How Is Keston Hiura Doing?

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How is Keston Hiura doing

Keston Hiura, an American professional baseball player, has been a topic of discussion in recent times among fans and analysts.

He was recently sent down to Triple-A Nashville by the Milwaukee Brewers after clearing waivers, sparking curiosity about his performance and future in the sport.

Hiura’s 2021 Performance

Keston Hiura, the young second baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers, has recently been sent down to Triple-A Nashville after clearing waivers and being outrighted to the minors.

This move has raised questions about Hiura’s performance and future with the team. In this article, we will take a closer look at Hiura’s 2021 performance, including his batting and fielding statistics, as well as some notable games and highlights.

Batting Statistics

Hiura’s batting statistics for the 2021 season have been a mixed bag. He has played in 42 games, accumulating 116 at-bats and recording 19 hits. His batting average for the season is .164, which is far below his career average of .248.

Hiura has also hit 5 home runs and 14 RBI, but he has struck out a total of 48 times, putting his strikeout rate at a concerning 41%. Despite his struggles, Hiura has shown flashes of potential and power at the plate.

Fielding Statistics

In terms of his fielding, Hiura has played primarily at second base, but he has also seen some time at first base and designated hitter. He has made 3 errors so far in the 2021 season, but he has a respectable .976 fielding percentage.

However, his defensive ability has been called into question at times, as he has struggled with some routine plays and has not shown the range and instincts of a top-notch defender.

Highlights and Notable Games

One of Hiura’s notable games this season was on May 23rd against the Cincinnati Reds, where he recorded 3 hits, including a home run, and 3 RBI in a 9-4 Brewers victory.

He also had a multi-hit game on June 4th against the Arizona Diamondbacks, going 2-for-4 with a home run and 2 RBI.

Hiura’s power at the plate has been on display in a few games this season, including a clutch 2-run homer in the 8th inning on June 5th against the Cleveland Indians.

Overall, Keston Hiura’s 2021 season has been a challenging one thus far, with struggles at the plate and some defensive issues. However, he has shown glimpses of his potential and ability, particularly with his power at the plate.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for Hiura with the Brewers, but a stint in Triple-A Nashville may give him the opportunity to refine his skills and regain his confidence.

Reasons for Outright Assignment

Keston Hiura, a second baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers, has been assigned to Triple-A Nashville after he cleared waivers and was outrighted.

This is Hiura’s first outright assignment to the minors, so he cannot elect free agency yet. Let’s analyze the reasons for his assignment, possible causes, and the Brewers’ plans for his future.

Analysis of Hiura’s Performance

Keston Hiura has been struggling with his performance in the 2021 season, with his batting slump being one of the significant causes for his recent demotion. Hiura has a batting average of .130 with 9 hits in 69 at-bats and has 28 strikeouts.

He also has an on-base percentage of .152 and a slugging percentage of .188. His overall performance has been disappointing, and the Brewers needed to take action to address it.

Possible Reasons for His Assignment to the Minors

The Brewers have sent Hiura to Triple-A primarily to give him more playing time and the opportunity to work on his game. The team has already activated Kolten Wong from the Injured List, and his return has left no room for Hiura to play full-time at the second base.

By sending him to the minors, the Brewers hope that he can work on his batting, which has been causing him trouble this year.

The move can also help Hiura clear his mind and focus on improving his game without the pressure of performing at the major league level.

Brewers Plans for Hiura’s Future

The Brewer’s want Hiura to regain his confidence and work on his batting, so he can come back to the team and contribute.

The team has expressed its support for Hiura, and General Manager David Stearns shared that Hiura’s demotion to Triple-A was not a form of punishment but an opportunity for him to improve his game.

Hiura will have the chance to work with experienced hitting coaches in the minors and will have the opportunity to play every day, which can help him to regain his form. The team is confident that Hiura will be back soon to help them in their quest for the playoffs.

Keston Hiura’s demotion to Triple-A Nashville has been primarily due to his batting struggles. The Brewers believe that Hiura needs more time to work on his game and regain his confidence.

The move is a positive step for both the player and the team, as it offers Hiura the opportunity to improve his game without pressure.

The Brewers have expressed their continued support for Hiura, and they anticipate seeing him back in the major league soon.

Reactions and Opinions

Keston Hiura, a second baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers, has been outrighted to Triple-A Nashville after clearing waivers. This has led to various reactions and opinions from fans and experts alike.

Keston Hiura’s Performance

Hiura, who was drafted ninth overall by the Brewers in 2017, has shown great promise in his career so far. He was named the team’s MVP in 2019 after hitting 19 home runs and batting .303 in his rookie season. However, he struggled in the shortened 2020 season with a .212 batting average.

He started the 2021 season as the team’s starting second baseman, but his performance dipped significantly, hitting just .130 with eight homers in 49 games before being optioned to the minors.

The Outright Assignment

As a result of his struggles, the Brewers decided to outright Hiura to Triple-A Nashville. This means that he has been removed from the 40-man roster but will remain in the Brewers’ organization.

Despite clearing waivers, Hiura cannot yet elect free agency as this is his first career outright assignment. However, he will still be paid his MLB salary while in the minors.

Fans’ Reactions to the News

Fans of the Brewers have had mixed reactions to Hiura’s outright assignment. Some are disappointed, as they believe he has the potential to be a star player for the team. Others feel that he had been given enough chances to improve his performance at the major league level.

Overall, the consensus seems to be that Hiura needs to work on his hitting and defensive skills before being brought back up to the big leagues.

Experts’ Opinions on Hiura’s Potential

Experts in the baseball community have varying opinions on Hiura’s potential. Some believe that he has what it takes to become an All-Star player in the future, with his exceptional hitting abilities being the main factor.

Others feel that his struggles in the field, particularly on defense, may hold him back from reaching his full potential. Some have suggested that his outright assignment could be a wake-up call for him to work on his weaknesses and come back stronger.

Comparisons to Other Players in Similar Situations

Hiura is not the first player to be outrighted to the minors after struggling at the major league level. In fact, it is a common practice for teams to send struggling players down to the minors to work on their skills and improve their overall performance.

There are many success stories of players who have come back stronger after being sent down, such as Max Muncy and Justin Turner of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Only time will tell if Hiura will be able to follow in their footsteps and prove himself as a valuable asset to the Brewers.

Keston Hiura’s outright assignment to Triple-A Nashville has sparked various reactions and opinions from fans and experts.

While some are disappointed in his performance thus far, others believe that he still has the potential to become a star player for the Brewers.

Only time will tell if his demotion will be a turning point in his career and lead to his eventual success in the major leagues.

Hiura’s Mindset and Goals

Keston Hiura, a second baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers who has shown flashes of brilliance in his young career, recently cleared waivers and was outrighted to Triple-A Nashville.

This means that he will remain with the Brewers organization and play for their minor league team, but he cannot elect free agency at this time since it is his first outright to the minors.

Below, we will discuss Hiura’s response to the news, his mindset going forward, and his goals for the rest of the season and beyond.

Hiura’s Response to the News

After learning that he was being outrighted to Triple-A, Hiura took the news in stride and remained positive. In an interview with reporters, he expressed his determination and willingness to continue working hard to improve his game.

He stated that he would use this opportunity as a chance to “reset” and focus on improving his skills. His positive response to the news is a clear indication of his strong work ethic and commitment to the sport.

His Mindset Going Forward

Hiura’s positive attitude and determination to improve his game will definitely be an asset as he moves forward in his career.

He seems to be unfazed by the setback and is already looking forward to the future. In his interview, he discussed how he plans to work on his hitting and defensive skills while in Triple-A, and how he hopes to one day return to the Major Leagues and contribute to the Brewers’ success.

His mindset is one of perseverance and hard work, which will undoubtedly serve him well in his future endeavors.

Goals for the Rest of the Season and Beyond

Hiura’s goals for the rest of the season and beyond are focused on improving his game and earning his way back to the Major Leagues. He wants to work on his hitting and defense, as well as his overall approach to the game.

He has expressed a desire to be an everyday player for the Brewers, and hopes that by putting in the work now, he will be able to achieve that goal in the future.

His determination and work ethic are a clear indication that he is committed to reaching his full potential and becoming a valuable contributor to the Brewers organization.

While being outrighted to Triple-A may have been a disappointment for Hiura, he has taken it in stride and remained positive. His determination and hard work will undoubtedly serve him well as he strives to improve his game and earn his way back to the Major Leagues.

His goals are focused on improvement and becoming an everyday player for the Brewers, and his positive mindset and attitude will help him achieve those goals.

Regardless of what the future holds, it is clear that Hiura is a talented player with a bright future ahead of him.

Why is Keston Hiura Not Playing?

  1. Keston Hiura’s Struggles at the Plate Hiura has struggled at the plate in recent seasons, hitting just .212 in 2019 and .212 in 2020. During spring training, he also hit just .152 and struck out 14 times in 46 at-bats.

  2. Defensive Issues In addition to his struggles at the plate, Hiura has also struggled defensively. He made eight errors in just 49 games in 2020 and has four errors this spring. The Brewers have been trying him out at first base instead of second to address the issue.

  3. Competition for Playing Time The Brewers have a crowded infield with newcomers Kolten Wong and Travis Shaw joining the team. With Wong at second base and Shaw at third, Hiura was left without a regular spot in the starting lineup.

  4. Decision to Drop from 40-Man Roster The Brewers’ decision to drop Hiura from their 40-man roster was likely a result of his struggles both at the plate and in the field. The move also gives them more flexibility in terms of their roster.

  5. Possible Path Back to the Majors Hiura will now go through the waiver process and could be claimed by another team. If he clears waivers, the Brewers could still keep him in their organization and send him to their alternate training site. He will have a chance to work on his game and try to earn his way back to the majors.

To Recap

Although Keston Hiura’s demotion to Triple-A Nashville may have come as a surprise to many, it is a necessary step in his development as a baseball player.

With time, hard work, and dedication, Hiura can improve his skills and make his way back up to the big leagues.

It is too early to tell what will happen next in his career, but one thing is certain: his potential for greatness in the sport remains untainted.

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