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Is Marshon Lattimore The Best Cornerback

The title of the NFL’s best cornerback is one that stirs fervent debate among football aficionados and experts. At the center of this discussion is Marshon Lattimore, a standout talent for the New Orleans Saints.

Renowned for his exceptional coverage skills, remarkable versatility, and ability to consistently deliver standout performances, Lattimore undeniably ranks among the league’s elite cornerbacks.

This introduction aims to delve into the factors that make Marshon Lattimore a strong contender for the coveted title of the best cornerback while acknowledging the fierce competition he faces from other remarkable talents in the NFL. Determining the ultimate “best” remains a subjective and evolving matter within the world of professional football.

Is Marshon Lattimore the Best Cornerback?

Marshon Lattimore, a cornerback for the New Orleans Saints, is undeniably among the NFL’s elite at his position. His impressive skills, recognition as the second-best cornerback in an ESPN poll, and a solid Pro Football Focus ranking at number 7 for the 2023 season all attest to his excellence.

However, the title of “best cornerback” is subjective. It’s a subject of ongoing debate with players like Jalen Ramsey in contention. Lattimore’s performance and rankings may change from season to season, and individual preferences influence opinions.

While he is undoubtedly among the best, claiming the title of “the best” remains a matter of personal interpretation in the ever-evolving world of NFL football.

Why Is Marshon Lattimore Considered One of the Best Cornerbacks in the NFL?

Marshon Lattimore

Marshon Lattimore’s status as one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL is a testament to his exceptional skills and consistent performance.

Several key factors contribute to his recognition in this elite category:

Lockdown Coverage

Lattimore’s ability to provide lockdown coverage is a defining feature of his game. He excels in man-to-man coverage, effectively shadowing some of the league’s most talented wide receivers.

His capacity to stay tightly glued to his assignment makes it extremely challenging for opponents to find separation, a quality highly valued in a cornerback.

Ball Skills

Lattimore possesses remarkable ball skills. He has a keen eye for tracking the football, leading to numerous game-changing interceptions and crucial pass breakups. His knack for creating turnovers not only disrupts opponents’ passing games but also bolsters his team’s defensive efforts.


Marshon Lattimore is a versatile cornerback. He can excel in various coverage techniques, whether it’s press coverage, off-coverage, or zone defense.

This adaptability makes him a valuable asset to his team’s defensive strategy, allowing the coaching staff to deploy him in different roles to counter various offensive strategies.


A hallmark of a great cornerback is consistency, and Lattimore delivers this week in and week out. He maintains a high level of performance throughout the season, providing reliability in the secondary.

His ability to deliver strong performances in crucial games and under various circumstances makes him a dependable asset for his team.


Lattimore’s physicality is another standout attribute. He’s not merely a coverage specialist but is also unafraid to engage at the line of scrimmage. This physical presence allows him to disrupt routes, create confusion for opposing receivers, and contribute effectively to run support.

His well-rounded game extends beyond coverage skills.

Football Intelligence

Over the course of his NFL career, Marshon Lattimore’s football intelligence has sharpened significantly. He can read plays, anticipate routes, and react swiftly to evolving situations on the field.

This high football IQ enhances his effectiveness and allows him to make crucial plays in critical moments.

Adaptable Matchups

Lattimore can adapt to match up against a wide range of receivers, from speedy slot threats to towering red-zone targets. His versatility provides his team with the flexibility to deploy him in various roles, ensuring that he can effectively counter different types of receivers.

What Is Marshon Lattimore’s Current NFL Ranking as a Cornerback?

Marshon Lattimore

As of the 2023 NFL season, Marshon Lattimore is ranked 7th among all cornerbacks in the NFL, according to Pro Football Focus (PFF). This recognition reflects his consistent and high-level performance as a cornerback.

Lattimore’s ability to excel in man-to-man coverage, make crucial plays, and contribute to his team’s success places him among the elite cornerbacks in the league.

It’s essential to remember that these rankings are subject to change based on ongoing performance and evaluation, but as of the provided information, Lattimore is firmly established as one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL.

Who Are the Top NFL Cornerbacks Competing With Marshon Lattimore for the Title of “The Best”?

The competition for the title of the best NFL cornerback is fierce, and there are several elite cornerbacks often considered alongside Marshon Lattimore.

Some of the top cornerbacks competing for this title include:

Jalen Ramsey

Hailing from the Los Angeles Rams, Jalen Ramsey consistently ranks at the top of the cornerback hierarchy. Renowned for his shutdown coverage skills and versatility, Ramsey is often seen as Lattimore’s primary competitor for the coveted title.

Stephon Gilmore

Whether with the New England Patriots or later with the Carolina Panthers, Stephon Gilmore has demonstrated a remarkable ability to lock down opposing wide receivers. His ball-hawking prowess and man-to-man coverage make him a formidable contender.

Xavien Howard

As a standout player for the Miami Dolphins, Xavien Howard is celebrated for his knack for intercepting passes and his capacity to disrupt opponents’ passing games.

Tre’Davious White

Holding a pivotal role with the Buffalo Bills, Tre’Davious White consistently delivers impressive performances. His remarkable coverage skills and steady contributions position him among the NFL’s top cornerbacks.

Denzel Ward

Representing the Cleveland Browns, Denzel Ward is a name that surfaces regularly in discussions about the league’s premier cornerbacks. His athleticism and ability to lock down opposing receivers contribute to his recognition.

Is Marshon Lattimore the Best Cornerback for the New Orleans Saints?

Is Marshon Lattimore the Best Cornerback for the New Orleans Saints?

Marshon Lattimore is undoubtedly one of the most prominent cornerbacks for the New Orleans Saints. His exceptional skills and consistent performance have made him a standout player in the team’s secondary.

While the title of “the best” cornerback can be subjective and situational in the NFL, Lattimore’s contributions to the Saints’ defense, his ability to excel in various coverage techniques, and his knack for creating turnovers have solidified his status as a key asset for the team.

The evaluation of whether he is the absolute best cornerback for the Saints may vary depending on specific matchups and game scenarios.


Who is Marshon Lattimore?

Marshon Lattimore is an NFL cornerback known for his outstanding skills and versatility, having played for the New Orleans Saints

What factors determine the best cornerback in the NFL?

The best NFL cornerback is determined by exceptional coverage skills, turnover creation, versatility, consistency, adaptability, physicality, and overall impact on team success.

What are the qualities that set Marshon Lattimore apart as a cornerback?

Marshon Lattimore’s standout qualities as a cornerback include lockdown coverage, exceptional ball skills, versatility, consistency, physicality, football intelligence, and adaptability in matchups.

What awards and honors has Marshon Lattimore received in his NFL career?

Marshon Lattimore received honors like Pro Bowl selections and recognition on the NFL Top 100 list for his outstanding cornerback play.

Who was the best cornerback in the NFL?

Determining the best NFL cornerback is subjective, with top contenders including Jalen Ramsey, Stephon Gilmore, and Marshon Lattimore, but opinions vary based on preferences and performance.

To Recap

The quest to anoint the NFL’s best cornerback remains an ongoing and subjective debate, and Marshon Lattimore is undoubtedly a significant player in this conversation. His outstanding skills, versatility, and consistent performance have solidified his status among the league’s elite.

However, the competition for the title of “the best” is fierce, with several other exceptional cornerbacks vying for the honor. The likes of Jalen Ramsey, Stephon Gilmore, Xavien Howard, Tre’Davious White, and Denzel Ward, among others, present formidable challenges.

The dynamic nature of the NFL ensures that opinions and rankings can change from season to season. Ultimately, determining the best cornerback is a matter of personal interpretation, shaped by individual preferences and evolving performances in the ever-competitive world of professional football.

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