How To Get Past A Taller Defender In Basketball?

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t Past A Taller Defender In Basketball

Footwork is key when shooting over a tall defender, so be sure to position yourself correctly. Always shoot from the same height and angle to make it easier for your goalkeeper.

Shoot over defenders by positioning yourself high up in the goal frame and aiming towards the far post. Keep an eye on your goalkeeper’s movements; if they start to dive or move out of the way, take advantage of that opportunity.

How To Get Past A Taller Defender In Basketball?

Follow these tips to get the perfect shot over a tall defender: Position yourself where you have an advantage and shoot from above. Shoot with quick, short movements so that your footwork is smooth and fluid.

Use your body as a shield when necessary.

Proper Footwork

Proper footwork is the key to getting past a taller defender in basketball. You must use your quickness and agility to get around them, as well as make good contact with the ball.

Keep your body low to the ground so that you don’t give away height advantage to the other player. When attacking, try dribbling between their legs or behind them instead of going straight up for a shot attempt.” Following these tips will help you overcome any tall defender and take home the victory.”


When trying to get past a taller defender, try sidestepping them and going around them instead of through them. Try using your body as a shield and shooting over the defender’s head or underhanded if they are close to the basket.

Get low when defending against taller players by bending down and positioning yourself between their legs. Attack the ballhandler from behind before he has a chance to pass it off; this will create space for you or another teammate to help stop the shot attempt..

Always remember that height isn’t everything in basketball – agility, reflexes, hand-eye coordination, teamwork and strategy are just as important.

Shooting Over a Tall Defender

You can use a variety of shooting techniques to get over or around taller defenders. When you are facing up against a defender that is taller than you, use your body and arms to create space.

Shooting Over a Tall Defender

Shoot low if the defender is positioned in front of the basket, or shoot high if they are defending behind it. Keep your feet moving when attacking the hoop; this will help you stay on balance and avoid being blocked by the defender.” You should also try using teammates as blockers; together, they can give you more breathing room near the basket.”

To Recap

There are a few things you can do to get past a taller defender in basketball. First, use your dribble and passing skills to create openings for teammates.

Second, use your height and reach advantage on defense to block shots or steal passes. Third, stay composed under pressure and don’t panic when faced with a tall defender.

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