Is Tim Anderson Good Defensively?

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Tim Anderson Good Defensively

Anderson’s defense has been inconsistent, with some games where he looks solid and others where he makes mistakes. As a starting shortstop, Anderson generally averages to slightly above-average in most areas of the game.

He’ll need to improve his plate discipline if he wants to be an everyday player at the Major League level, but there are plenty of other positives that make him worth considering as a fantasy option. Monitor Anderson’s performance closely this season; if he starts off slowly then you can consider dropping him from your roster quickly since his value will likely decline over time.

However, if Anderson plays well then expect him to maintain ownership levels in all formats due to his consistent production throughout his career thus far.

Is Tim Anderson Good Defensively?

Anderson’s defense has been inconsistent throughout his career, but he generally averages to slightly above-average among starting shortstops. However, since being traded to the Rays in late 2015, Anderson’s defense has been below average and he was recently demoted to the minors.

Some experts say that Anderson’s inconsistency is due to a poor throwing arm which makes it difficult for him to make plays on the bases or in the field. His recent struggles may lead some teams (like the Red Sox) to reconsider their interest in signing him this offseason. Anderson will need to improve his defensive skills if he wants another opportunity with a major league team in 2018

Anderson’s Defense Has Been Inconsistent

Anderson’s defense has been inconsistent so far this season and needs to improve if the Thunder are going to make a serious run in the playoffs. He was efficient last year but his shooting percentages have decreased this year, which is concerning given how important he will be on offense.

His poor defense could lead to more turnovers, which would definitely not help Oklahoma City’s chances of making it all the way to the Finals. He’ll need to get back on track if he wants any chance of helping his team win a championship this year or next season. Even though Anderson doesn’t have an impressive stat sheet right now, hopefully he can turn things around soon and provide some solid play for Oklahoma City

Anderson Generally Average To Slightly Above-Average Among Starting Shortstops

Yes, Tim Anderson is generally good defensively. He has an above-average arm strength and quick hands which help him make plays on the field. While he doesn’t have elite speed or range, his instincts and overall athleticism give him a decent chance of making plays in any given situation.

Anderson isn’t perfect though; he can get caught out of position at times and struggles with some balls hit hard off the bat against him (.288 batting average vs .310 for all shortstops). Overall, Anderson is a solid defender who should be able to provide value for fantasy owners over the long term

To Recap

Tim Anderson has consistently been one of the better defensive players in baseball over the past few years. He’s not a star player, but he makes an important contribution to his team defensively and can provide solid value at a low price.

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