Is Water Bad For Your Skateboard

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Is Water Bad For Your Skateboard

When you’re skating around, it’s important to take into account the possibility of your skateboard getting wet and ruined. If your board happens to get wet, make sure to keep it as dry as possible by checking for loose bolts and gears and waxing the wheels after each use.

Finally, if something does happen that causes water damage or a loss of your skateboard altogether- be sure to reach out for help. There are often people nearby who can offer assistance with fixing or replacing damaged equipment respectively. By following these simple tips, you can avoid any complications while enjoying yourself on the rink- even in inclement weather.

Is Water Bad For Your Skateboard?

Protect your skateboard by following these simple tips: Keep it dry – don’t leave it in the rain or on a wet surface Check for loose bolts and gears – they can become dislodged during use, resulting in accidents Wax the wheels after every use to prevent them from becoming rusty – this will also make skating easier.

Avoid Getting Your Skateboard Wet

Skateboarding can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to take precautions when you’re out on the board. Don’t go too fast in water; if your skateboard goes into the water quickly, it can cause you to lose balance and fall off the board.

Always be aware of where other people are around you when skating, especially if there are children nearby. If you get your skateboard wet, don’t try to fix it or dry it yourself – bring it into a shop for repair or replace as needed. Finally, make sure that your shoes and clothing are waterproof before hitting the ground – nothing ruins a day at the park like getting caught in a rainstorm while skating.

Keep Your Board Dry

It’s important to keep your board dry if you want it to last longer. There are a few easy ways to do this, from using a spray bottle to covering it with a towel when not in use.

Make sure the surface on which your skateboard rests is also kept clean and dry – even if that means taking it outdoors for some air. If water gets inside the deck of your skateboard, it can cause corrosion and damage over time.

By following these simple tips, you can make sure your board stays in good condition and that water doesn’t ruin your fun.

Check For Loose Bolts And Gears

Keep your skateboard in good condition by regularly checking for loose bolts and gears. If you find anything that’s not up to par, take care of it as soon as possible.

A busted skateboard can be a real pain – so make sure to fix any problems before they become too big. Practice safe skating habits at all times and never go out without knowing how to properly adjust your deck size or trucks.

Don’t hesitate to ask someone else if you’re unsure about how something works – there’s no shame in being a little clueless when it comes to gearheads like us.

Wax The Wheels After Every Use

Wiping down your skateboard with a cloth after every use can help to remove dirt and dust, which could clog the bearings and reduce performance. A good rule of thumb is to wax the wheels once per month- this will protect them from weathering and build up, keeping your board skating smoothly for months on end.

If you do happen to get some sand or grit wedged in between the bearings or on the bottom of your deck, using a small amount of oil (provided it’s safe for skateboards) should loosen it up quickly – just be sure not to apply too much pressure as this could damage the hardware beneath.

Keep an eye out for signs that your skateboard is starting to lose its responsiveness; if grinds become noticeable when rolling across surfaces or during tricks, it may be time to give it a quick wipedown and wax job before things get worse.

Finally- always make sure you have a valid safety gear kit including helmet, pads, shoes etc. when boarding – no one wants an accident involving their prized possession.

To Recap

There is no definite answer as to whether or not water is bad for skateboards, but it is generally recommended that you avoid spills and never use harsh detergents. Also, one shouldn’t ride on rain.

If your board does get wet, try to blot it dry as quickly as possible. Skateboarding can be a lot of fun, but accidents can happen so always be mindful of the safety rules.

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