Is Derrick White a 3-point shooter?

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Derrick White is a shooting guard for the San Antonio Spurs and has gained attention for his accurate three-point shooting in recent seasons. While he is not typically thought of as a primary scorer or go-to shooter, White has shown that he is capable of knocking down shots from beyond the arc when given the opportunity.

His shooting abilities have been on full display in several games throughout his career, including a standout performance in 2021 where he hit a career-best eight three-pointers. However, despite his impressive shooting numbers, some still wonder if White can be considered a reliable three-point shooter in the NBA.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Derrick White’s three-point shooting statistics, evaluate his shooting form and technique, and analyze how his three-point shooting fits into the context of the Spurs’ offensive system.

We will also explore the impact of factors like defensive pressure, shot clock, and teammates on White’s shooting, and consider how his shooting might impact his playing time and role on the team.

Derrick White a 3-point shooter


Derrick White’s Three-Point Shooting Statistics

Derrick White is currently in his fourth NBA season, all with the San Antonio Spurs. Over the course of his career, he has played in 169 regular-season games and attempted 401 three-point shots. Here is a breakdown of his career statistics from beyond the arc:

  • Three-point makes per game: 1.6
  • Three-point attempts per game: 2.4
  • Three-point shooting percentage: 37.3%

Compared to the league averages for three-point shooting, White’s numbers are solid but not exceptional. For the 2021-22 season, the league average for three-point shooting percentage is 35.6%, and the average number of three-point attempts per game is 12.6.

White’s shooting percentage is better than the league average, but his number of attempts per game is lower. This suggests that while White is an accurate shooter from beyond the arc, he may not be relied upon as heavily for three-point scoring as some other players in the league.

Analysis of White’s Shooting Abilities

Derrick White has a smooth shooting stroke with a high release point and good follow-through. His shooting form is consistent and repeatable, which helps him to maintain accuracy over time. However, there are some areas where he could improve his shooting abilities.

One of White’s main strengths as a shooter is his accuracy from the corners. According to, White has shot 45.9% from the corners over the course of his career. This is significantly better than his shooting from above the break (34.3%). White is also a good catch-and-shoot player, which allows him to quickly release the ball after receiving a pass.

One weakness of White’s shooting is his mid-range game. While he is an effective three-point shooter, he has struggled from the mid-range throughout his career. In the 2020-21 season, for example, he shot just 33.3% on mid-range jumpers, according to

This may be due in part to shot selection, as White tends to settle for difficult mid-range shots rather than working to get to the rim or taking a step back for a three-pointer.

When it comes to shot selection and decision-making, White generally does a good job of choosing when to shoot from beyond the arc. He takes most of his three-pointers in catch-and-shoot situations or when he is open after moving off the ball. However, there are times when he can be too passive as a shooter, and may pass up good looks from beyond the arc.

This is an area where he could potentially be more aggressive, especially as he becomes more of a veteran player in the league.

Factors That Affect White’s Three-Point Shooting

Several factors can impact Derrick White’s three-point shooting performance, including:

Defensive Pressure

When opposing defenses close out on White quickly or contest his shots, his accuracy from beyond the arc may suffer. This can make it more difficult for him to get into a rhythm as a shooter.

Shot Clock

As the shot clock winds down, White may be forced to take difficult or contested shots from beyond the arc. This can impact his shooting accuracy, as he may not have time to set his feet or get into a good shooting position.


White’s role on the team and the quality of his teammates can also impact his three-point shooting. If his teammates are able to create open looks for him or draw defensive attention away from him, White may have an easier time getting good looks from beyond the arc.

On the other hand, if his teammates are struggling to score or if the offense is stagnant, White may have a harder time finding open shots.

In terms of White’s role on the Spurs, his shot attempts and accuracy may be impacted by several factors. For example, if he is playing alongside other high-usage players or if the offense is designed to run through certain players, he may have fewer opportunities to shoot from beyond the arc.

Additionally, if he is playing a more ball-handling or playmaking role, he may have less energy or fewer opportunities to shoot from long range. However, if he is playing a more off-ball role or is able to create open looks for himself through movement or off-ball screens, he may be able to increase his shot attempts and accuracy from beyond the arc.

White’s Three-Point Shooting in the Context of the Spurs

Derrick White plays an important role in the San Antonio Spurs’ offensive system as a secondary ball-handler and scoring option. While he is not the primary playmaker or go-to scorer, he is often relied upon to provide a spark off the bench or to help facilitate the offense when the starters are off the court.

White’s three-point shooting can be a valuable asset to the Spurs’ offense, as it provides a reliable outside threat that can help to stretch the floor and create space for his teammates.

This is especially important given the Spurs’ focus on ball movement and unselfish play, as it allows White to take advantage of open looks when they are available.

In terms of how White’s shooting complements or contrasts with his teammates’ skills, it is worth noting that the Spurs do not have many elite three-point shooters on their roster.

While players like Patty Mills and Bryn Forbes have been reliable from beyond the arc in the past, both have since moved on to other teams. As a result, White’s shooting maybe even more valuable to the Spurs than it would be on other teams.

White’s three-point shooting may also impact his playing time and role on the team. If he is able to consistently knock down shots from beyond the arc, he may earn more playing time and potentially even a starting role.

On the other hand, if his shooting struggles, he may see fewer minutes or be relegated to a more limited role off the bench. However, given his overall skillset and versatility as a player, it is likely that he will continue to play an important role for the Spurs regardless of his shooting percentages.

Here’s an example of a table that compares Derrick White’s career three-point shooting statistics

StatisticDerrick White’s Career AverageLeague Average (2021-22)
Three-Point Makes1.62.6
Three-Point Attempts2.47.1
Three-Point Shooting Percentage37.3%35.6%


Has Derrick White ever won any awards or honors for his three-point shooting?

While White has not won any awards specifically for his three-point shooting, he has received recognition for his overall play. In 2019, he was named to the NBA All-Rookie Second Team.

How does White’s three-point shooting compare to other Spurs players?

White is currently one of the Spurs’ better three-point shooters, although the team as a whole does not have many elite long-range marksmen. Players like Keldon Johnson and Lonnie Walker IV have shown potential as outside threats, but neither has been as consistent as White from beyond the arc.

What is White’s shooting performance like in the playoffs?

In his limited playoff experience, White has been a somewhat inconsistent shooter from beyond the arc. In 2020, he shot just 31.6% on three-point attempts during the Spurs’ first-round series against the Denver Nuggets. However, in 2019, he shot a much more impressive 43.8% from beyond the arc in the Spurs’ seven-game series against the Nuggets.

Has White ever hit a game-winning three-pointer?

While White has hit several clutch shots during his NBA career, he has not hit a game-winning three-pointer as of early 2023. However, given his track record as a solid outside shooter and his ability to create his own shot, it is possible that he will hit a game-winner from beyond the arc in the future.


While Derrick White is not typically thought of as a primary three-point shooter, he has shown that he is a reliable outside threat when given the opportunity. His career three-point shooting percentage of 37.3% is solid, and his accuracy from the corners in particular is impressive.

While there are certainly areas where White could improve his shooting, such as his mid-range game and shot selection, his overall shooting form and technique are consistent and repeatable.

In the context of the Spurs’ offensive system, White’s three-point shooting provides a valuable outside threat that helps to stretch the floor and create space for his teammates. While his shooting may not be the primary focus of his game, it is clear that he is capable of knocking down shots from beyond the arc when given the opportunity.

Overall, Derrick White’s three-point shooting is an important part of his game and is likely to continue to be a key factor in his success in the NBA.

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