make difficult choices for the team’s betterment. Moreover, the trade showed other teams that the Patriots were willing to negotiate deals and exchange players for suitable draft picks.

To Recap

Richard Seymour is a former American football defensive lineman born on October 6, 1979, in Gadsden, South Carolina. He stands at a towering height of 6 ft 6 in and weighs 317 lb. Seymour played high school football at Lower Richland before joining the Georgia Bulldogs for college football.

He was drafted by the New England Patriots in the first round of the 2001 NFL Draft and played for them until 2008 before moving to the Oakland Raiders from 2009 to 2012. Seymour was a three-time Super Bowl champion, seven-time Pro Bowler, and a first-team All-American during his illustrious NFL career.

He was inducted into the New England Patriots Hall of Fame in 2020.

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