Is Jorge Masvidal a Good Boxer?

Mike Pedersen

Is Jorge Masvidal a good boxer

Jorge Masvidal, a name that reverberated throughout the mixed martial arts (MMA) world in 2019, emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Known for his captivating boxing skills, Masvidal returned from a lengthy hiatus to deliver three spectacular performances that left both fans and critics in awe.

With emphatic victories over Darren Till, Ben Askren, and Nate Diaz, Masvidal showcased his boxing prowess like never before. By dissecting his fights, particularly his bout with Darren Till, we analyze the nuances of his boxing technique, including footwork, head movement, and devastating combinations.

Furthermore, we examine the recognition and praise Masvidal has garnered from the MMA community, underscoring his impact on the sport as a whole. Join us on this journey as we uncover the truth behind Masvidal’s reputation as a formidable boxer in the world of MMA.

Background and Training in Boxing

Masvidal’s Early Exposure to Boxing

Jorge Masvidal’s journey in combat sports began at a young age, and his early exposure to boxing played a significant role in shaping his skills. Growing up in a rough neighborhood in Miami, Masvidal found solace and discipline in the boxing gym.

He honed his craft through countless hours of training, immersing himself in the technical aspects of the sport.

Masvidal’s training background in boxing extends beyond his childhood experiences. As a professional mixed martial artist, he has dedicated himself to refining his striking skills, often incorporating boxing-specific training into his regimen.

His commitment to the art of boxing is evident in his seamless transitions between striking and grappling within the MMA realm.

Masvidal’s Experiences With Renowned Boxing Coaches

Throughout his career, Masvidal has sought out opportunities to train with some of the best boxing coaches and sparring partners in the industry. He understands the importance of learning from those who have excelled in the sweet science.

Masvidal has worked closely with renowned boxing coaches who have helped him fine-tune his technique and strategy. Their expertise has played a crucial role in shaping his boxing style and enhancing his skills as a striker.

Additionally, Masvidal has actively sought out high-level sparring partners to push his limits and challenge his boxing abilities.

By engaging in intense training sessions with talented boxers and fellow MMA fighters, he has continuously sharpened his skills, adapting and refining his approach.

These experiences, alongside his natural talent and dedication, have contributed to Masvidal’s growth as a boxer, making him a formidable force in the MMA world.

Boxing Skills Displayed in Fights

Fights Against Darren Till, Ben Askren, and Nate Diaz

In his fight against Darren Till, Masvidal showcased his boxing skills with remarkable precision and power. He expertly utilized his footwork to close the distance, effectively countering Till’s strikes.

With a display of calculated aggression, Masvidal’s striking combinations overwhelmed Till, leading to a stunning knockout victory in the second round.

Against Ben Askren, Masvidal’s boxing played a pivotal role in one of the most iconic knockouts in MMA history. Demonstrating his quick reflexes and timing, Masvidal launched a flying knee that connected flush with Askren’s chin, instantly ending the fight in a mere five seconds.

In his clash with Nate Diaz, Masvidal’s boxing skills were on full display. He consistently outstruck Diaz with precise punches and devastating hooks, dictating the pace and landing significant blows throughout the fight.

Despite the bout being stopped due to a doctor’s intervention, Masvidal’s dominance showcased his boxing proficiency.

Masvidal’s Boxing Technique

Masvidal’s boxing technique is a testament to his technical prowess and adaptability. His footwork allows him to navigate the octagon with ease, enabling effective positioning for strikes and creating angles to avoid incoming attacks.

His nimble footwork is accompanied by excellent lateral movement, which allows him to cut off opponents and control the distance.

Masvidal’s head movement is another key aspect of his boxing arsenal. He employs subtle slips, ducks, and evasive head movements to evade punches, reducing his opponent’s ability to land clean shots.

This defensive skill enables him to capitalize on counter-attacks, often catching opponents off-guard.

His mastery of combinations sets him apart as a boxer. Masvidal seamlessly strings together punches, mixing up his strikes to target various levels of his opponent’s defense.

He adeptly utilizes jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts to exploit openings and create opportunities for devastating finishes.

Knockout Victory Over Darren Till

One fight that epitomizes Masvidal’s boxing prowess is his bout against Darren Till. With Till being known for his striking abilities, this clash served as a true test for Masvidal’s boxing skills.

Masvidal’s calculated approach, combined with his precise boxing technique, resulted in a remarkable finish.

In the second round of the fight, Masvidal expertly utilized his footwork to close the distance and land a thunderous left hook that left Till unconscious.

The knockout exemplified Masvidal’s ability to set up and deliver devastating punches with accuracy and power. His boxing prowess was on full display, leaving a lasting impression on fans and solidifying his reputation as a top-tier striker in the MMA world.

Recognition and Praise From the MMA Community

Opinions of Fans, Fellow Fighters, and Analysts

Jorge Masvidal’s boxing skills have garnered widespread admiration from fans, fellow fighters, and analysts in the MMA community. His striking technique, precision, and power have been a topic of praise and recognition.

Fans appreciate Masvidal’s exciting fighting style, often referring to his boxing as “slick,” “explosive,” and “devastating.” They marvel at his ability to deliver knockout blows with pinpoint accuracy, generating immense excitement during his fights.

Fellow fighters also hold Masvidal’s boxing skills in high regard. Many have commended his striking prowess and technique. They acknowledge his ability to seamlessly blend boxing techniques into his MMA game, making him a formidable opponent in the stand-up exchanges.

Analysts have lauded Masvidal’s boxing acumen, recognizing him as one of the premier strikers in MMA. They often dissect his fights, highlighting his footwork, head movement, and mastery of combinations.

They appreciate his ability to adapt and make quick adjustments during fights, showcasing his boxing IQ.

Figures in the MMA World Praising His Striking Ability

  • Dana White, President of the UFC, has repeatedly praised Masvidal’s boxing skills, stating, “Jorge Masvidal is one of the best boxers in all of MMA. He’s got unbelievable boxing, incredible timing, and his hands are insane.”

  • Joe Rogan, renowned MMA commentator and comedian, has spoken highly of Masvidal’s striking, saying, “Masvidal is a terrific boxer, one of the best in the UFC. He’s got great hand speed, power, and his ability to read his opponents and find openings is exceptional.”

  • Israel Adesanya, UFC Middleweight Champion, has applauded Masvidal’s boxing skills, noting, “Masvidal’s striking is world-class. He has beautiful technique, and the way he sets up his punches is a joy to watch. He’s definitely one of the best boxers in MMA.”

  • Daniel Cormier, former UFC Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight Champion, has expressed admiration for Masvidal’s boxing ability, stating, “Masvidal’s boxing is on another level. He’s so calm, composed, and his striking accuracy is phenomenal. He’s a true artist in the striking department.”

The praise from these notable figures, along with the adoration from fans and recognition from fellow fighters and analysts, further solidifies Masvidal’s reputation as a highly skilled and accomplished boxer in the world of MMA.

Versatility and Well-roundedness as a Fighter

Masvidal’s Proficiency in Other Aspects of MMA

While Jorge Masvidal’s boxing skills have gained significant attention, it is important to acknowledge his proficiency in other areas of mixed martial arts.

Masvidal is a well-rounded fighter who has showcased his skills in grappling, takedown defense, and overall octagon control.

In terms of grappling, Masvidal has demonstrated solid skills on the ground. He possesses a strong submission game and has secured notable wins via submissions throughout his career.

His ability to seamlessly transition from striking to grappling allows him to keep opponents guessing and capitalize on openings for takedowns and ground control.

Furthermore, Masvidal’s takedown defense is formidable. He has successfully thwarted numerous takedown attempts from skilled wrestlers and grapplers, showcasing his ability to maintain the fight in the stand-up realm where his boxing skills shine.

His takedown defense, coupled with his striking prowess, often forces opponents to engage in striking battles, playing into Masvidal’s strengths.

How Boxing Skills Complement His Fighting Style

Masvidal’s boxing skills serve as a cornerstone of his overall fighting style and greatly contribute to his success inside the octagon. His precise striking and knockout power put opponents on the defensive and create openings for his offensive attacks.

Masvidal’s boxing allows him to control the distance and dictate the pace of the fight. His footwork, head movement, and combinations keep opponents guessing and make it difficult for them to mount effective offensive strategies.

He utilizes his boxing to set up strikes from various angles, making it challenging for opponents to anticipate his attacks.

Moreover, Masvidal’s boxing skills give him confidence in the stand-up exchanges, which allows him to take calculated risks and capitalize on openings.

His ability to read his opponents, find their vulnerabilities, and land devastating blows has been a key factor in his notable victories.

Overall, Masvidal’s well-roundedness as a fighter, combined with his exceptional boxing skills, makes him a formidable force in the MMA world.

His ability to seamlessly blend striking with grappling and takedown defense showcases his versatility and adaptability inside the octagon.

Impact on the Sport of Mma

Influence of Masvidal’s Boxing Style on Other Fighters

Jorge Masvidal’s boxing style has had a significant impact on other fighters and the sport of MMA as a whole. His success and technical prowess have served as an inspiration for up-and-coming fighters who seek to improve their striking skills.

Masvidal’s ability to seamlessly blend boxing techniques into his MMA game has set a new standard for striking in the sport. His footwork, head movement, and striking combinations have become a blueprint for many fighters looking to enhance their stand-up game.

Younger athletes have begun incorporating elements of his style, emulating his smooth transitions between striking and grappling.

Furthermore, Masvidal’s success has motivated fighters to invest more time and effort into their boxing training. Many have recognized the importance of having solid boxing skills to excel in MMA.

As a result, we have witnessed a surge in fighters prioritizing boxing training, leading to an overall improvement in the striking quality across the sport.

Contributions to Making Striking in MMA

Masvidal’s dynamic boxing style has played a significant role in elevating striking as a more prominent aspect of MMA. His knockout victories and memorable performances have captivated fans worldwide, attracting attention to the art of striking within the sport.

His ability to finish fights with devastating punches has brought excitement back to the stand-up exchanges. Masvidal’s highlight-reel knockouts have generated buzz and anticipation among fans, leading to a heightened appreciation for striking skills.

In addition, Masvidal’s success has prompted a shift in fight strategies. Opponents now approach fights with more caution, knowing the danger posed by Masvidal’s striking abilities.

This has forced fighters to adapt their game plans, either by developing their own striking skills or implementing strategies to neutralize Masvidal’s boxing prowess.

Masvidal’s impact extends beyond individual fights. His rise to prominence has contributed to the overall evolution of the sport, as more fighters recognize the importance of well-rounded striking skills in their pursuit of success.

Jorge Masvidal’s boxing style has influenced fighters and had a significant impact on the sport of MMA. His technical proficiency and success have inspired fighters to improve their striking abilities, leading to a rise in the quality of striking across the board.

Masvidal’s contributions have made striking a more prominent aspect of MMA, captivating fans and forcing opponents to adapt their game plans to contend with his formidable boxing skills.

Jorge Masvidal’s Boxing Skills and Achievements

Boxing Skill/AspectDescription
FootworkMasvidal’s agile footwork enables effective movement and positioning
Head MovementHis head movement allows him to evade punches and counter effectively
Striking CombinationsMasvidal utilizes diverse and powerful striking combinations
PrecisionDemonstrates accurate and well-timed strikes
Knockout PowerKnown for his knockout power, capable of finishing fights abruptly
Notable VictoriesWins over Darren Till, Ben Askren, and Nate Diaz highlight his skills
Influence on MMAMasvidal’s boxing style has influenced other fighters and the sport
VersatilityProficient in grappling, takedown defense, and overall octagon control
Contributions to StrikingHelped make striking a more prominent aspect of MMA


Has Jorge Masvidal always had a background in boxing?

No, Masvidal initially started with street fighting and then transitioned into MMA. However, he has trained extensively in boxing throughout his career and developed his skills over time.

How does Masvidal’s boxing compare to traditional professional boxing?

Masvidal’s boxing skills are exceptional within the context of MMA. While he may not have the same level of technical proficiency as professional boxers who solely focus on the sport, his ability to effectively utilize boxing techniques in the dynamic environment of MMA sets him apart.

Does Masvidal incorporate any other striking disciplines besides boxing?

Yes, Masvidal incorporates other striking disciplines such as kickboxing and Muay Thai into his overall striking repertoire. This allows him to diversify his striking attacks and keep opponents guessing.

What are some of Masvidal’s notable boxing victories?

Masvidal’s knockout victories over Darren Till, Ben Askren, and Nate Diaz have been highly regarded and showcased his boxing skills. These victories have propelled him into the spotlight and solidified his reputation as a skilled striker.

Does Masvidal’s boxing skillset make him a one-dimensional fighter?

No, Masvidal is known for his well-rounded skillset. While his boxing skills are prominent, he has also demonstrated proficiency in other aspects of MMA, including grappling, takedown defense, and submission grappling.

Has Masvidal’s boxing style evolved throughout his career?

Yes, Masvidal’s boxing style has evolved over time. He has refined his technique, adapted to different opponents’ styles, and incorporated new strategies and combinations into his arsenal, showcasing growth and development as a boxer.

How has Masvidal’s boxing style influenced his overall success in MMA?

Masvidal’s boxing skills have been a significant factor in his success in MMA. His ability to effectively strike and finish fights has earned him victories and propelled him to the top of his division. His boxing style complements his overall fighting style and contributes to his well-rounded approach in the octagon.

Has Masvidal faced any notable opponents with strong boxing skills?

Yes, Masvidal has faced opponents with strong boxing skills, such as Donald Cerrone, who is known for his striking abilities. These matchups have tested Masvidal’s boxing skills and allowed him to showcase his ability to adapt and overcome skilled strikers.


Jorge Masvidal’s boxing skills have solidified his reputation as a formidable striker in the world of MMA. His technical proficiency, precision, and knockout power have garnered recognition and praise from fans, fellow fighters, and analysts alike.

Masvidal’s ability to seamlessly blend his boxing skills with other aspects of MMA showcases his versatility as a fighter. His proficiency in grappling, takedown defense, and overall octagon control complements his boxing style, making him a well-rounded and dangerous opponent.

Furthermore, Masvidal’s impact on the sport of MMA extends beyond his own success. His boxing prowess has inspired other fighters to improve their striking abilities, elevating the overall quality of striking in the sport.

With his dynamic style and thrilling performances, Masvidal has left an indelible mark on the world of MMA, forever shaping the way striking is valued and implemented in the sport.

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