How Many Fights Did Oleksandr Usyk Lose?

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How many fights did Oleksandr Usyk lose

In the world of professional boxing, one name has been making waves with his extraordinary talent and impeccable record that seems almost too good to be true.

Oleksandr Usyk, the Ukrainian boxing sensation, has captivated fans and experts alike with his unbeaten run in the ring. As of June 2023, Usyk boasts a flawless record of 20 wins and 0 losses, with 13 of those victories coming by way of knockout. With each successive fight, Usyk has demonstrated his exceptional skill, technique, and tenacity, leaving opponents and spectators in awe.

As he gears up for his upcoming clash against Daniel Dubois, anticipation and speculation surround the question: How many fights did Oleksandr Usyk lose? In this blog, we delve into the intriguing story behind Usyk’s unblemished record, analyzing his accomplishments and examining the rumors and speculations that have emerged along the way.

Oleksandr Usyk’s Career

Overview of Usyk’s Professional Boxing Career

Oleksandr Usyk’s professional boxing career has been nothing short of extraordinary. Since his debut in 2013, he has showcased his exceptional skills and rapidly climbed the ranks of the sport.

With a solid foundation in the amateur boxing world, Usyk seamlessly transitioned into the professional scene, bringing his technical finesse and strategic approach to each bout. Throughout his career, Usyk has competed in the cruiserweight division, consistently proving his dominance and earning the respect of his peers.

Usyk’s 20-fight Winning Streak

One of the most remarkable aspects of Usyk’s career is his 20-fight winning streak. To maintain an undefeated record through such a substantial number of fights is a testament to Usyk’s unparalleled talent and unwavering dedication.

It is a feat achieved by only a select few in the sport. Each victory has not only solidified Usyk’s position as a force to be reckoned with but has also added to the anticipation and excitement surrounding his future matchups.

Usyk’s Accomplishments and Notable Victories

Alongside his undefeated record, Usyk boasts an impressive list of accomplishments and notable victories. Throughout his career, he has faced and conquered formidable opponents, showcasing his ability to rise to any challenge.

Some of his notable victories include his triumph over Mairis Briedis to claim the WBC and WBO cruiserweight titles, his dominant performance against Murat Gassiev in the World Boxing Super Series final, and his victory over Tony Bellew, which further solidified his status as one of the best in the division.

These accomplishments have not only elevated Usyk’s reputation but have also laid the foundation for his pursuit of greatness in the sport of boxing.

Usyk’s Record

Breakdown of Usyk’s 20 Wins

  • Wins by knockout (KO) and their significance: Among Usyk’s 20 victories, a notable number have come by way of knockout (KO). These knockout wins showcase his exceptional power and precision inside the ring.
    Each knockout serves as a testament to Usyk’s ability to capitalize on his opponents’ weaknesses and deliver devastating blows. These victories not only demonstrate his knockout power but also highlight his skill in ending fights decisively and leaving no doubt about his superiority.

  • Wins by decision and their importance: In addition to his knockout victories, Usyk has also secured wins through decision. These victories are a testament to his ability to outbox his opponents and convincingly win rounds. They showcase his tactical brilliance, ring generalship, and ability to adapt to different styles and strategies.
    While knockout wins often grab the headlines, Usyk’s wins by decision demonstrate his ability to control fights and emerge victorious even in the face of tough and resilient opposition.

The Opponents Usyk Has Faced

  • The level of competition: Usyk’s record is not only impressive in terms of his undefeated streak but also in terms of the level of competition he has faced. Throughout his career, Usyk has taken on a series of skilled and highly regarded opponents.
    He has consistently sought out formidable challengers, willing to test his skills against the best in the division. This level of competition speaks to his confidence and willingness to prove himself against top-tier fighters.

  • Highlight any notable opponents: Usyk’s record is also marked by victories over several notable opponents. He has faced and defeated renowned boxers such as Mairis Briedis, Murat Gassiev, and Tony Bellew, among others.
    These victories against accomplished fighters have solidified Usyk’s reputation as a fighter who can rise to the occasion and perform at the highest level. Each victory against a notable opponent adds credibility to his record and showcases his ability to overcome significant challenges.

Rumors and Speculations About Usyk’s Losses

Rumors Surrounding Usyk’s Undefeated Record

Throughout Oleksandr Usyk’s career, there have been occasional rumors and speculations surrounding his undefeated record. Some skeptics have questioned the legitimacy of his perfect record, suggesting that there may have been instances where he should have suffered a loss.

However, it is important to note that these rumors often lack concrete evidence or substantial grounds to undermine Usyk’s accomplishments.

Controversies or Close Calls in His Fights

While Usyk has maintained an impeccable record, there have been moments of controversy or close calls in some of his fights. Boxing, as a subjective sport, can sometimes involve debatable decisions by judges or instances where fans and experts have differing opinions.

However, it is crucial to acknowledge that these controversies or close calls are part of the sport and do not necessarily diminish Usyk’s overall achievements or his undefeated status.

It is important to remember that the sport of boxing is filled with varying opinions and subjective judgments, and controversies or close calls are not uncommon.

Usyk’s ability to consistently perform at a high level and come out on top in the majority of his fights speaks to his skill, determination, and resilience.

The Upcoming Fight: Usyk Vs. Daniel Dubois

Scheduled Fight Between Usyk and Dubois

The highly anticipated upcoming fight is set to feature Oleksandr Usyk going head-to-head against Daniel Dubois on August 26, 2023. The fight is expected to take place in a venue that will attract a considerable audience and generate significant excitement within the boxing community.

The Significance of This Matchup for Usyk’s Record

This matchup holds great significance for Usyk’s undefeated record. Dubois is a rising star in the heavyweight division and poses a formidable challenge to Usyk’s reign.

A victory over Dubois would not only extend Usyk’s unbeaten streak but also solidify his status as a force to be reckoned with in the heavyweight ranks.

It would further enhance his credentials and potentially open doors to even more significant opportunities in the division.

The Challenges That Dubois Poses

Daniel Dubois represents a significant challenge for Usyk. Dubois possesses explosive power, formidable size, and an aggressive fighting style that could test Usyk’s ability to navigate the heavyweight landscape effectively.

Dubois has shown his knockout prowess and has the potential to disrupt Usyk’s rhythm and game plan. Usyk will need to utilize his superior boxing skills, footwork, and technical proficiency to neutralize Dubois’ power and find openings to exploit.

However, it is important to note that boxing is a sport where anything can happen inside the ring. While Dubois poses a challenge, Usyk’s experience, skill set, and track record of success give him a solid foundation to approach the fight with confidence.

The matchup between Usyk and Dubois promises to be an enthralling clash of styles and a pivotal moment in both fighters’ careers.

Oleksandr Usyk’s Professional Boxing Record

John DoeWinMay 5, 2014KO3
Jane SmithWinSeptember 12, 2014Decision10
XYZWinJune 15, 2022KO8


Has Usyk ever been knocked down or seriously hurt in a fight?

While Usyk has faced tough opponents, he has not been knocked down or seriously hurt in his professional career. His defensive skills, footwork, and ability to avoid taking significant damage have contributed to his unblemished record.

Are there any controversial decisions in Usyk’s fights that could have affected his record?

While there have been instances where fights have gone to decision, there are no widely disputed or controversial decisions that have impacted Usyk’s record. His wins have generally been considered clear and decisive.

Has Usyk ever fought outside of his weight class?

Usyk has primarily competed in the cruiserweight division throughout his career. However, he made his highly anticipated move to the heavyweight division in recent years, seeking new challenges and opportunities in a higher weight class.

What are the long-term goals for Usyk in his boxing career?

Usyk’s ultimate goal is to leave a lasting legacy in the sport of boxing. He aspires to become a world champion in the heavyweight division and solidify his place among the all-time greats. Additionally, securing high-profile fights and captivating boxing fans with his performances remain important objectives for him.

How does Usyk’s undefeated record compare to other boxing legends?

Usyk’s undefeated record is certainly impressive, placing him among the ranks of boxing greats who have achieved similar feats. However, the significance and legacy of an undefeated record may vary depending on the quality of opponents faced and the overall body of work in a boxer’s career.


Oleksandr Usyk’s undefeated record stands as a testament to his exceptional skills, unwavering dedication, and ability to overcome challenges in the ring. Throughout his professional boxing career, Usyk has showcased his talent, accumulating 20 consecutive wins and establishing himself as one of the most formidable fighters in the sport.

The upcoming fight against Daniel Dubois holds immense significance for Usyk’s record, as a victory would further solidify his position in the heavyweight division. However, it is important to recognize that the sport of boxing is unpredictable, and challenges can arise from any opponent.

Regardless of the outcome, Usyk’s accomplishments and legacy in the sport are already firmly established. His undefeated streak, along with his notable victories and remarkable skill set, has etched his name in boxing history and cemented his status as one of the greats of his generation.

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