Is Marshon Lattimore Good? – An Elite NFL Cornerback’s Impact and Skills

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Is Marshon Lattimore Good

Marshon Lattimore, the standout cornerback for the New Orleans Saints, is synonymous with excellence in the realm of professional football.

With a formidable blend of coverage skills, playmaking prowess, and a string of distinguished accolades, Lattimore has consistently proven his worth as one of the NFL’s premier defensive talents.

As a multiple-time Pro Bowler and the recipient of the coveted NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year award, his remarkable achievements attest to his impact on the field.

Whether it’s his ability to shut down elite wide receivers or his knack for game-altering plays, Lattimore’s presence resonates with both fans and peers, making him a linchpin of defensive excellence in the league.

Is Marshon Lattimore Good?

Marshon Lattimore, a cornerback for the New Orleans Saints, is undeniably a top talent in the NFL. With a career that includes multiple Pro Bowl selections and the 2017 Defensive Rookie of the Year award, his achievements speak for themselves.

Lattimore’s defensive prowess is evident in his 15 interceptions, 327 tackles, 5 forced fumbles, and 78 passes defensed, making him a formidable presence on the field. Notably, his coverage skills are highly regarded, with a coverage grade of 87.1 according to Pro Football Focus.

As one of the league’s premier cornerbacks, Lattimore’s consistent performance and accolades establish him as a defensive standout.

Why Is Marshon Lattimore Considered Good in Football?

Marshon Lattimore Considered Good in Football

Marshon Lattimore’s status as a highly regarded cornerback in the world of football is underpinned by a combination of exceptional skills and achievements.

Here are several reasons why Marshon Lattimore is considered good in football:

Exceptional Coverage Skills

Lattimore’s ability to cover wide receivers is nothing short of remarkable. His speed, agility, and keen understanding of the game allow him to effectively shut down some of the league’s top pass-catchers.

He consistently matches up well against elite wide receivers, making it challenging for opposing quarterbacks to find success when targeting him.

Playmaking Prowess

Lattimore’s talent goes beyond pass coverage. He possesses an innate ability to make game-changing plays, which is evident through his interceptions, pass breakups, and his knack for forcing fumbles.

These plays can swing the momentum of a game and are highly valued in football.

Recognized Achievements

Marshon Lattimore has earned recognition through accolades such as Pro Bowl selections and the prestigious NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year award in 2017. These honors underline his impact and talent on the field.


Lattimore’s ability to maintain a high level of performance over multiple seasons is a testament to his reliability and skill. He consistently contributes to his team’s success, making him a dependable asset.


He is not limited to coverage alone; Lattimore is a versatile player who contributes to various aspects of the game. This includes run support, tackling, and special teams, making him a well-rounded cornerback.


Marshon Lattimore’s leadership within the New Orleans Saints’ defense is integral to motivating and guiding his teammates. His on-field presence and vocal leadership add to his value beyond his physical abilities.

Strong Statistical Record

Lattimore’s impressive stats, including interceptions, passes defended, tackles, and forced fumbles, underline his contributions and impact on the field.

What Are Marshon Lattimore’s Career Achievements?

What Are Marshon Lattimore’s Career Achievements?

Marshon Lattimore’s career in the NFL has been marked by several significant achievements that underscore his prowess as a cornerback and his impact on the field.

Here are some of his notable career achievements:

Pro Bowl Selections

Lattimore earned Pro Bowl honors multiple times during his career, a recognition of his status as one of the top cornerbacks in the league. Pro Bowl selections showcase the high regard in which coaches, players, and fans hold him.

NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year (2017)

In his rookie season, Lattimore was honored as the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year. This award highlighted his immediate impact on the league and the New Orleans Saints’ defense.

Impressive Defensive Statistics

Lattimore had amassed a substantial number of interceptions, tackles, passes defensed, and other defensive statistics. These numbers demonstrated his effectiveness and contribution to his team’s defense.


One of his career achievements is his ability to maintain a high level of performance over multiple seasons, making him a dependable and reliable presence in the New Orleans Saints’ defense.

Recognition as a Top Cornerback

Lattimore’s consistent performance and recognition by peers, coaches, and fans have solidified his status as one of the league’s premier cornerbacks.

What Statistics Reflect Marshon Lattimore’s Impact on the Field?

Statistics Reflect Marshon Lattimore’s Impact on the Field

Marshon Lattimore’s impact on the football field is palpable and measurable, evident in a variety of statistics that underscore his significance as a premier cornerback in the NFL.

These statistics provide valuable insights into his effectiveness and the disruptive force he is on the field:


Marshon Lattimore’s ability to intercept passes is a hallmark of his playmaking prowess. Interceptions not only halt opposing drives but also provide his team with valuable possessions. His interception count highlights his capacity to make game-changing plays.

Passes Defended (PD)

Lattimore’s prowess in breaking up passes is a crucial aspect of his game. The number of passes he defends showcases his proficiency in preventing opposing quarterbacks from completing passes to their intended targets, thereby disrupting the opposition’s passing game.


While Lattimore’s primary role is in coverage, his willingness to make tackles is noteworthy. Tackles are pivotal in run defense and limiting yards after the catch. Lattimore’s tackle statistics emphasize his versatility and his contributions beyond pass coverage.

Forced Fumbles

Lattimore’s ability to force fumbles is a testament to his playmaking skills. Forcing a fumble not only halts an offensive possession but can swing the momentum of a game. Lattimore’s success in this area highlights his disruptive impact.

Yards Allowed

The total yards allowed by receivers covered by Lattimore provide a valuable metric for assessing his effectiveness in minimizing the production of opposing pass-catchers. It reflects his role in reducing the opponent’s overall receiving yardage.

Completion Percentage Against

This statistic measures the percentage of completed passes when targeting receivers covered by Lattimore. A lower completion percentage indicates his ability to make it challenging for opposing quarterbacks to find success when throwing in his direction.

Quarterback Rating When Targeted

The quarterback rating of opposing quarterbacks when targeting Lattimore is a significant indicator of his disruptive influence. A lower rating suggests that he effectively disrupts passing plays and limits the efficiency of quarterbacks when throwing at him.


Lattimore’s penalty count, particularly in terms of defensive pass interference or holding penalties, reflects his discipline and ability to avoid giving opponents free yardage. Low penalty counts indicate his ability to defend without compromising the team’s position.


Is Marshon Lattimore a good NFL cornerback?

Yes, Marshon Lattimore is widely recognized as one of the top cornerbacks in the NFL. He has consistently demonstrated excellent coverage skills and has earned Pro Bowl selections.

What is Marshon Lattimore known for?

Marshon Lattimore is known for his elite NFL cornerback skills, playmaking ability, accolades, consistency, versatility, leadership, and impressive statistical record.

Is Marshon Lattimore a Game-Changer on Defense?

Yes, Marshon Lattimore is a game-changing force on defense, known for his ability to disrupt plays and make impactful contributions in the NFL.

What is Marshon Lattimore’s Contract Status with the New Orleans Saints?

Marshon Lattimore had signed a five-year contract extension with the New Orleans Saints, worth around $97.6 million. Please verify the current status.

What Is Marshon Lattimore’s Impact on the Saints’ Defensive Scheme?

Marshon Lattimore plays a pivotal role in the New Orleans Saints’ defensive scheme. His elite coverage skills and versatility significantly enhance the team’s overall defensive effectiveness.

To Recap

Marshon Lattimore’s excellence in football is a testament to his extraordinary skill set, unwavering consistency, and numerous accolades.

His exceptional coverage skills and playmaking abilities have established him as a force to be reckoned with in the NFL, making it exceedingly challenging for opposing offenses to succeed against him.

Lattimore’s decorated career, including Pro Bowl selections and the prestigious NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year award, underscores his value to the New Orleans Saints and the league as a whole.

His leadership, versatility, and strong statistical record further affirm his status as a defensive standout. Marshon Lattimore’s contributions to the sport continue to captivate fans and validate his reputation as one of football’s finest defensive talents.

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