Is Mark Melancon A Closer?

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Is Mark Melancon a Closer

Mark Melancon, the right-handed pitcher, has been a reliable closer in Major League Baseball for over a decade. He has pitched for seven different teams during his career, and his expertise as a closer has made him a valuable asset for any team that needs someone to shut down games.

Arizona signed him to a two-year contract before the 2022 season, with the objective of addressing their issues in the closer’s role. In this article, we will analyze whether Mark Melancon is a true closer.

What is a Closer?

In baseball, a closer is a relief pitcher who enters the game in the ninth inning or later with his team leading by no more than three runs. The closer’s primary job is to protect the lead and pitch a scoreless inning, securing a win for his team.

Closers are usually the best and most experienced relievers on the team, with a repertoire of pitches designed to dominate opposing hitters and close-out games.

Importance of a Reliable Closer in a Team’s Bullpen

Having a reliable closer is critical for any team with aspirations of winning a championship. The closer is the last line of defense, tasked with preserving the victory and ensuring that all the hard work put in by the team doesn’t go to waste.

A reliable closer can also instill confidence in the rest of the bullpen, relieving some of the pressure and stress of protecting a lead.

Additionally, a successful closer can take some of the burdens of the starting pitching, allowing them to rest between starts and stay fresh throughout the season.

History and Significance of the Closer Role in the Mlb

The closer role didn’t exist in baseball until the late 1960s/early 1970s. Before that, starting pitchers were expected to pitch nine innings, and relievers were used sparingly.

However, changes in the game led to more specialized roles for pitchers, with the closer becoming a crucial component of the modern bullpen. The first designated closer in MLB history was Hoyt Wilhelm, who earned 22 saves for the Chicago White Sox in 1963.

Since then, the closer role has evolved into a highly specialized position, with teams recruiting and paying top dollar for the best closers in the game. Closers have become stars in their own right, with their entrances accompanied by music, fireworks, and other theatrics.

The closer role has become so important that the coveted award for the best relief pitcher in each league is named after two of the greatest closers in MLB history – the Mariano Rivera American League Reliever of the Year Award and the Trevor Hoffman National League Reliever of the Year Award.

Having a reliable closer is a critical component of any successful team. The closer’s job is to finish off games, protect the lead, and secure victories for the team.

With the history and significance of the closer role in the MLB, it’s no wonder that teams are willing to pay top dollar for the best closers in the game.

Mark Melancon’s Closing Career

Mark Melancon has been one of the most consistent closers in Major League Baseball over the past decade. He has served as a closer for several teams, including the Pittsburgh Pirates, the San Francisco Giants, the Atlanta Braves, the Washington Nationals, and the San Diego Padres.

He has accumulated over 200 saves in his career and has been named an All-Star three times (2013, 2015, and 2019).

Analysis of His Career Statistics as a Closer

Melancon has been very reliable as a closer throughout his career. His career save percentage is an impressive 87.2%, which is well above the league average of around 75%.

He has also recorded a career ERA of 2.79 and a WHIP of 1.13 as a closer. Melancon’s strikeout rate, which is often a crucial stat for closers, has been slightly below average (7.1 K/9), but he makes up for it with his ability to limit walks and hits.

Successes and Challenges Faced by Melancon in His Career as a Closer

Melancon has had a lot of success as a closer over the years. He finished in the top five in NL Cy Young voting twice (2015, 2016) and has won the prestigious Rolaids Relief Man Award three times (2015, 2016, and 2021).

One of the greatest highlights of his career came in 2019 when he helped the Nationals win their first World Series title, recording four saves and posting a 2.70 ERA in the postseason.

While Melancon has been a reliable closer, he has faced some challenges over his career. Injuries have limited his availability at times, including a forearm strain that sidelined him for part of the 2017 season.

He has also struggled with giving up home runs at times, which can be a costly mistake for a closer. Nonetheless, Melancon has been able to bounce back from setbacks and remain one of the league’s top closers.

Melancon’s Recent Performance

Mark Melancon is a veteran closer who signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks to bolster their bullpen. The team struggled in the closer role, leading them to pursue a proven closer like Melancon.

In this report, we will analyze Melancon’s recent performance, particularly his outstanding 2021 season with the San Diego Padres.


Melancon joined the Padres in 2021, and he immediately made an impact on the team. He finished the season with 39 saves, which was the highest in the league, and compiled an impressive 2.23 ERA in 64 games.

He played a crucial role in helping the Padres clinch a wildcard spot in the National League.

Melancon’s Signing With the Arizona Diamondbacks

Following his incredible performance in 2021, Melancon signed a two-year contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks. The team had been struggling in the closer’s role, and they were hopeful that Melancon would add stability and consistency to their bullpen.

Melancon’s Performance in 2021

Melancon had a fantastic 2021 season with the Padres. He recorded 39 saves in 43 chances, and he only blew four saves. He also struck out 59 batters in 67 innings pitched and posted an excellent 2.23 ERA.

His performance significantly exceeded expectations and put him in the conversation for the National League Cy Young Award.

Comparison to Other Closers

Melancon’s 39 saves led the league, and he finished second in save percentage among qualified closers. He also had the fifth-lowest ERA among qualified closers and the 12th-most strikeouts.

His performance was comparable to other top closers in the league like Josh Hader, Aroldis Chapman, and Liam Hendriks.

Contributions to Padres’ Success

Melancon’s performance played a significant role in the Padres’ success in 2021. As a team, the Padres had struggled to find stability in the closer’s role before Melancon’s arrival.

His consistency in closing games was invaluable in helping the Padres secure a playoff spot. Moreover, his leadership and experience were vital in the bullpen’s overall success.

Melancon’s dominant performance in 2021 and his subsequent signing with the Arizona Diamondbacks demonstrate his importance to any team looking to bolster their bullpen.

By adding him to their roster, Arizona has taken a significant step toward stabilizing their bullpen and improving their overall performance.

Melancon’s Role in the Arizona Franchise

The Arizona Diamondbacks struggled in the closer’s role for a few seasons prior to signing Melancon. Arizona needed a solid closer, and Melancon was one of the best available options in the free-agent market.

By signing him, the franchise was able to secure a reliable, proven closer who has been a consistent performer throughout his career. Melancon’s addition solidifies the bullpen for the D-backs and gives the team a better chance to compete and close out games.

Expectations for Melancon as a Closer To the Franchise

Melancon’s experience and success as a closer were the main reasons why Arizona signed him. The 37-year-old reliever has been one of the league’s most consistent closers over the past decade, recording 282 career saves.

Arizona expects Melancon to bring stability and consistency to the closer’s role while mentoring younger pitchers in the bullpen. The D-backs will expect Melancon to keep performing at a high level and to close out games in pressure situations.

How Melancon’s Experience and Skills Will Benefit Arizona in the Upcoming Season?

Melancon’s veteran experience and leadership will prove to be a valuable asset for the Diamondbacks. He will bring stability and consistency to the bullpen, and his presence will help the younger pitchers on the team.

Melancon’s ability to locate his pitches and his deceptive arm angle make him a tough pitcher to hit. These skills will prove to be valuable in tight games, especially in the late innings.

He will be a vital piece of Arizona’s bullpen, and the team will look to him as its primary closer.

The addition of Melancon was a significant move for the Arizona franchise. He brings experience, consistency, and leadership to the bullpen, and his skills and abilities will strengthen the D-backs’ chances of winning games.

Arizona will look to him as an important piece in its push for improved performance in the upcoming season.

Is Mark Melancon a Hall of Famer?

Mark Melancon has played for nine teams during his career. He has been one of the game’s premier relievers. However, he is not considered a Hall of Fame player.

Melancon has a career ERA of 2.85. He has saved 229 games in his career and counting.

Melancon has been named an All-Star three times. He has won two Rolaids Relief Man Awards. Melancon’s postseason ERA is an impressive 0.92. He played an instrumental role in the Giants’ 2016 playoff run.

Despite his impressive career, Melancon is unlikely to make it to the Hall of Fame.

Where Did Mark Melancon Go?

Mark Melancon is a relief pitcher who has played for multiple Major League Baseball teams since his debut in 2009. Throughout his career, Melancon has been a reliable closer, earning multiple save opportunities and earning an All-Star nod in 2013.

Departure From the San Francisco Giants

In February 2021, Melancon was traded from the San Francisco Giants to the Atlanta Braves in exchange for a pitcher named Daniel Winkler. This came after a successful 2020 season with the Giants, where he recorded 11 saves and boasted an ERA of 2.78.

Arrival at the Arizona Diamondbacks

Melancon’s time with the Braves was short-lived, as he was traded yet again in July 2021, this time to the Arizona Diamondbacks. He was part of a larger trade that also involved players like Bryson Stott and Caleb Kilian.

In Arizona, Melancon has continued to excel as a closer, notching multiple saves for his new team.

Impact on the Arizona Diamondbacks

Melancon’s arrival to Arizona has been a boon for the Diamondbacks’ bullpen, as his veteran presence and experience have helped solidify the team’s late-game strategy.

In fact, he’s been so good that there have been rumors of him being traded once again, this time to a team making a playoff push.

Future Outlook for Mark Melancon

At age 36, Melancon’s future in baseball is uncertain, but his performance on the mound suggests that he still has plenty left in the tank. Whether he continues to flourish in Arizona or is traded elsewhere, his legacy as a reliable closer will remain intact.

How Many Blown Saves Does Mark Melancon Have?

Mark Melancon, the closer of the 2022 season, has three blown saves. He had a tenuous grip on the closer job throughout the year. Melancon finished the year with a 3-10 record.

He had 18 saves and a 4.66 ERA. Melancon was removed from the role at times. The bullpen may be fluid next year.

Lovullo, the manager, is open to that idea. Melancon’s performance was not consistent enough. Blown saves can be costly for a team. The Diamondbacks may need to explore other options for a closer.

To Recap

Mark Melancon is a reliable closer who has earned his place among the league’s elite. His experience and track record deviate from those of other pitchers, making him stand out as a closer that teams can count on to secure wins.

Arizona has made a wise decision to sign him to their team, and it will be exciting to see him in action throughout the upcoming season. Overall, there is no doubt that Mark Melancon is a closer and a valuable one at that.

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