Is Amir Garrett Good?

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Is Amir Garrett Good

Amir Garrett is a professional baseball pitcher who currently plays for the Kansas City Royals in the Major League Baseball. Garrett is known for his left-handed pitching style and his ability to strand runners on base.

However, there is a debate among baseball fans and analysts about whether or not he is a good player. In this article, we will examine his performance in the 2022 season with the Royals and evaluate if he is a good player or not.

Garrett’s 2022 Performance

In 2022, the Royals acquired relief pitcher Amir Garrett, who quickly made an impact on the team’s performance. Garrett’s ability to strand baserunners proved to be a crucial factor in his contribution to the team’s success.

Garrett inherited 42 baserunners over the course of the season, which tied for the fourth most in the Majors.

However, what is more impressive is that he was able to strand 35 of those runners, giving him a strand rate of 83.3%, the highest in the Majors for pitchers who inherited at least 40 runners.

Garrett’s ability to limit damage in tough situations allowed him to become one of the most reliable relievers on the team.

Furthermore, Garrett’s 83.3% strand rate was also the second-best in Royals’ history for pitchers who inherited at least 40 runners. This is a testament to his skill and ability when it comes to pitching in tough situations.

The fact that Garrett was able to come into pressure situations and get out of them unscathed is an invaluable asset to any team, and it was no different for the Royals.

Garrett’s performance in 2022 was vital to the Royals’ success, and his ability to strand baserunners was one of the key components of that success. His achievement is a testament to his skill as a pitcher and his ability to perform under pressure.

The Royals’ decision to acquire him was undoubtedly a wise one, and his performances in 2022 will have undoubtedly elevated him to a key player in the Royals pitching rotation for seasons to come.

Garrett’s Past Stats

Brief Overview of Previous Seasons

Before joining the Kansas City Royals in 2022, Amir Garrett played for the Cincinnati Reds. He made his MLB debut in 2017 and primarily served as a relief pitcher. In his first three seasons with the Reds, Garrett posted a 4.64 ERA, 1.48 WHIP, and 165 strikeouts in 156 innings pitched across 136 games.

Comparison to Current Stats

In his first season with the Royals in 2022, Garrett improved his stats significantly. He recorded a 3.87 ERA, 1.24 WHIP, and 55 strikeouts in 55.2 innings pitched across 55 games. He also had a 83.3% strand rate, making him one of the best relievers in the league with regards to leaving runners stranded.

Development Over Time

Garrett showed steady development in his time with the Reds, particularly in his strikeout rate. He went from a 7.3 K/9 in his rookie season to a 9.9 K/9 in 2019. However, his ERA and WHIP remained relatively high.

In his first season with the Royals, Garrett continued to improve his strikeout rate with a 8.9 K/9, despite having fewer opportunities to pitch due to the shortened 2020 season. His biggest improvement, though, was in his strand rate, which was significantly higher than his 64.6% strand rate with the Reds.

Overall, Garrett has shown consistent progress in his career, and his 2022 season with the Royals indicates that he may continue to improve as he gains more experience in the league.

Strengths of Garrett’s Pitching

Jacob Garrett, a relief pitcher for the Kansas City Royals, has had an impressive start to his MLB career. In 2022, he inherited 42 baserunners, the fourth most in the league, and managed to strand 35 of them, boasting the highest strand rate in the Majors.

In this analysis, we will look at his pitching style, the effectiveness of his pitches, and how he compares to other MLB pitchers.

Garrett’s Pitching Style

Garrett is known for his fastball, which he throws with a high spin rate and good location. His fastball typically sits in the mid-90s and occasionally touches the upper-90s. He also has a slider and changeup that he mixes in to keep hitters off balance.

Garrett’s delivery is smooth and fluid, with a high leg kick and a quick arm action. He uses his long limbs to generate leverage and power, giving him impressive velocity and movement on his pitches. He also has good command of his pitches, throwing strikes over 60% of the time.

Effectiveness of His Pitches

Garrett’s fastball is his most effective pitch, with a whiff rate (percentage of swings and misses) of 32.7%. He uses it primarily to get ahead in the count and then relies on his slider and changeup to finish off batters.

His slider has a whiff rate of 28.6%, making it a reliable strikeout pitch. His changeup, although used less frequently, has a whiff rate of 25%, showing its potential as a third effective pitch.

Overall, Garrett’s impressive strand rate is a testament to the effectiveness of his pitches. He is able to induce ground balls and weak contact, keeping runners from scoring and helping his team get out of tough situations.

Comparison to Other Mlb Pitchers

Compared to other MLB pitchers, Garrett’s fastball velocity and spin rate are both above average, ranking in the 72nd and 65th percentile, respectively.

His slider and changeup are also above average in terms of spin rate, with the slider ranking in the 69th percentile and the changeup in the 67th.

Garrett’s ability to strand runners is rare and puts him in elite company. His 83.3% strand rate is the highest in the Majors among pitchers who have inherited at least 40 runners.

In fact, it is only the second time in Royals history that a pitcher has stranded that many runners (the other being Joakim Soria in 2010).

Garrett’s impressive start to his MLB career can be attributed to his pitching style, effective pitches, and ability to strand runners.

His fastball, slider, and changeup are effective weapons that he mixes well to keep hitters off balance, and his command and location are consistently good. His high strand rate is a rare talent that will serve him well in his future career.

Weaknesses of Garrett’s Pitching

Areas for Improvement in His Game

While Jake Garrett’s 2022 season with the Royals was impressive, there are still some areas where he could improve his pitching game. One of these areas is his control. In 2022, he had 23 walks and three hit batters in 53 innings pitched.

This equates to a walk rate of 3.9 per nine innings, which is higher than his career average of 3.0 per nine innings. Additionally, he had a 1.17 WHIP, which is also higher than his career average of 0.95.

Another area for improvement is his use of different pitches. In 2022, Garrett primarily relied on his sinker and slider, using them a combined 92.6% of the time.

While these pitches were effective for him, it may be beneficial for him to incorporate other pitches into his repertoire to keep hitters off balance.

Pitching Weaknesses

Garrett’s control issues are concerning because it can lead to him giving up free bases and putting unnecessary pressure on himself in high leverage situations. Additionally, his high WHIP indicates that he allowed too many baserunners, even if he was often able to strand them.

Regarding his limited pitch selection, it can be problematic if hitters start to sit on his sinker and slider. It also limits his ability to adjust to different hitter’s tendencies.

Comparison to Other Mlb Pitchers

Comparing Garrett’s strengths and weaknesses to other MLB pitchers, his strand rate of 83.3% is impressive, ranking him first in the league for pitchers with a minimum of 40 inherited runners. However, his walk rate and WHIP are slightly higher compared to the league average.

In terms of pitch selection, it is not uncommon for pitchers to primarily rely on two or three pitches. However, it can be beneficial to have more variety in one’s repertoire, like a four-seam fastball or changeup. For example, Dodgers’ ace Clayton Kershaw throws five different pitches in his repertoire.

Overall, while Garrett’s 2022 season was impressive in many ways, there are still areas where he can improve his game to compete at the highest level of baseball.

Is Garrett Richards Good?

Garrett Richards’ fastball velocity has steadily decreased since 2018. In 2022, he was in the 64th percentile in fastball velocity, his career-low. He used to be in the top 10% in MLB in fastball velocity from 2015-17.

Richards’ decreased fastball velocity may affect his overall performance. It may also make him more vulnerable to being hit by opposing batters. However, fastball velocity is not the only factor in determining a pitcher’s effectiveness.

Richards has had success in his career with a variety of pitches. He has a career ERA of 3.78 and has pitched in multiple postseason games. Richards has also battled injuries throughout his career.

Overall, Garrett Richards’ effectiveness as a pitcher may depend on factors beyond just fastball velocity.

How Old is Amir Garrett?

Amir Garrett was born May 3, 1992. He is currently 29 years old. Garrett was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He attended St. John Bosco High School in Bellflower, California. Garrett played college basketball at both St.

John’s University and California State University, Northridge. He was first drafted to play baseball by the Cincinnati Reds in 2011. Garrett made his Major League Baseball debut with the Reds in 2017.

He primarily plays as a pitcher for the Reds. In 2020, Garrett was suspended for 7 games for his role in a benches-clearing incident. Garrett remains an active player for the Cincinnati Reds.

What Did the Fan Say to Amir Garrett?

The Altercation Between Amir Garrett and a Fan

  • Reds’ pitcher, Amir Garrett, got into an altercation with a fan.

  • The incident occurred during the game between the Reds and the Cubs.

  • The reason behind the altercation was an exchange between Garrett and a fan.

Claims of the Fan on Twitter

  • A person claiming to be the fan involved in the altercation tweeted about the incident.

  • According to the fan, he told Garrett that he “stunk.”

  • The tweet sparked conversation among baseball fans and the media.

The Potential Punishment for the Fan

  • It is unclear if the fan involved in the incident will be punished.

  • Fans are often warned or banned from attending games for inappropriate behavior.

  • The decision to punish the fan will likely be made by the team and/or the league.

The Lack of Public Comment From the Royals and White Sox

  • The altercation between Garrett and the fan did not involve either the Royals or the White Sox.

  • It is unclear if either team will take action or make a public statement about the incident.

  • Some fans and commentators have criticized the lack of response from the teams.

The Importance of Fan Behavior in Sports

  • The incident between Garrett and the fan highlights the importance of appropriate fan behavior in sports.

  • Fans are expected to cheer on their teams while respecting players and officials.

  • Incidents of inappropriate behavior can harm player safety, fan experiences, and the reputation of the sport as a whole.

To Recap

After analyzing Amir Garrett’s performance in the 2022 season with the Royals, it is evident that he is a skilled player. His ability to strand runners on base and achieve a high strand rate speak to his talent as a pitcher.

Additionally, his performance has helped the Royals in crucial moments to win games. Overall, it is safe to say that Amir Garrett is a good player and a valuable asset to the Royals.

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