How Much Does Damian Lillard Make A Game?

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Portland Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard is set to make a total of $42,492,492 this upcoming season. In 2022-23, he will be paid $518,201 per game and earn an additional $129,550 per quarter as well as $10,796 per minute on the court.

This amount accounts for 82 games played in a season – give or take due to injuries – making him one of the highest-paid players in the NBA. Based on his current stats and contract information from last year (which was extended until 2023), it’s safe to say that Damian Lillard is among the best earners in professional sports today.

As long as he continues putting up great numbers on the court, fans can expect continued hefty paychecks from DAMEON LAIRD over the next three years.

How Much Does Damian Lillard Make A Game?

Portland Trail Blazer Damian Lillard had an amazing season in the 2018-2019 NBA season, earning a salary of $42,492,492 while averaging 18.5 points per game and 5 rebounds per game.

In addition to his salary from the NBA, Lillard also made around $518,201 for each Game he played which amounted to over $129K per Quarter and more than $10K for every Minute he was on the court.

His total earnings came out to be a staggering $129,550 PER.

Damian Lillard Salary Breakdown

Damian Lillard makes a reported $24 million annually playing in the NBA. That breaks down to an average of about $11 million per year. He earned his big payday by winning back-to-back MVP Awards in 2016 and 2017, which added up to a total salary of $251 million over those two years alone.

His current contract pays him an estimated $185 million through 2024, so he’s likely set for life financially speaking. Of course, there are other sources of income like endorsements that can help pad his bank account even more, but it’s safe to say that Damian Lillard is one very wealthy man.

2022-23 NBA Season

Damian Lillard is projected to make $30 million this upcoming season, according to Forbes. This would put him in the top 10 highest-paid players in the NBA for 2022-23 season.

He’s already become one of the most popular players in Portland and his salary only confirms that fact. With such a high earnings potential, it’s no wonder he wants to extend his contract with the Blazers as soon as possible.

Who knows what will happen next year – but we can definitely expect more great basketball from Damian Lillard.

$42,492,492 salary

Damian Lillard is a professional basketball player for the Portland Trail Blazers and he earns an annual salary of $42,492,492. This amount does not include any bonuses or other awards that he may have received throughout his career.

His total paychecks would be even higher if he played in more games than he has over the past three seasons due to contractually mandated rest periods between contests. Salary information for NBA players can vary greatly depending on their performance and team record, making it difficult to compare one player’s earnings to another’s without further analysis.

However, based on this data alone it is safe to say that Lillard earns a considerable income each year and deserves all of the accolades that come with being one of the best basketball players in the world.

$518,201 per Game

Damian Lillard made $518,201 per game in the 2017-2018 season. That’s a pretty impressive sum of money. He was the highest paid player in the league this year and is expected to be even more valuable next season.

It’s clear that Lillard is one of the top players in the NBA and his salary reflects that fact. Thanks for watching. We hope you found this information useful.

$129,550 per Quarter

Damian Lillard makes an average of $129,550 per quarter in salary from the Portland Trail Blazers. His total career earnings are now over $200 million. He has been a part of four All-Star teams and two NBA Finals appearances with the Blazers.

In 2016, he was named MVP of the playoffs after leading his team to a championship victory over Golden State Warriors.

$10,796 per Minute

Damian Lillard makes $10,796 per minute in the NBA. He is currently the second highest paid player in the league and earns over $200,000 per game. His salary ranks him 10th all-time among active players in terms of earnings and he’s on track to break into the top five soon.

In 2016, Lillard signed a four year contract extension with Portland that will make him one of the richest players in basketball history when it expires later this season. The 26-year-old has used his wealth to invest in businesses like tech startups and real estate ventures outside of sports.

How much is Damian Lillard NBA contract?

Damian Lillard signed a five-year, $120 million contract with the Portland Trail Blazers in 2014.

Damian Lillard’s NBA Contract is Worth $5 Million

According to multiple reports, Damian Lillard has agreed to a contract extension with the Portland Trail Blazers that will keep him with the team through the 2026-27 season. The deal is reportedly worth $225 million over the course of five years.

The Deal Is Through the 26-27 Season

Per Multiple Reports, Lillard Agreed to It

The new contract will keep him in Portland until at least 2026-27 season which means he won’t be a free agent for another three years. This news comes as a great relief for Blazers fans who were worried about his future after averaging 27 points and 6 assists per game this past season.

Per Multiple Reports, Lillard Agreed To It

Multiple sources have confirmed that Damian Lillard has agreed to a 5 year contract extension with the Portland Trailblazers worth 225 million dollars according to ESPN . This confirms earlier rumors and makes sure that he’ll remain an important part of the franchise moving forward.

According To Multiple Reports,Lillard Agreed To A Contract Extension With The Portland Trailblazers That Will Keep Him With The Team Through The 26-27 Season.

Who is the highest paid player on Portland Trail Blazers?

Damian Lillard is the highest paid player on the Portland Trail Blazers and he earns an annual salary of $34 million. CJ McCollum is second on the team with a salary of $27 million, followed by Al-Farouq Aminu at third with a yearly paycheque of $22 million.

Jusuf Nurkic rounds out the top five earners on the Trail Blazers roster, pulling in an annual salary of $20 million. Maurice Harkless brings home just over $14 million annually while last season’s leading scorer, Nic Batum, takes home just under $13 million each year.

The Portland Trail Blazers have some high-paid players but they are not alone; several other NBA teams also employ stars who earn large salaries.

Who is the richest athlete in the NBA?

The richest athlete in the NBA is undoubtedly LeBron James. He has a net worth of over $275 million and earns an annual salary of around $33.5 million. Other high earners on the list include Kobe Bryant (worth $205 million) and Kevin Durant (valued at $190 million).

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is the richest athlete in the NBA and he’s worth an estimated $1.6 billion dollars. He has a portfolio that includes ownership stakes in several businesses, including Nike, WME-IMG, and Gatorade.

LeBron James

LeBron James is second on this list with an estimated value of $200 million dollars. His endorsements include Nike, Coca Cola, Samsung Galaxy Gear, Beats by Dre headphones and many more.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is third on this list with a net worth of $160 million dollars thanks to his lucrative endorsement deals with companies such as Nike (worth over $50 million), State Farm Insurance ($30 million) and PepsiCo ($25million).

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods ranks fourth on this list with a net worth of approximately $140 Million due to his successful career as both a professional golfer and commercial spokesperson for various brands such as Rolex watches, Bridgestone tires etc..

Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson ranks fifth place on our list with an estimated net worth of almost $120 Million due to his 18 major championships victory including four Masters titles.

Who is the cheapest paid NBA player?

The Chicago Bulls are the cheapest paid NBA team, with Ayo Dosunmu being their lowest-paid player. The Toronto Raptors have DeMar DeRozan as their cheapest-paid player, while LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo are the two most expensive players on their teams.

Kyrie Irving is the third-cheapest player on the Boston Celtics, while Milwaukee Bucks’ Kyrie Irving is the fourth-most expensive player in the league.

Do NBA players get paid per game?

NBA players typically receive a salary per game, which ranges from $1,905 to $5,275 depending on how many minutes the player is playing in a regular season game.

The average wage for an NBA player during the regular season is $3 million. Players are usually paid 48 minutes of regulation time in a game, which amounts to about $90 per minute worked.

Finally, some players can make more money if they play longer or in more games in a given week or month due to their contract incentives and bonuses that may be offered by teams.

How rich is Klay Thompson?

Klay Thompson is a three-time NBA champion with the Warriors and a five-time NBA All-Star. As of November 2022, his net worth is estimated to be $70 Million.

He has also been awarded two All-NBA Third Team honours and was named Most Improved Player in 2018. His ethnicity is American but he grew up playing for the Australian National team before joining Golden State as an undrafted free agent in 2013.

How rich is Stephen Curry?

Stephen Curry has a net worth of $200 million. His salary is $34 million per year. He was born in 1988 and will be 27 years old in 2020. So, he’s still relatively young and has plenty of time to grow his wealth even more.

Is Allen Iverson rich?

There’s no one definitive answer to this question. Some people believe that Allen Iverson is very rich, while others think he isn’t as wealthy as some people might think. The truth likely lies somewhere in between these two extremes.

  • Allen Iverson was a professional basketball player who is considered to be one of the best players in NBA history. He scored lots of points and had a high scoring average, which has resulted in him having a net worth of $1 million as of November 2022.
  • As mentioned earlier, Allen Iverson’s net worth is mainly due to his successful career as a basketball player. However, he did make some money through endorsement deals and other ventures outside of the sport.
  • One notable thing about Allen Iverson’s wealth is that it has remained relatively stable over time – this shows that his earnings are not solely dependent on his performance on the court.
  • It should also be noted that Allen Iverson does not have any major investments or holdings apart from his property portfolio, which amounts to around $500 thousand dollars at present (as reported by Forbes). This suggests that he does not rely heavily on financial investments for income or security purposes.

To Recap

Damian Lillard is an NBA player for the Portland Trail Blazers and he has been playing professional basketball since 2007. In 2016, he signed a contract with the Portland franchise worth $120 million over 5 years.

This makes him one of the highest paid players in the NBA. He is also one of only 7 players to have won both an NCAA Championship and an NBA Championship.

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