Is Willie Calhoun Injured?

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Is Willie Calhoun Injured

Willie Calhoun, a left fielder for the Texas Rangers, has had quite a few ups and downs in his career thus far. Unfortunately, in June of 2021, he suffered a painful and potentially debilitating injury that left fans wondering if he would be able to return to the field anytime soon.

In this article, we will examine the details of the injury and prognosis for Calhoun’s future in baseball.

The Incident

On June 26, 2021, during the game between the Detroit Tigers and the Kansas City Royals, Tigers catcher Eric Haase was up to bat with one out and a runner on second base in the top of the second inning.

The Royals’ left-handed pitcher Kris Bubic threw a pitch which ended up hitting Haase on the helmet, but the pitch was actually meant for Haase’s teammate, Jeimer Candelario, as Bubic had lost control of the pitch.

The next batter was Tigers catcher Dylan Carlson, and Bubic’s first pitch to Carlson was a fastball inside, which ended up hitting Carlson as well. The first baseman of the Tigers, Jeimer Candelario, argued with the umpire that this was not the first time Bubic had lost control and demanded a warning be issued to the pitcher.

However, the umpires did not issue a warning.

On Bubic’s next pitch, which was a slider, he ended up hitting Tigers catcher Grayson Greiner on the elbow, resulting in the umpires immediately ejecting Bubic from the game.

The severity of the injury to Tucker Barnhart cannot be denied as he suffered a fractured forearm from being hit by the pitch. Barnhart’s injury occurred in the fifth inning of the Tigers’ 6-5 win in Game 2 of their doubleheader, on July 17 against the Twins.

He was hit by a fastball from right-hander Michael Pineda during an at-bat, leaving him with a broken bone in his right forearm. Barnhart received medical attention immediately, and it was determined that he required surgery to repair the fracture in his left ulna.

He was then placed on the injured list and it is expected that he would be out of action for some time, as his elbow would need time to properly heal before he resumes playing.

To sum up, Barnhart’s injury was an unfortunate incident, and it highlights the dangerous nature of baseball as well as the importance of player safety.

While accidents can happen in any sport, it is important for measures to be put in place to minimize the risk of injury and ensure that the players are properly protected.

Diagnosis and Treatment

On June 26, 2021, Arizona Diamondbacks catcher, Daulton Calhoun, suffered a fracture in his forearm after a pitched ball from Kansas City Royals left-handed pitcher Kris Bubic hit him.

The fracture occurred in his left ulna, which is one of the two bones that make up the forearm. The ulna is located on the inner side of the forearm and spans from the elbow to the wrist.

The fracture was severe enough to require surgery, and Calhoun was placed on the injured list.

Surgery Performed

Calhoun underwent surgery to repair the fracture in his left ulna. The procedure involves placing a metal plate and screws to stabilize the broken bone and promote healing.

The surgeon makes an incision near the fracture site, exposes the broken bone, and realigns it in its proper position before securing the metal plate and screws.

After the procedure, Calhoun would likely need physical therapy to improve his range of motion and strength in his arm.

Post-surgery Recovery Plan

The post-surgery recovery plan will include immobilizing the affected area to protect it from further damage. Calhoun will need to wear a cast or brace that restricts the movement of the arm.

Pain and swelling control will likely be achieved with medications prescribed by the doctor. Physical therapy will begin as soon as Calhoun’s doctor and physical therapist deem it safe to do so.

Physical therapy will help him regain strength and range of motion in his affected arm, speed up his recovery, and reduce his risk of further injury.

Fractures in the forearm, such as Calhoun’s, can be severe and require surgery to repair. After the surgery, a post-surgery recovery plan is needed to improve the patient’s functionality, speed up their recovery and protect their injury from further damage.

With proper care and rehabilitation, Calhoun should make a full recovery and return to the field as soon as possible.

Timeframe for Recovery

The prognosis for return to play for Calhoun depends on the extent of his injury, surgical recovery, and rehabilitation. Typically, a fractured forearm can take anywhere from six to twelve weeks to heal, but recovery time can vary based on various factors.

Given that he underwent surgery to repair the fracture, his prognosis for return to play is likely to extend beyond six weeks. However, based on the nature of his injury and the expected timeline for the healing process, it’s reasonable to expect that he could return to play during the 2021 MLB season.

Rehabilitation Plan

Following his surgery, Calhoun will be under the care of team doctors and rehabilitation specialists who will monitor his healing progress and guide his recovery.

Rehabilitation for a fractured forearm typically involves a combination of physical therapy exercises, range of motion exercises, and strengthening exercises.

The rehabilitation plan will also incorporate appropriate rest periods and gradual increases in activity levels to ensure continued healing and prevent re-injury.

Potential Setbacks and Challenges

Despite the best recovery plan and rehabilitation efforts, setbacks and challenges are possible. Some potential setbacks and challenges that Calhoun may face during his recovery include slow healing, range of motion limitations, and muscle weakness.

Additionally, he may need to adjust his batting technique or use additional protective gear to prevent re-injury once he returns to play.

The timeframe for recovery for Calhoun’s fractured forearm depends on several factors, including the extent of his injury, recovery progress, and rehabilitation plan.

Similar injuries have seen players return to the field in as little as six weeks, which is likely his best-case scenario. Rehab goals typically emphasize a combination of rest, strengthening exercises, and gradual increases in physical activity, such as range of motion exercises.

Setbacks like slow healing, weakness, and range-of-motion limitations may present challenges to Calhoun during his rehabilitation and recovery, but with proper care and attention, he should be able to return to playing for the Arizona Diamondbacks in the near future.

Impact on the Team

Kole Calhoun is an outfielder for the Arizona Diamondbacks who have been playing for the team since 2019. Calhoun’s role on the team has been significant since he joined the team, as he has been a consistently productive player on both offense and defense.

He is known for his power-hitting, with an average of 30 home runs and 79 RBIs per season, making him a vital part of the Diamondbacks’ lineup.

Effect of His Absence

Calhoun’s absence from the roster after his fracture can significantly impact the team’s on-field performance. His absence will leave a considerable hole in the team’s outfield, where his defensive capabilities and experience come in handy.

Without Calhoun in the lineup, there will be a shortage of power hitting and RBIs, resulting in a less effective offense. Additionally, his absence can lead to a lack of leadership and experience on the field, affecting the morale and performance of the whole team.

Potential Replacements or Adjustments

The Diamondbacks will have to adjust to Calhoun’s absence by making some modifications to their lineup. One potential replacement for Calhoun in the outfield could be Tim Locastro or Josh Rojas, both of whom have experience in the outfield and could offer some offensive production.

Additionally, the team could adjust their batting lineup to compensate for the loss of Calhoun’s power hitting by moving other players, like Eduardo Escobar or Christian Walker, further up the order.

Another potential adjustment could be the use of the designated hitter position in the National League. The Diamondbacks could leverage the DH position to keep some of their offensive firepowers in the game, making up for Calhoun’s loss.

Given his significant contribution to the team’s success, his recovery and return to the field will be a priority for the Diamondbacks.

Calhoun’s absence from the team has a significant impact on the overall performance of the Diamondbacks. The team will have to make adjustments by looking for replacements in the outfield, shuffling their batting lineup, or using the DH position.

Until Calhoun returns to the field, the team will have to work harder to maintain their form and compensate for the loss of his leadership, experience, and power-hitting.

Who is Calhoun for the Texas Rangers?

Calhoun is a professional baseball player who currently plays for the Texas Rangers. He is a right fielder. Calhoun was born on October 14, 1987. He played college baseball at Yavapai College and Arizona State University.

Calhoun previously played for the Los Angeles Angels and Arizona Diamondbacks. He is a free agent and could sign with another team. Calhoun has a career batting average of .246 and 113 home runs.

He has won one Gold Glove award for his defensive skills.

Calhoun signed a one-year contract with the Rangers in January 2020. He has been a solid contributor to the team’s offense since joining the Rangers.

How Did the Rangers Acquire Willie Calhoun?

The Texas Rangers acquired Willie Calhoun through a trade with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Recognizing his impressive ability at the plate and potential as a future star, the Rangers saw an opportunity to strengthen their lineup.

The deal involved a player exchange, enabling Calhoun to join the Rangers and showcase his talents in their organization.

Who Does Willie Calhoun Play for?

Willie Calhoun does not play for the New York Yankees. He currently plays for the Texas Rangers. Calhoun is a left fielder and designated hitter for the Rangers.

He was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in 2015.

Calhoun was traded to the Rangers in 2017 for pitcher Yu Darvish. He had a successful 2019 rookie season, hitting 21 home runs and driving in 48 runs.

Calhoun suffered a broken jaw in March 2020 during an exhibition game but returned to play in the shortened season.

He struggled in 2020, hitting only .190 with 2 home runs in 29 games. Calhoun is considered one of the Rangers’ top young players. He has the potential to be a power-hitting outfielder for the team in the coming years.

To Recap

In the end, while the injury is certainly a setback for Willie Calhoun and the Texas Rangers, it appears as though he will make a full recovery and be able to return to the field in due time.

With the right treatment and rehabilitation, he will be able to come back stronger than ever, and continue to make a valuable contribution to his team.

We wish him all the best in his recovery and look forward to seeing him back in action soon.

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