How to Play Around the World Basketball?

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Play Around the World Basketball

Around the World is a popular shooting game in basketball that tests players’ shooting accuracy and consistency. 

Whether you’re a casual player looking for a fun way to improve your shooting skills or a coach seeking a competitive practice drill, this guide will walk you through the rules, setup, and variations of playing Around the World. 

Join us as we explore the ins and outs of this exciting game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages and skill levels. Stay focused. 

What Is Around the World?

Around the World is a popular basketball shooting game that helps players improve their shooting accuracy, concentration, and shot selection. 

The game involves attempting to make shots from various spots around the basketball court in a specific order.

The objective of Around the World is to successfully make shots from designated locations in sequential order until all spots have been conquered. 

The shooting spots are typically positioned at different locations around the perimeter of the court. 

These spots can include specific positions on the three-point line, mid-range areas, or even the free-throw line extended.

The game begins at a predetermined starting spot, often chosen by the players or designated by a marker on the court. The shooter must make a shot from the starting spot before moving on to the next spot in the sequence. 

The sequence continues until the shooter successfully makes a shot from each spot in the predetermined order. 

The last spot in the sequence is usually at a challenging location, such as a deep three-point shot or a shot from a corner. 

Once the player successfully makes the final shot, they have completed the “trip around the world.”

Around the World is not only a fun game but also a valuable training tool. It helps players develop shooting consistency, focus, and the ability to adapt their shooting technique to different spots on the court. 

Additionally, the game encourages players to make smart shot selections, as they must determine the best shooting strategy to conquer each spot efficiently.

How To Play Around The World Basketball?

Play Around The World Basketball

In this section, we will elaborate on the steps involved in playing Around the World and provide some additional variations to make the game more exciting.

Step 1: Set Up the Court

To begin, choose a basketball court and designate shooting spots. These spots can be marked with cones, tape, chalk, or any other visible markers. 

The number of spots can vary based on the desired difficulty level and available space on the court. Generally, 5 to 10 shooting spots are common.

Step 2: Determine the Shooter

Before starting the game, decide who will take the first shot. This can be determined by a coin toss, rock-paper-scissors, or any fair method of selection. 

The chosen shooter will have the advantage of setting the target for the other players.

Step 3: Set Up the Shooting Spots

Starting from a designated spot, such as the baseline or any other agreed-upon location, each player takes a shot. 

If the shot is made, they move on to the next spot in sequential order. However, if the shot is missed, the player must continue shooting from the same spot until they successfully make it.

Step 4: Shoot the Ball

Players progress through the predetermined shooting spots, attempting to make shots from each location. The order of shooting spots is typically from one side of the court to the other or in a circular pattern around the court. 

The first player to successfully make shots from all spots and return to the starting point wins the game.

Step 5: Try Variations

To add excitement and further challenge, consider incorporating variations into the game. Here are a few ideas:

Time Limit

Set a time limit for each shot, challenging players to shoot quickly and accurately under pressure.

Shooting Angles

Require players to shoot from different angles, such as shooting from the baseline, wings, or corners of the court. This variation improves shooting versatility and adaptability.

Shot Types

Specify certain shot types players must make, such as layups, jump shots, or three-pointers. This variation allows players to work on specific shooting techniques while adding variety to the game.

Reverse Order

Instead of starting from the baseline, begin from the farthest shooting spot and work backward toward the starting point. This variation adds a twist to the game and requires players to focus on shooting from farther distances early on.

By incorporating these variations, you can tailor the game to suit different skill levels and keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

What Are the Variations in Playing Around the World?

the Variations in Playing Around the World


While the traditional version of the game involves shooting from various spots around the court, there are several exciting variations that add a new level of challenge and competitiveness. 

These variations can be a great way to keep the game fresh, improve shooting abilities, and add an element of fun to your basketball training sessions. Let’s explore some of the variations in playing “Around the World.”

Reverse Around the World

In this variation, players deviate from the traditional starting point at the baseline. Instead, they begin shooting from the farthest spot on the court and progressively work their way back toward the baseline. 

This reversal of the shooting order adds a twist to the game, requiring players to adjust their shooting technique and maintain focus as they work their way closer to the basket.

Multiple Balls

To increase the pace and competition, introduce multiple basketballs into the game. Players must retrieve and shoot different balls from each spot before moving on to the next. 

This variation not only challenges players to shoot accurately but also tests their ability to quickly transition between balls and maintain a steady shooting rhythm.

Partner Challenge

Pair up players and have them alternate shots from each spot. The pair that completes the course in the shortest time wins. 

This variation adds a competitive element and encourages teamwork as players strategize and communicate to complete the shooting course efficiently. 

It also introduces an element of pressure as players must perform well under timed conditions.

Timed Around the World

Set a time limit for each player to complete the game. The player who finishes shooting from all spots in the shortest time wins. This variation adds a sense of urgency and challenges players to balance speed with accuracy. 

It fosters quick decision-making and forces players to shoot efficiently under time pressure, simulating game-like situations where shooting opportunities may be limited.

Shooting Challenges

Add specific challenges at certain spots during the game. For example, players can be required to shoot while dribbling, perform a spin move before shooting, or use their non-dominant hand to shoot. 

These challenges enhance shooting versatility and adaptability, forcing players to develop a wider range of skills and adding an element of creativity to the game.

Significance of Playing Around the World in the Context of Basketball

Playing Around the World offers several benefits for basketball players. Check some of them out below. 

Shooting Skill Development

Shooting is a fundamental skill in basketball, and players can dedicate time to developing their shooting abilities. 

By practicing shooting from various distances and angles, players can refine their shooting technique, improve their accuracy, and become more comfortable taking shots from different areas on the court. 

This skill development not only enhances a player’s ability to contribute offensively but also adds versatility to their game by expanding their scoring range.

Shot Selection

Making sound decisions on shot selection is crucial for any player. By considering their shooting abilities and the specific spot they are attempting to shoot from, players can develop a better understanding of their strengths and limitations. 

This awareness enables them to take high-percentage shots and avoid forcing difficult or low-percentage shots, leading to a more efficient and effective offensive game.

Pressure Handling

In a real basketball game, players often face pressure situations where they must make shots consistently, even under challenging circumstances. 

By engaging in shooting games like Around the World, players can simulate these pressure situations in a fun and competitive setting. 

This helps them develop mental resilience, improve their focus, and build confidence in their shooting ability, making them better equipped to handle pressure in actual game scenarios.

Competition and Fun

Around the World is a popular shooting game that can be played individually or with teammates. It adds an element of competition and excitement to shooting practice, motivating players to push themselves and improve their skills. 

The game fosters a sense of camaraderie when played with teammates, as players challenge each other and strive to outperform one another.


Can I play Around the World alone?

Yes, Around the World can be played individually as a shooting drill or as a competitive game against yourself, challenging your personal shooting skills. 

Playing alone allows you to focus on your shooting technique, consistency, and accuracy without the pressure of competing against others.

It provides an opportunity to practice shooting from various spots on the court and improve your overall shooting abilities.

Can I customize the shooting spots in Around the World?

Absolutely! One of the great aspects of Around the World is its flexibility. You can modify the shooting spots based on your skill level, court size, or desired difficulty level. 

For beginners, you can start with closer distances to the basket, gradually increasing the challenge as you progress. 

Advanced players may choose to incorporate more challenging spots, such as mid-range jump shots or three-pointers, to push their shooting abilities to the limit.

Can I play Around the World with different types of shots?

Yes, you can customize Around the World to include different types of shots. While the traditional version of the game focuses on shooting from various spots around the perimeter, you can incorporate different shot types to practice specific skills. 

For example, you can add layups or floaters as part of the game to work on your finishing at the rim.

Is Around the World Suitable for Beginners?

Yes, Around the World is a versatile game suitable for players of all levels, including beginners. It provides an engaging and interactive way to develop shooting skills and improve consistency. 

For beginners, starting with shorter shooting distances and gradually progressing as their shooting abilities improve can be a great approach. 

As they gain confidence and proficiency, they can expand the shooting spots and increase the difficulty level to continue challenging themselves.

Can I play Around the World indoors?

Yes, you can adapt the game to indoor settings. If you have access to a basketball court indoors, you can play Around the World using the standard shooting spots around the perimeter. 

However, if indoor space is limited or you don’t have a full-sized basketball court, you can adjust the game accordingly. 

Using a mini basketball hoop or a smaller shooting area, you can modify the distances to accommodate the available space. 

Bottom Line

Around the World is a fantastic shooting game that adds excitement and competitiveness to basketball training sessions. 

By following the simple setup and rules, players can enhance their shooting skills, shot selection, and ability to handle pressure. 

Additionally, the variations of the game provide endless opportunities for customization and enjoyment. 

So, gather your teammates or practice individually, and take your shooting game to new heights with the exhilarating game of Around the World.

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