Is Freddy Peralta Good?

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Is Freddy Peralta good

Freddy Peralta, a right-handed pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers, has been making a name for himself in the MLB. Fans and analysts alike are wondering: Is Freddy Peralta good? Let’s take a closer look at his 2022 stats to determine his performance.

Strikeout Ability

Freddy Peralta’s 2022 Season Stats

Freddy Peralta had a solid season in 2022, pitching 78 innings, posting a record of 4-4 with a 3.58 ERA. He accumulated 86 strikeouts and 27 walks.

Freddy Peralta’s Strikeout Ability

Freddy Peralta is known for his excellent strikeout ability and is considered a strikeout pitcher. He has a high fastball velocity that reaches up to 97 mph, and he has a deceptive pitch movement that makes it hard for hitters to make contact. He also has a good slider and changeup that he uses strategically to strike out batters.

Comparison of His Strikeout Rates to Other Mlb Pitchers

In the 2022 season, Freddy Peralta had a strikeout rate of 9.92 per 9 innings, which is higher than the league average of 8.8. This is a remarkable feat as it puts him in the top 20% of pitchers in the MLB according to strikeout rate.

In comparison to other top pitchers, his strikeout rate is lower than Gerrit Cole (13.32), Shane Bieber (11.31), and Corbin Burnes (10.62), but higher than Clayton Kershaw (8.52) and Max Scherzer (9.48).

His Strikeout Numbers in the 2022 Season

In the 2022 season, Freddy Peralta’s 86 strikeouts in 78 innings pitched, averaged out to a strikeout every 8.6 batters faced. His strikeout-to-walk ratio was impressive at 3.19, ranking 19th in the league, indicating his control and command of the strike zone.

He had eight games with seven or more strikeouts, including a career-high 13 strikeouts against the San Diego Padres in August.

Overall, Freddy Peralta’s strikeout ability is an essential part of his game, and he is likely to continue to be a strikeout pitcher in the years to come. His high strikeout rate and excellent strikeout-to-walk ratio make him a valuable asset to the Milwaukee Brewers pitching rotation.

Walk Rate

Freddy Peralta, a pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers, has emerged as one of the most promising young talents in the game.

He has developed a reputation for his electric stuff on the mound, which often leaves batters guessing. His first full season in the majors occurred in the 2022 season, and his stats reveal an impressive performance.

Key Stats

In this section, we will focus on two critical Freddy Peralta stats: his record and ERA. In the 2022 season, Peralta started in 16 games and pitched 78 innings. During this time, he posted a record of 4-4 with a 3.58 ERA.

Despite missing some time due to injuries, his performance demonstrated his potential to be an elite pitcher. His strikeout rate of over 10 per 9 innings pitched was the fifth-highest among all MLB qualified pitchers.

Freddy Peralta’s Walk Rate

Walk rate is a critical metric in analyzing a pitcher’s effectiveness. It measures the number of walks per nine innings. A high walk rate indicates difficulty locating pitches, leading to a higher number of free passes and a higher pitch count.

On the other hand, a low walk rate suggests command of the strike zone, leading to quicker innings and more efficient pitch counts. Freddy Peralta’s walk rate for the 2022 season was 3.12.

Comparison of His Walk Rates to Other Mlb Pitchers

In comparison to other MLB pitchers in the 2022 season, Peralta had a relatively high walk rate. Out of 130 pitchers who qualified for the ERA title, Freddy Peralta’s walk rate ranked 103rd.

His walk rate placed him in the same category as pitchers such as Sonny Gray, Tyler Anderson, and Alec Mills. However, it is essential to consider how Peralta’s walk rate compares to his performance in subsequent years.

His Walk Numbers in the 2022 Season

Even though Peralta’s walk rate was higher than some other pitchers, it didn’t significantly impact his overall performance in the 2022 season.

In over 78 innings pitched, Peralta only walked 27 batters. Additionally, he had a strikeout-to-walk ratio of 3.19, which is respectable. Considering the potential for improvement in his command, it’s reasonable to expect his walk rate to decrease in future seasons.

Freddy Peralta’s 2022 stats showcased an impressive young arm with electric stuff that continually left batters guessing. Despite his walk rate ranking below average in comparison to other MLB pitchers, it didn’t significantly hamper his overall success.

Given his early success and potential for future development, Freddy Peralta appears to have a high potential for future success in the league.


Era in Baseball

ERA or Earned Run Average is a statistic used in baseball that measures the average number of runs that a pitcher gives up per nine innings pitched, excluding errors made by the defense behind him.

It is calculated by dividing the number of earned runs a pitcher allows by the number of innings pitched, then multiplying that by nine. Generally speaking, a lower ERA is better as it signifies that the pitcher is giving up fewer runs per nine innings pitched.

Comparison of Freddy Peralta’s Era to Other Mlb Pitchers

In the 2022 season, Freddy Peralta’s ERA of 3.58 places him in the top 30% among all MLB starting pitchers who have pitched at least 50 innings. However, in comparison to other top pitchers, his ERA is slightly above average.

For example, Max Scherzer, the 2021 Cy Young award winner, has an ERA of 2.32 in the 2022 season, while Jacob deGrom, the 2018 and 2019 Cy Young award winner, has an ERA of 0.68 in the 2022 season. Nevertheless, Peralta’s ERA is still respectable and suggests that he is an above-average starting pitcher.

His Era in the 2022 Season

Freddy Peralta’s ERA of 3.58 in the 2022 season is a reflection of his solid performance as a starting pitcher. He has given up fewer runs per nine innings pitched than the league average (currently at 4.52), indicating that he is a successful pitcher at preventing runs from scoring.

Moreover, his strikeout rate of 9.92 K/9 innings is above the league average (currently at 8.63), indicating that he has a good ability to get batters out.

However, Peralta’s ERA is not as low as some of the top pitchers in the league, which may suggest that he has room for improvement in terms of his control and pitch sequencing.

For example, the number of walks he has allowed (27) is higher than the league average (currently at 2.93 BB/9 innings), which indicates that he could improve his command of his pitches. If he wants to become an elite pitcher in the league, he may need to work on these areas to decrease his ERA further.

Freddy Peralta’s ERA in the 2022 season is a respectable 3.58, which places him in the top 30% among all starting pitchers in the league. While it is not as low as some of the top pitchers in the league, his ERA still indicates that he is a solid starting pitcher who has the potential to improve.

By working on his control and pitch sequencing, he may be able to lower his ERA further and establish himself as one of the elite pitchers in the league.

Pitching Repertoire

Freddy Peralta’s Pitching Repertoire

Freddy Peralta is a right-handed pitcher who currently plays for the Milwaukee Brewers in Major League Baseball (MLB). He has a unique pitching style and relies heavily on his fastballs. However, his pitching repertoire also includes a changeup and a slider.

The Effectiveness of Each Pitch in the 2022 Season


Peralta’s fastball is his main weapon, and he threw it for about 60% of his pitches during the 2022 season. His fastball averages around 94.3 mph and has shown to be an effective pitch for him. In 2022, he had a whiff rate of 36.8% with his fastball.

In terms of location, Peralta primarily throws his fastball up in the zone, making it difficult for hitters to make contact. He also attempted to throw more fastballs down the middle of the plate, resulting in more called strikes.


Peralta’s changeup is his secondary pitch, and he mainly uses it to keep hitters off balance. It averages around 85 mph and was thrown 22% of his pitches during the 2022 season.

Peralta primarily threw his changeup down and away from right-handed hitters and inside against left-handed hitters, resulting in a whiff rate of 32.8%.


Peralta’s slider is his least used pitch, and he primarily uses it as a show-me pitch. He threw it only 18% of his pitches during the 2022 season. His slider averages around 84 mph and has a whiff rate of 25%.

Peralta’s pitching repertoire includes a fastball, changeup and slider. While his fastball is his main pitch, he effectively used his secondary pitches to keep hitters off-balance.

By throwing his fastball up in the zone and his changeup down and away from right-handed hitters, Peralta has been able to accumulate an impressive number of strikeouts. Overall, Peralta’s unique pitching style and effective repertoire make him a valuable asset to the Milwaukee Brewers.

Is Freddy Peralta an Ace?

Freddy Peralta is a young pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers. He made his MLB debut in 2018 and has shown great potential. Peralta is known for his high strikeout rate and impressive fastball. He has also developed a devastating slider in recent years.

However, Peralta struggles with consistency and command at times. He has had a few rough outings but has also shown flashes of brilliance. In 2021, Peralta has continued to improve and currently has an ERA under 2.00.

He has also pitched two seven-inning no-hitters this season. While it may be premature to call him an ace, Peralta is certainly a valuable asset to the Brewers. With continued development, he has the potential to become a top-tier pitcher in the league.

Why is Freddy Peralta Not Playing?

Recovery From Injury

Peralta’s limited playing time last season was due to lat and shoulder issues. – His decision to forego playing with Team Dominican Republic this spring suggests he is focusing on healing.

Bouncing Back in 2023

Peralta’s decision to forego international play may be part of his strategy to come back stronger next season. – The Brewers pitcher may want to use this time to solely focus on his rehabilitation and training.

Prioritizing Club Duty

Peralta’s commitment to the Brewers may be why he is not participating in international play. – By attending camp with Brewers, he hopes to work on recovery and build his skills with the team.

Time to Reevaluate

Peralta may have chosen not to play international baseball for Team Dominican Republic to reassess his career goals. – Skipping camp with his national team may give him space to rethink his priorities and what he wants to focus on in his career.

Health and Longevity

Peralta’s decision to skip international play this season aligns with his focus on his health and longevity. – The pitcher may be taking steps to ensure that he doesn’t risk further injury by playing too much or too hard.

How Many Pitches Did Freddy Peralta Throw?

Freddy Peralta has thrown almost 8,000 pitches between 2018 and 2023. These pitches were tracked by the PITCHf/x system. The pitches were thrown in MLB Regular Season and Spring Training. PITCHf/x system records each pitch’s velocity and movement.

The system is used to analyze pitcher performance and improve their game. Peralta is a pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers. He debuted in 2018 and has since been a consistent player for the team. Peralta has a career ERA of 3.88.

He has also recorded 621 strikeouts in his career as of 2021. Peralta’s pitch arsenal features a four-seam fastball, slider, and curveball.

To Recap

Based on the statistics from the 2022 season, it’s safe to say that Freddy Peralta has proven himself to be a reliable pitcher for the Milwaukee Brewers. With a 3.58 ERA and 86 strikeouts, Peralta has certainly had his share of success on the mound.

While there is always room for improvement, it’s clear that Peralta has the potential to be a great asset for the Brewers and a valuable player in the league. So, in answer to the question, “Is Freddy Peralta good?” – the answer is yes, he certainly is.

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