Is There Live Racing At Louisiana Downs?

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Live Racing At Louisiana Downs

The Super Derby is an annual event that takes place at Louisiana Downs Casino & Racetrack in Shreveport, LA. It’s one of the most popular events on the racing calendar, and tickets are always in high demand.

If you’re looking to see some top-notch thoroughbred racing action, then this is definitely the race for you. Quarter horse races take place throughout the day at Louisiana Downs, so there’s something for everyone no matter what your preference may be.

You can catch all of the action live from either a seat inside the stadium or by watching it simulcast on television screens around town.

Is There Live Racing At Louisiana Downs??

If you’re looking for a thrilling experience, be sure to check out the Super Derby at Louisiana Downs Casino & Racetrack. This race features some of the most impressive thoroughbreds in action.

The quarter horse races are also worth watching – they’re fast and furious. There’s always something going on at Louisiana Downs, so don’t miss a single moment of live racing. Our simulcast service means you can watch all the action from anywhere in the world – perfect if you want to stay up late.

1. Louisiana Downs Casino & Racetrack

Yes, there is live racing at Louisiana Downs casino and racetrack. The races run from Friday afternoon through Sunday night and can be watched from inside the casino or on racecourse grounds outside of the building.

There are several betting options available, including live horse racing odds, video poker games and slot machines as well as table games like blackjack and roulette which offer different payouts for each bet type you make..

Special events such as simulcasts of major thoroughbred races or harness racing matches also take place at Louisiana Downs throughout the year.. If you’re looking to gamble in a safe and responsible way then visiting Louisiana Downs may be right for you.

2. Super Derby

The Super Derby is the biggest race of the year at Louisiana Downs and it’s always a thrilling event. You can bet on horses from around the country in this exciting competition, and you never know who will come out on top.

Get your tickets today and join in on the excitement. Gates open at 4 p.m., so don’t miss out – this is one derby you won’t want to miss. Louisiana Downs offers amazing food options as well as excellent racing opportunities, so make sure to check it out when you’re in town for the Super Derby.

3. Thoroughbred Racing

Louisiana Downs offers a variety of thoroughbred racing events, from races for horses three years old and up to the prestigious Kentucky Derby. Races are held on Saturday and Sunday evenings during the year and can be watched online or at one of the track’s live racing venues Admission is affordable, with single-day tickets starting as low as $5 per person There is also simulcasting available so that you can watch the action no matter where you are in the world If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, look no further than Louisiana Downs.

4. Quarter Horse Racing

Quarter horse racing is a popular form of live racing in Louisiana Downs. The races take place on dirt tracks and can be watched from anywhere in the complex.

There are usually several races taking place at one time, so you’ll never get bored watching them. If live quarter horse racing isn’t your thing, don’t worry – there’s also simulcasting available for those who want to watch without participating in the action themselves.

Admission prices for Louisiana Downs vary depending on what type of event you’re interested in attending; visit their website to learn more about prices and availability before making your decision.

5. Live Simulcast

Louisiana Downs offers a live simulcast of racing action across several tracks on their website and mobile app. This service is perfect for those who want to follow the races without leaving their home or office.

You can also get real-time results, track information, and horse stats right from your phone or computer screen. There’s no need to miss any moment of the action when you watch the races live at Louisiana Downs. Get set for race day with our tips on how to make sure you enjoy your experience at Louisiana Downs.

6. Open 7 Days a Week

Louisiana Downs is open 6 days a week for live racing action. The track offers many different types of wagers, including races and pari-mutuel betting.

There’s no better way to experience the thrill of live horse racing than by visiting Louisiana Downs. You can place bets on nearly every race throughout the day at this top notch track.

Make sure to arrive early to get a good spot in the stands – it doesn’t get much excitementier than that.

What days are live racing at Louisiana Downs?

Louisiana Downs is open every day except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day.

live racing at Louisiana Downs
  • Louisiana Downs has live racing on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and Tuesday nights. The track opens at 5 a.m. for morning race programming and closed Monday afternoon for training & meetings.
  • The time of posting will be at 3:05 pm each day to make sure you have enough time to get to the track in order to watch the races.
  • You can see the full schedule of events below: .
  • Races will run from 6 p.m.- closing time each night with post-race activities starting as soon as racers cross the finish line .
  • If you’re looking for an exciting weekend event that won’t break your bank, then look no further than Louisiana Downs.

Are they racing at Louisiana Downs?

If you see horses or riders racing at Louisiana Downs, be sure to keep an eye out for any safety violations. Racing is a dangerous sport and can lead to serious injuries if not done safely.

Report any unsafe behavior to the track authorities right away.

  • Thoroughbred racing season at Louisiana Downs kicks off on Saturday, May 7 with a Central (Kentucky Derby simulcast) race. This event is followed by the Kentucky Oaks and then the Preakness Stakes on May 20th and 21st, respectively.
  • Racing takes place over turf courses which are designed to provide a smooth ride for horses and riders while maximizing their performance. The races are usually long and difficult, requiring both speed and stamina from the horses in order to win them.
  • If you’re looking to see some of the best horse racing in America during your trip to Louisville, don’t miss out on this year’s schedule.

What time are the races at Louisiana Downs?

If you’re looking for information on the races at Louisiana Downs, we have you covered. The track opens its gates at 6:00am each morning and stays open until 10:30pm.

If you need to know what time the last race is scheduled for that day, be sure to check our website or go to the track directly during those hours.

The first race at Louisiana Downs is typically scheduled for 3:15pm.

The races at Louisiana Downs run from early morning until late night, so it’s always worth checking the schedule to see when your favorite event will be taking place.

What time is first race at Louisiana Downs?

The first race at Louisiana Downs runs at 1pm on Saturday. Jimmy Sistrunk, chaplain of Louisiana Downs, promotes faith before each race. There are multiple races being run on Saturday at Louisiana Downs.

Two minutes to post is the time limit for each race at Louisiana Downs. Make sure to arrive early and stay for the excitement.

first race at Louisiana Downs

Is there live horse racing in Louisiana?

Louisiana Downs Casino & Racetrack offers thoroughbred racing May through September, quarter horse racing January through March, and year-round live simulcast for fans of the sport.

The Super Derby is a premier race for three-year-old horses and is open seven days per week from May to September. For those who want to enjoy thoroughbred racing all year round.

Fans of quarter horse racing can head to the track located in Houma, LA during January through March while Year-Round Live Simulcast events are hosted throughout Louisiana every Saturday night starting at 6:00pm CT/7:00pm ET

How old do you have to be to go to Louisiana Downs?

You don’t have to be a legal adult to go to Louisiana Downs. In fact, you can visit the track as early as 7 years old, provided you are accompanied by an adult who is at least 21 years old.

If you’re under 18 years old and your parent or guardian accompanies you, they don’t have to be an age-restricted customer themselves – they can simply act as your guide throughout the day.

Louisiana Downs Isn’t Allowed To Serve Anyone Under 21 Years Of Age

Louisiana Downs is only allowed to serve people who are at least 21 years old. This rule applies to both the gaming area and the restaurants inside of the casino. If you’re over 18 but under 21, then your parents can legally hold a minor ID card for you which will allow you entry into Louisiana Downs with them.

However, if you are 19 or older and do not have a valid driver’s license or ID card from your home state, then you will need to be accompanied by an adult guardian when visiting the casino.

No Minors Are Allowed In The Gaming Area

This rule also applies to minors in general: no minors are allowed in the gaming area whatsoever.

This includes any areas where gamblers might deposit money, place bets, gamble on horse races or play other types of games.

If You’re Over 21 But 18 Or 19 And Your Parents Legally Hold A Minor ID Card For You

If you’re over 21 but still under age21 and your parents have a valid minor identification card for you that was issued in their name (or yours if they hold one), then they can accompany you into the casino as long as they don’t participate in any gambling activities themselves.

You Must Be At Least 18 Years Old To Gamble In Most Casinos Nationwide

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Sadly, there is not currently live racing at Louisiana Downs.

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