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Jayron Kearse is an American football player who currently plays as a Safety for the Dallas Cowboys. He was born on February 11, 1994, in Fort Myers, Florida. Standing at 6 ft 4 in and weighing 215 lbs, Kearse attended South Fort Myers High School before playing college football for Clemson University.

In the NFL Draft of 2016, he was selected by Minnesota Vikings in the seventh round with pick number 244. Throughout his professional career, Kearse has played for Detroit Lions and Baltimore Ravens while also earning two First-Team All-ACC awards and one Second-Team All-American award during his college years.

Jayron Kearse
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Personal Information of Jayron Kearse

Age27 years old
Birth PlaceFort Myers, Florida
Height6 ft 4 in
Weight227 lbs
ProfessionFootball safety
Net Worth$5.00 million



Early years

Jayron Kearse is a native of Fort Myers, Florida. He attended Cypress Lake High School. As a freshman, he initially played safety on defense with his 5-foot-8 height. Later, he experienced a growth spurt and became taller.

Then, as a sophomore player, Jayron was appointed the starting quarterback of his team. The team preferred to run the Wing T offense during that time. Jayron showed impressive skills in his position and managed to accumulate some great stats at that early stage of his career.

During that season for Cypress Lake High School’s football team, Jayron rushed for 1,049 yards and passed for five touchdowns while scoring an additional thirteen on the ground.

As Jayron progressed into his junior year running quarterback role, he improved further by rushing for 1,600 yards along with an impressive tally of seventeen touchdowns.

Thus we can see how Jayron started off playing as a safety before becoming one of the best quarterbacks in school history with two seasons under his name finally, All these milestones paved the way forward to become part of Clemson Football Team later on in college life.

College career

Jayron Kearse played college football for Clemson University, where he received a football scholarship. He played for the strong safety position under head coach Dabo Swinney from 2013-2015. Throughout his 40 games with 29 starts in his career, Kearse proved to be an asset on the team’s defense.

He amassed an impressive total of 164 tackles during that time period, including tackles for loss. Additionally, he managed to secure seven interceptions and break up eleven passes while on the field.

Moreover, Kearse was also responsible for two forced fumbles and two recovered fumbles which demonstrated his defensive skills even further during his career at Clemson University. Overall, Jayron Kearse made great contributions to the Clemson football program by showcasing both athleticism and intelligence throughout each game.

Professional career

Jayron Kearse was a seventh-round pick of the Minnesota Vikings in the 2016 NFL Draft. Although he dropped because of his slow 40-yard dash time and poor tackling angles, he had a chip on his shoulder when he was finally drafted.

He declared that all the teams who passed him over would come to regret it. Kearse made an immediate impact with the Vikings; appearing in all 16 games as a rookie and contributing on special teams.

Kearse’s role expanded in each subsequent season, and by year four, he played significantly at safety as well as on special teams.In March 2020, after spending four seasons with Minnesota, Kearse signed with Detroit Lions for one year.

However, His tenure did not last long due to breaking team rules during week four game against New Orleans Saints leading him towards firing from Lions roster.

In December same Year, Miami Dolphins signed Kearse for practice squad where became active only twice. During January following year, Kearse faced criminal charges including driving while impaired and carrying a concealed firearm which led to suspending his license for thirty days.

Ultimately,Jayron kearse career was brief but definitely eventful showing its ups and downs,but his passion to perform despite being discouraged is truly remarkable.

Net Worth

Jayron Kearse is an American football player who plays as a safety for the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League (NFL). He was born on February 11, 1994, in Fort Myers, Florida, and attended Cypress Lake High School and Clemson University.

He was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in the seventh round of the 2016 NFL Draft, and has also played for the Detroit Lions and the Baltimore Ravens. Jayron Kearse has a net worth of approximately $5 million, according to various sources.

His salary in 2021 was $1,127,500, which included a signing bonus of $137,500. He signed a two-year contract with the Dallas Cowboys in 2022, worth $10 million, with $5 million guaranteed.

Jayron Kearse is one of the most successful and versatile safeties in the NFL, and has recorded four sacks, two forced fumbles and four interceptions in his career so far.

Personal life

Jayron Kearse has a family background in the NFL. His uncle Jevon Kearse was an All-American Florida Gator and played as a defensive end for Tennessee Titans. His cousin Phillip Buchanon also played football at Miami and got selected in the first round of 2002 NFL Draft by Oakland Raiders.

However, when Jayron was just 14 years old, he stopped playing football. At one point, he was arrested on felony charges of robbery along with another minor in Fort Myers, Florida during summer 2008.

This incident served as a turning point for him to change his life around. Despite having a rough patch during adolescence, Jayron eventually gained fame for his accomplishments in football.

He now plays as a professional strong safety player for Detroit Lions after being drafted by Minnesota Vikings in the seventh round of 2016 NFL Draft.

Although his personal life hasn’t been completely free from criticism or difficulties, it’s important to acknowledge how far he’s come since then and how determined he is towards achieving success through hard work and dedication despite facing hardships early on.

How old is Jayron Kearse?

Jayron Kearse is a professional American football safety who was born on February 11, 1994. He is currently 27 years old. Kearse played college football at Clemson University from 2013 to 2015 before being drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in the seventh round of the 2016 NFL Draft.

During his career in the NFL, Kearse has also played for the Detroit Lions and is currently playing for the Dallas Cowboys as of November 2021. In his five-year professional career so far, he has appeared in over sixty games, starting ten and recorded around one hundred tackles overall.

Where is Jevon Kearse now?

Jevon Kearse, a former NFL defensive end, is now retired from professional football. He played for 11 seasons in the NFL and had stints with two teams – Tennessee Titans and Philadelphia Eagles.

After retiring in 2009, he has stayed relatively out of the spotlight. Kearse currently resides in Florida with his family and invests in real estate projects through his company, KMF Investments. Despite retiring from football several years ago, Jevon is still remembered as one of the best pass rushers to ever play the game.

Is Jayron Kearse active?

Jayron Kearse is an active player for the Cowboys. He has been officially cleared to play and join his team on the field. This news means that he will be eligible to participate in upcoming games with the Cowboys.

Kearse is a highly skilled safety, who brings many talents and abilities to his role on the team. His presence will add depth and strength to the defense of the Dallas Cowboys. Fans of the team are excited to see what impact Kearse can have on their season so far as they continue their quest for victory this season.

As an active player, he will be ready to step up and take part in whatever challenges come his way as a member of America’s Team. The Cowboys’ coaching staff has confidence in him as well, having given him official clearance.

After a thorough evaluation following any possible injuries or concerns about his health status before deeming him fit enough to join them on-field once again this season.

Is Jayron Kearse kin to Jevon Kearse?

  • Jayron Kearse is related to Jevon Kearse, a former NFL player.
  • Jevon Kearse played as a defensive end for the Eagles and Titans.
  • He was selected to play in three Pro Bowl games during his career.
  • Jayron’s cousin, Phillip Buchanon, was also an NFL player.
  • Buchanon was drafted 17th overall by the Raiders in 2002.
  • He went on to play for five different teams during his career.
  • These connections suggest that football runs in the family.
  • Being surrounded by successful players likely influenced Jayron’s own career path.
  • It’s possible that he received guidance and support from these relatives along the way.
  • Overall, having such talented kin can only benefit Jayron’s own performance on the field.

Who is the oldest Nfler?

After the retirement of Tom Brady from NFL football earlier this year, the title for oldest active NFL player now belongs to Jason Peters. Peters turned 41 on January 22 and is still going strong as an offensive tackle.

He began his career with the Buffalo Bills in 2004 and played there until he was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles in 2009. In his time with the Eagles, he was a staple on their offensive line and helped them win Super Bowl LII.

After stints with other teams, Peters re-signed with the Eagles in August of last year. Despite struggling at times due to injuries throughout his career, Peters has remained a valuable asset for every team he’s played on due to his durability, leadership skills, and experience.

Known by many as one of the most dominant tackles in league history, he continues to prove age is just a number by playing at an elite level despite being older than most players retire before reaching that age as well-known guardianship ends leading up to it-like job transitions take place-, but not Peters who seems committed to continuing indefinitely.

To Recap

Jayron Kearse is a professional American football player who plays as a safety for the Dallas Cowboys. He was born on February 11, 1994, in Fort Myers, Florida. Kearse played high school football at South Fort Myers and later attended Clemson University for his college career.

In the NFL Draft of 2016, he was picked by the Minnesota Vikings in round seven with pick number 244. Kearse received two First-team All-ACC honors and one Second-team All-American recognition during his college days.

As of Week 16 of the 2022 season, he has recorded four interceptions, four fumble recoveries and forced two fumbles while making over three hundred total tackles in his NFL career.

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