Is Patrick Corbin Still Pitching?

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Patrick Corbin Still Pitching

Patrick Corbin is a left-handed pitcher for the Washington Nationals who has generated a lot of buzz among baseball enthusiasts.

However, with his recent performance on the mound, there is some curiosity about whether he is still pitching. We will explore Corbin’s current situation and determine if he is indeed still pitching.

Recent Performance

Left-handed pitcher Patrick Corbin of the Washington Nationals has been showing signs of improvement in his recent performances on the mound.

With back-to-back quality starts and a season-high six strikeouts in his last outing, Corbin has put himself in a good position to continue this positive trend for the rest of the season.

Statistics From Corbin’s Recent Starts

Corbin’s last two starts have been impressive, as he has allowed only three earned runs in 12 innings pitched. In his most recent start against the Arizona Diamondbacks, Corbin recorded six strikeouts and allowed only two earned runs in six innings pitched.

This performance was a vast improvement from his previous starts where he has struggled to find success and consistency.

Analysis of Corbin’s Performance

Corbin’s improved performance can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, he has been able to limit his walks, which have plagued him in previous outings, with only two walks in his last two starts.

Additionally, he has produced a higher number of ground ball outs, which can be attributed to his ability to stay consistent with his arm slot and throwing mechanics.

Lastly, Corbin has been impressive in limiting the amount of hard contact allowed, with opponents only hitting .207 against him in his last two starts.

Comparison to Previous Seasons

Compared to Corbin’s previous seasons, his current ERA of 5.88 is higher than his career average of 3.91. However, his recent improvement is a positive sign for the Nationals after Corbin struggled in 2020 with a 4.66 ERA and a 2-7 record.

The Nationals will hope that Corbin can build on these recent performances and find the success he had in 2019 when he finished with a 3.25 ERA and a 14-7 record.

Patrick Corbin’s recent performances have shown signs of improvement, and he will look to continue this positive trend in his next outing against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

If Corbin can maintain his consistent mechanics and limit his walks, he has the potential to be a valuable asset for the Nationals’ pitching rotation.

Improvement in Strikeouts

Corbin’s Increased Strikeouts

One of the significant improvements that Corbin has made this year is in his Strikeout rate. He has recorded a 19:8 K:BB ratio in 26 innings pitched, which is an improvement in comparison to his below-average 8.2 K/9 from last year. Corbin’s improved strikeout rate can be attributed to his increased usage of his slider.

Corbin’s Pitch Selection

Corbin has relied heavily on his slider this season, throwing it nearly 52% of the time. It’s a pitch he’s always thrown, but he’s increased its usage significantly this year by 11%.

Among starting pitchers who have pitched at least 20 innings this year, Corbin’s slider usage ranks second-highest behind only Lucas Giolito.

Corbin’s ability to locate his slider has made it a weapon for him. He has thrown his slider for strikes 54.8% of the time, and hitters have swung and missed at it 18.9% of the time.

Comparison to Previous Seasons

In terms of strikeouts, Corbin’s career-best season came in 2019, when he posted an 11.1 K/9 rate and recorded 238 strikeouts in 202 innings pitched. Conversely, last year’s strikeout rate of 8.2 K/9 was well below his career average of 9.6 K/9.

Thus, his improved strikeout rate this year has brought him closer to his career average, and he seems to be trending in the right direction.

Corbin’s increased usage and success of his slider have helped him to record more strikeouts in 2021 than he did in 2020. If he can continue to utilize his slider the way he has, he is likely to maintain or improve his strikeout numbers moving forward.

Continuing Recovery from Injury

Corbin’s Injury History

Patrick Corbin, the left-handed starting pitcher for the Washington Nationals, has had a few major injuries throughout his career.

The most notable was in 2014 when he underwent Tommy John surgery, causing him to miss the entire 2014 season and part of the 2015 season.

Since then, he has struggled to regain his form as a top-tier pitcher, bouncing between the starting rotation and bullpen.

Assessment of His Recovery from Injury

Fortunately, Corbin has been relatively healthy since 2015, missing only a handful of games due to minor issues.

However, his struggles on the mound in recent years may be attributed to the extended recovery time following his Tommy John surgery.

Regardless, this season, he has shown signs of improvement, and his performance has been consistent in recent outings.

Impact on His Pitching Performance

Corbin’s injury history may be impacting his pitching performance, as evidenced by his struggles in 2019 and 2020. He began this season with a 10.47 ERA over his first four starts, and his season statistics are still relatively subpar.

It is possible that he needed more time to recover from his earlier injuries, especially considering the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on his recovery.

However, in his last two starts, Corbin has pitched well, earning back-to-back quality starts for the first time this season. He has also racked up a season-high six strikeouts in his latest start. While his performance may not yet reflect his potential, he is beginning to show signs of improvement.

While Corbin’s injury history may be a factor in his recent struggles, he appears to be making strides in his recovery and pitching performances.

His next start against the Pirates will be a crucial test for him, and it will be interesting to see how he performs in light of his earlier struggles.

Upcoming Matchup

Corbin’s Next Start Against the Pittsburgh Pirates

Washington Nationals pitcher Patrick Corbin is set to face off against the Pittsburgh Pirates in his next start.

The game is scheduled to take place at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. on April 24th. This will be Corbin’s fifth start of the season as he looks to continue his recent success on the mound.

Analysis of the Matchup

The Pirates currently have a record of 10-11 and are sitting in third place in the National League Central. While their offense has been performing well, ranking eighth in the league in runs scored, their pitching staff has struggled with a team ERA of 4.83.

This could be an opportunity for Corbin to have another strong outing, especially given his recent performance.

Corbin has been steadily improving over his past few starts, particularly in his last two outings. He has been able to limit the amount of runs scored by opposing teams while also recording more strikeouts than in his earlier starts.

Additionally, the Pirates have a lineup that strikes out frequently, which could work well in Corbin’s favor.

Predictions for Corbin’s Performance

Based on Corbin’s recent outings and the Pirates’ offense, it’s possible that he could have another strong showing. While his ERA and WHIP numbers are still higher than he would like, he has been trending in the right direction.

If he is able to limit the Pirates’ offense and record a few strikeouts, he could potentially pick up his second win of the season.

However, it’s worth noting that baseball can often be unpredictable and there are a number of factors that can impact a pitcher’s performance on any given day.

The Pirates could have a breakout game or Corbin may struggle with his control. As with any sport, there are inherent uncertainties, but Corbin appears to be on an upward trajectory heading into this matchup.

What Happened to Corbin Nationals?

Patrick Corbin started the 2023 season opener for the Washington Nationals. He was signed to a six-year, $140 million deal in 2019. Corbin struggled during the 2020 and 2021 seasons. His ERA increased to 5.68 in 2021.

However, Nationals’ GM Mike Rizzo gave him a vote of confidence in 2022. Corbin had a solid 2022 season, with an ERA of 3.86. He was able to regain his form and a spot in the starting rotation. Corbin threw six innings against the Atlanta Braves in the opener.

He allowed only two runs and struck out seven batters. The Nationals won the game 5-2, giving Corbin his first win of the season.

Who is the 40 Year Old Pitcher for the Mets?

The 40-year-old pitcher for the New York Mets is Justin Verlander. Verlander has won the AL Cy Young Award three times. He is considered to be among the best pitchers in the game. Verlander signed with the Mets during the offseason.

People wonder when Father Time will catch up with him. Despite his age, Verlander continues to pitch at a high level. He has shown no signs of slowing down. Verlander is known for his strong fastball and devastating curveball.

He has been a workhorse throughout his career, throwing over 3,000 innings. Mets fans are excited to see what Verlander can do for their team.

Is Corbin a Good Pitcher?

Corbin has a high BAA on his sinker, slider, and four-seamer. He threw his sinker the most at 43.5%. His slider was thrown 29.4% of the time. His four-seamer was thrown 18.8% of the time. His overall BAA for the year was .310.

A BAA over .300 is considered high. His sinker and slider were his primary pitches. His four-seamer was not as effective with a .346 BAA.

The high BAAs may suggest that Corbin has some weaknesses. Overall, Corbin’s performance in 2022 leaves room for improvement.

Why Was Corbin Cancelled?

  1. COVID outbreak within Corbin’s road family Several members of Corbin’s touring team have tested positive for COVID-19, forcing the cancellation of shows this weekend.

  2. Safety concerns for fans and crew Corbin put the safety of his fans and crew above all else, and with the risk of COVID-19 transmission, he made the difficult decision to reschedule the shows.

  3. Rescheduling shows in Shorewood, IL, and New Philadelphia The shows in Shorewood, IL, and New Philadelphia will be rescheduled at a later date to ensure the health and safety of everyone involved.

  4. Prioritizing health and wellbeing Corbin recognizes the importance of prioritizing health and wellbeing during these challenging times and is taking necessary precautions to keep his team and fans safe.

  5. Stay tuned for updates on rescheduled shows Fans are encouraged to stay tuned for updates on when the rescheduled shows will take place and to prioritize their own health and safety in the meantime.

To Recap

Patrick Corbin is still pitching for the Washington Nationals. He has shown signs of improvement with back-to-back quality starts and increasing his strikeouts.

Although his ERA and WHIP aren’t where he wants them to be, Corbin is making progress toward improving his game. Fans can look forward to seeing him pitch in his next outing against the Pirates at home.

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