How Many 70 Point Games Does Michael Jordan Have?

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How Many 70 Point Games Does Michael Jordan Have

Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan are two of the greatest basketball players to ever play the sport. They both have won multiple championships, MVP awards and other accolades during their illustrious careers.

What separates these men from others is their ability to control the game on both ends of the court – something that can only be achieved through hard work and dedication. Their skills have inspired many current athletes, including those who play in professional leagues around the world.

It’s impossible not to respect someone like Kobe or MJ for setting such high standards for themselves and others alike.

How Many 70 Point Games Does Michael Jordan Have?

Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan are two of the greatest basketball players to ever step on a court. Both men have won multiple championships and accolades, which is testament to their skills as players.

Kobe Bryant has had an illustrious career with the Lakers, while Michael Jordan has been equally impressive with the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards. They are both legends in their field and continue to inspire young athletes today.

If you’re looking for a role model during your pursuit of athletic greatness, these men should be at the top of your list.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant has more NBA championship titles than Michael Jordan, with 5 compared to 4. Both players have won multiple MVP awards and are considered two of the best basketball players in history.

They both hold numerous other records and achievements, including being the highest scoring player in NBA Finals history. It’s impossible to compare them completely because they play on different teams and eras, but their overall careers speak for themselves.

If you want to know how good these two legends were, just look at their stats – they’re definitely worth a watch.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan has played in 70 championship games, which is the most of any player in NBA history. He’s also won six championships with the Chicago Bulls and three with the Washington Wizards.

MJ is currently retired but he still ranks fifth all-time in points scored and fourth in assists. He was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 2013 and was named one of ESPN’s greatest athletes of all time in 1999.

His jersey number (23) is retired by both Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards teams, making him one of only two players to have their numbers retired by more than one team.

Who has the most 70 point games?

The 70-point game is a scoring threshold used in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and several other professional basketball leagues. It is commonly referred to as the ” seventy point line “. Teams that score at least 70 points during their regular season games are awarded one extra victory, giving them an overall record of 71–59 or .500.

There have been many players who have scored over 70 points in a single game throughout NBA history. Some of the most notable include Wilt Chamberlain (100), Michael Jordan (79), LeBron James (77) and Kobe Bryant (76).

  • Karl Malone holds the record for most 70 point games with 36 in his career.
  • Kobe Bryant is second on the list with 33 70 point games, followed by Lebron James (32) and Wilt Chamberlain (31).

How many NBA players scored 70?

Thirty-two NBA players have scored 60 or more points in a game, but just six of them have scored 70 or more. The record for most points in a game is 73, set by Wilt Chamberlain back in 1962.

To score 70 or more points, you need to be extremely efficient and possess excellent shooting skills. There are many different ways to score points in the NBA, so there’s no one way that guarantees success when it comes to scoring70 points or more in a game.

Who was the last NBA player to score 70 points?

Isaiah Thomas is the only player to score more than one game with 70 points in a NBA season, and he accomplished the feat on February 10th of this year.

Booker became the tenth player to score 70 points in a single game when he scored against the Denver Nuggets on January 22nd. It was Wilt Chamberlain who holds the record for most points in a single game, scoring an astonishing 73 points back in 1962.

This record has been broken by many players throughout history, but it was Booker who finally managed to set it. Despite his impressive achievement, there are still some records left that Booker can break – stay tuned.

Who has scored over 70 points in the NBA?

There have been a few players in the NBA who have scored over 70 points in a single game. Some of these players include LeBron James, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. These superstars are able to score at will, making it difficult for their opponents to keep up with them on the court.

  • Wilt Chamberlain is the only player to score over 70 points in a single game, which he did on February 1st, 1962.
  • Kobe Bryant has scored more than 70 points in five different occasions- on March 20th 2006, November 26th 2005, December 13th 2004, April 5th 2004 and June 17th 2003.
  • David Thompson holds the record for most consecutive games with at least one point (41), as well as the most consecutive games with at least 30 points (19).
  • Elgin Baylor scored 73 Points against Philadelphia on January 22nd 1959 – this remains the highest scoring performance by a player in an NBA game ever.
  • David Robinson also holds the record for career rebounds with 381.

Has any NBA player scored 69 points?

There hasn’t been an NBA player that has scored 69 points in a game yet, but there are some players who have come close. Some of the most notable players that have score over 65 points include Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson and Michael Jordan.

Michael Jordan Score a Career-Best 69 Points

On March 28, 1990, Michael Jordan scored a career-best 69 points in the Bulls’ 117-113 overtime win against the Cleveland Cavaliers

This is also known as The Flu Game. This game was one of MJ’s most impressive performances and it showed just how good he could be when he was on his game. He shot 2 for 6 from 3 point range but that wasn’t what made this performance so amazing. What stood out most about this game was how consistent he was all night long. He hit 21 of 23 from the free throw line which helped him lead the team to victory.

Who scored 73 points in a game?

There is no one answer to this question. Depending on the game, different people may have scored 73 points or more. In some games, a player might be able to score by themselves while in others teams might need to work together for points.

Raptors’ Malachi Flynn

Raptors’ Malachi Flynn scored 73 points in a game, which is the most ever recorded in an NBA regular season game. This record was set on February 20th, 2019 against the Clippers.

Pro-Am Display

Professional athletes often score more points than amateur players due to their superior skills and training. This phenomenon is known as pro-am scoring or exhibition scoring. It’s usually determined by how many points each player scores above the average point total for that particular league or tournament competition.

Raptors’ Malachi Flynn

Flynn was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and played college basketball at Syracuse University before being drafted by the Dallas Mavericks in 2016. He then signed with the Raptors two years later and has been one of their most consistent players throughout his career.

Did Kobe have a 70 point game?

Kobe Bryant had a game played with 70+ points on April 15th, 2006. The score of this game was 111-105 over the Philadelphia 76ers. This game is notable because it’s one of only a few games where Bryant scored at least 70 points.

It’s also important to note that this performance came against an opponent considered to be among the best in the league at that time.

To Recap

Michael Jordan has played in over 700 games, which is more than any other NBA player. He also holds several records, including most points scored in a season (3072), most MVP Awards (3) and most consecutive championships won with the Chicago Bulls (6).

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