What is Post Up in Basketball?

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Post Up in Basketball

Basketball is a game of strategic moves and tactical plays, and one fundamental technique that holds great significance is the “post-up.”

Post-up is a technique where an offensive player positions themselves near the low post area, close to the basket, to receive the ball and score efficiently. 

This move requires a combination of strength, skill, and basketball IQ to execute effectively and much more. 

In this blog post, we will explore the intricacies of post-up in basketball, understanding its definition, the role of post players, the techniques involved, its significance in the game, and much more. So, let’s get started. 

What is Post up in Basketball?

Post-up in basketball refers to a fundamental offensive technique where an offensive player positions themselves near the low post area, close to the basket, in order to receive the ball and score efficiently. 

It is a move commonly employed by players who excel in the post position, typically characterized by their size, strength, and scoring ability.

In a post-up, the offensive player uses their body to establish a deep position near the basket, often with their back to the defender. This positioning allows them to create space, protect the ball, and make scoring moves with a higher chance of success. 

The post player utilizes a variety of techniques such as pivots, drop steps, spins, and fakes to outmaneuver the defender and create scoring opportunities.

Once the offensive player receives the ball in the post, they can utilize a range of scoring moves including jump hooks, baby hooks, fadeaways, and up-and-under to finish around the basket. 

What Is Post?

In basketball, the term “post” refers to a specific area on the court that holds significant importance for offensive players. 

The post area is typically located near the low block, which is the area on either side of the key, close to the basket. This strategic positioning offers offensive players an advantageous position to score points efficiently.

Being in the post provides players with a prime scoring opportunity near the basket, which is considered the highest-percentage scoring area on the court. 

The proximity to the basket allows players to take high-percentage shots, increasing their chances of scoring and contributing to their team’s offensive success.

Players who excel in the post possess a combination of size, strength, footwork, and scoring ability. Their size allows them to establish deep positions in the post, overpowering defenders and creating space to receive the ball and make scoring moves. 

What Is Post Player Position?

What Is Post Player Position?

Source: basketballhq.com

The post-player position in basketball is occupied by players who specialize in playing in the post-area. The Post players are usually taller and stronger than players in other positions. 

Their primary role is to establish deep positions in the post, overpower defenders, and finish with high-percentage shots near the basket. 

They are skilled in scoring with post moves, rebounding, setting screens, and creating scoring opportunities for their teammates.

How to Post Up in Basketball?

To effectively post up in basketball, players need to master a range of techniques and skills. Let’s explore these key aspects in detail:


Proper positioning is the foundation for a successful post-up. Post players should establish a strong base near the low block, using their bodies to create space and protect the ball. 

This involves using their size and strength to gain an advantage over the defender. By positioning themselves close to the basket, post players put themselves in a prime scoring position.


Footwork is essential for executing effective post moves. It allows the offensive player to make quick moves and create scoring opportunities. 

Post players should be proficient in various footwork techniques such as pivoting, drop steps, spins, and fakes. These moves help them outmaneuver the defender and create separation for scoring or passing options.

Communication with Teammates

Effective communication with teammates is crucial in the post. Post players should communicate their position and readiness to receive the ball. 

This ensures that teammates can pass the ball accurately into the post, maximizing scoring opportunities. 

Additionally, postplayers should be aware of double teams and communicate with teammates to create passing lanes or exploit defensive rotations.

The Repertoire of Post Moves

Successful post players possess a diverse repertoire of post moves. These moves allow them to score against defenders effectively. 

Some common post moves include drop steps, up-and-under, jump hooks, and baby hooks. 

By developing a range of moves and countermoves, post players keep defenders off balance and increase their scoring efficiency.

Mistakes to Avoid While Posting Up in Basketball

Mistakes to Avoid While Posting Up in Basketball

While posting up, players should be mindful of certain mistakes that can hinder their success. Here are some common mistakes to avoid:

Failure to Establish a Proper Position

One of the most common mistakes is not working hard enough to gain a deep position near the basket. Post players must use their bodies to seal off defenders and create scoring opportunities. 

Establishing a proper position provides a better chance to receive the ball and score efficiently.


Rushing post moves or forcing shots often leads to turnovers or inefficient scoring attempts. Post-players should exercise patience, read the defense, and make intelligent decisions. 

This includes waiting for passing options or recognizing when to kick the ball out to open teammates.


Becoming predictable in the post makes it easier for defenders to anticipate moves and disrupt scoring attempts. 

Post players should vary their moves, fakes, and timing to keep defenders off balance. Developing a versatile post-game makes it harder for defenders to defend against them effectively.

Neglecting Passing Ability

When double-teamed, post players should be capable of making accurate and timely passes to open teammates. Neglecting passing options can lead to turnovers and missed scoring opportunities. 

By recognizing and executing effective passes, post players can exploit defensive rotations and create scoring opportunities for others.

Significance of Post-Up in Basketball

The post-up remains a valuable offensive weapon in basketball for several reasons:

High-Percentage Scoring Opportunities

Post-ups create high-percentage scoring opportunities close to the basket. 

This is especially valuable when facing opponents with strong perimeter defense or shot-blocking abilities. 

By utilizing the post-up game, teams can increase their scoring efficiency.

Drawing Double Teams and Creating Opportunities

Post players who excel in the post often draw double teams from defenders. This opens up passing lanes for teammates and creates opportunities for offensive rebounds. 

The ability to recognize and capitalize on double teams can lead to scoring advantages for the entire team.

Fouling and Foul Trouble

Skilled post players who excel in scoring and drawing fouls can force opponents into foul trouble. 

This not only leads to free throw attempts but can also potentially disqualify key defenders. 

The threat of fouling can disrupt opponents’ defensive strategies and provide an advantage to the offensive team.

Team-Oriented Strategy

The post-up game is not solely an individual strategy. Other players can use the post as a point of attack to initiate plays and create scoring opportunities for themselves or their teammates. 

The post player’s ability to pass out of double teams or find open teammates enhances the overall team offense.

Controlling the Tempo and Dictating the Flow of the Game

Successful post-play slows down the game and allows the team to control the tempo. By utilizing the post-up strategy, teams can dictate the flow of the game, manage the clock, and create scoring opportunities with patience and precision.


Why is post-up important in basketball?

Post-up is important in basketball as it creates high-percentage scoring opportunities near the basket. It allows offensive players to utilize their size, strength, and skills to overpower defenders and finish with efficient shots. 

Post-up play can draw double teams, opening up passing lanes for teammates and creating scoring opportunities for the entire team.

Who typically plays the post position in basketball?

Post players typically occupy the post position in basketball. They are usually taller, stronger players who excel in playing near the basket. 

Their role involves establishing deep position, scoring with post moves, rebounding, and setting screens. Post players play a crucial role in a team’s offensive and defensive strategies.

What are some common post moves in basketball?

Some common post moves in basketball include drop steps, up-and-under, jump hooks, baby hooks, and fadeaways. These moves involve footwork, body control, and the ability to finish around the basket. 

Post players develop a repertoire of moves to outmaneuver defenders and score efficiently in the post.

Can any player post up in basketball, or is it specific to certain positions?

Any player can post up in basketball, regardless of their position. While traditionally post players are taller and stronger, smaller players can also utilize post-up techniques by relying on quickness, agility, and skill. 

Post-up moves can be effective for players of all positions to create scoring opportunities.

How does post-up play affect team strategies in basketball?

Post-up play significantly influences team strategies in basketball. It provides a focal point for the offense and allows teams to control the tempo of the game. 

Post players who excel in the post draw defensive attention, opening up opportunities for perimeter players. 

Teams can utilize post-up play to exploit mismatches, create high-percentage shots, and control the flow of the game.


Post-up is a fundamental technique in basketball that involves positioning near the low post area to receive the ball and score efficiently. It is a move that requires strength, skill, and basketball IQ. 

Post-up play creates scoring opportunities, draws defensive attention, and enhances team strategies. 

By understanding the intricacies of post-up in basketball, players, and teams can elevate their offensive capabilities and gain a competitive edge on the court. 

So, whether you’re a post player looking to refine your skills or a basketball enthusiast seeking to expand your knowledge of the game, exploring the world of post-up in basketball is sure to deepen your understanding and appreciation of this essential technique. Best of luck. 

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