How Good Is Zach Davies?

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How Good Is Zach Davies

Zach Davies is a right-handed pitcher who has been a part of the Major League Baseball (MLB) since 2015. He has played for two teams so far and has gained popularity for his impressive performances on the field.

In this article, we will look at how good Zach Davies is and analyze his achievements and statistics.

Deeper Look at His Statistics

Zach Davies was a well above-average, and very underrated pitcher for the next five years, four with Milwaukee and then 2020 with the Padres. Over 123 starts, he recorded a 50-36, with a 3.79 ERA or a 114 ERA+ (about 14% better than the league average). Let’s dive into his statistics to understand his effectiveness.

Numbers to Highlight His Effectiveness

Davies’ statistics highlight his effectiveness as a pitcher. He threw 734 innings, striking out 468 batters compared to 198 walks.

He also had a WHIP of 1.26, which is a measure of walks and hits allowed per inning pitched. Overall, his statistics demonstrate that he was a reliable pitcher who consistently threw solid innings.

Comparison With League Averages

Davies’ 114 ERA+ indicates that he was about 14% better than the league-average pitcher during his time in the league.

Similarly, he was above average in most categories, such as strikeouts per nine innings (6.1 compared to the league average of 8.7), walks per nine innings (2.4 compared to the league average of 3.0), and hits per nine innings (8.4 compared to the league average of 8.8).

Despite pitching in an era that emphasized strikeouts, Davies’ ability to limit walks and hits allowed him to remain above average.

Performance Over Multiple Seasons

Davies’ performance over multiple seasons led to him being an underrated pitcher. He had a solid 2016 season with the Brewers, recording an ERA of 3.97 with a 11-7 record. He followed up that season with an even better 2017 season, recording a 3.90 ERA with a 17-9 record.

Davies’ productivity continued into the 2018 and 2019 seasons, pitching effectively for the Brewers. In 2020, he pitched for the San Diego Padres and although his statistics were not as strong as his previous seasons, he still had a solid year with an ERA of 2.73 over 12 starts.

Overall, Davies’ performance over multiple seasons showcases his effectiveness as a pitcher. Zach Davies was an above-average pitcher with a track record of consistent production over multiple seasons.

His ability to limit walks and hits allowed him to remain effective even in an era that emphasized strikeouts.

With his no-nonsense approach to pitching, Davies was able to keep opposing teams off balance and deliver quality innings. Despite being underrated, his numbers prove he was an effective pitcher that deserves recognition.

Pitch Repertoire

His Pitch Selection

Davies is a pitcher who does not rely on overpowering stuff, instead, he is known for his command, control, and deception on the mound.

He primarily throws four pitches; sinker, changeup, cutter, and four-seam fastball, but his sinker is his most utilized pitch. Davies’ sinker averages around 87 mph and results in more ground balls than his other offerings.

The changeup also has a low velocity, which makes it an effective change of pace pitch, and it can be used to induce swings and misses.

His cutter is often thrown with a similar velocity to his sinker, and its lateral movement helps him keep the ball off the barrel of the bat.

Effectiveness of Each Pitch

Davies has been able to find success with his pitch selection and usage, despite not having an overpowering fastball. His ability to throw his sinker and cutter on the edges of the zone has made him a ground ball machine.

Batters hit nearly a 60% ground ball rate against his sinker in 2020. His changeup has been a very effective swing-and-miss pitch throughout his career, with a 17.1% whiff rate in 2020.

Comparisons to Other Pitchers With Similar Stuff

Davies’ pitch arsenal is similar to that of Kyle Hendricks, who is also known for his precision command and pitch mix.

Hendricks has been effective with his fastball, changeup, and cutter, and though he throws a curveball more often than a sinker, both pitchers have been able to limit hard contact by inducing grounders.

However, Hendricks is known to throw his pitches at a slower velocity than Davies, with his cutter and sinker averaging around 82 mph.

Davies’ pitch selection and usage can be described as a finesse approach with a sinker to induce ground balls, a changeup to get swings and misses, and a cutter to keep batters off balance.

His ability to throw strikes and limit walks has made him a valuable asset for his teams. Davies’ arsenal of pitches is reminiscent of a pitcher like Kyle Hendricks but with a little more velocity.

Despite not being an overpowering pitcher, Davies has still found success in his career and has become an effective starter by utilizing his strengths.

Mental Game

His in-game Decisions

Kyle Davies has displayed strong in-game decision-making throughout his career, particularly in his ability to adjust to opposing hitters. He has a great understanding of pitch sequencing and knows how to use his repertoire to get hitters out.

Davies also has a good understanding of different game situations and how to pitch in them, making quick adjustments when necessary. He is also not afraid to challenge hitters and trusts his stuff on the mound.

Ability to Limit Damage and Pitch Out of Jams

Davies has a knack for limiting damage and pitching out of jams. He has the ability to bear down and make quality pitches when runners are on base, minimizing the damage.

He has a great feel for his pitches and knows how to get ground balls when needed. Davies will also mix in his off-speed pitches carefully when needed, to keep hitters off balance.

Poise and Composure on the Mound

Perhaps the most impressive part of Davies’ mental game is his poise and composure on the mound. He doesn’t let the game speed up on him and remains in control throughout the outing.

He remains level-headed, never getting too high or too low emotionally on the mound, and is able to stay focused on the task at hand.

His calm demeanor translates to the rest of the team, instilling confidence in his fielders to make plays behind him.

Kyle Davies has a strong mental game, which has helped him be successful throughout his career. His ability to make good in-game decisions, limit damage, and stay composed on the mound has been critical to his success.

Davies has a great understanding of his pitching repertoire and how to use it to get hitters out. His control and location have been solid, allowing him to stay ahead in the count and minimize walks.

His mental toughness allows him to make pitches when needed and limits the damage done by the opposition. Overall, Davies’ mental game has made him an effective and underrated pitcher throughout his career.

Defensive Value

Ability to Induce Ground Balls

One of the key factors that helped Davies be a successful pitcher during his time with the Brewers and later with the Padres was his excellent ability to induce ground balls.

In 2020, Davies had a ground ball rate of 53.2%, which was the second-highest among all pitchers in the league.

His high ground ball rate helps keep the ball in the park and limits extra-base hits, which makes him a valuable asset on the mound.

Defensive Efficiency of His Teams

Another important factor that contributed to Davies’ success was the defensive efficiency of his teams. According to FanGraphs, the Brewers and Padres were both above league average in terms of defensive efficiency during the years that Davies played for them.

This means that his teams were able to convert batted balls into outs at a higher rate than the league average, which helped to minimize the damage from hits.

Comparison to Other Pitchers With Similar Styles

When comparing Davies to other pitchers with similar styles, his stats are impressive. His career ERA+ of 114 is higher than that of well-known pitchers such as Cole Hamels (115), Sonny Gray (108), and Carlos Martinez (108).

These pitchers also rely heavily on inducing ground balls, but Davies’ ability to keep the ball in the park gives him an edge.

Davies’ success as a pitcher can be attributed in part to his ability to induce ground balls, his teams’ strong defensive efficiency, and his favorable comparison to other pitchers with similar styles. These factors combined to make him a very underrated and valuable pitcher over the past five years.

What Happened to Zach Davies?

Zach Davies is a professional baseball player. He was drafted by the Baltimore Orioles in 2011. Davies made his MLB debut in 2015 with the Milwaukee Brewers. He was traded to the San Diego Padres in December 2019.

Davies had a 2.73 ERA in 12 starts for the Padres in 2020. He became a free agent after the 2020 season. Davies signed a one-year, $8.63 million contract with the Chicago Cubs in December 2020. He struggled with the Cubs, posting a 5.69 ERA in 12 starts.

Davies was traded to the Washington Nationals in July 2021. He re-signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks for the 2023 season on a one-year, $5 million contract.

Who is Zach Davies’s Wife?

  1. Zach Davies’ wife’s name and background Zach Davies’ wife’s name is Megan Davies Not much information is available about her background, but it is known that she grew up in Phoenix, Arizona.

  2. How long have Zach Davies and Megan Davies been married? Zach Davies and Megan Davies got married on December 15, 2018. – They have been married for 2 years as of 2020.

  3. Megan Davies’ profession Megan Davies is a registered nurse. – She is currently working as a pediatric home health nurse.

  4. Zach Davies and Megan Davies’ family life Zach Davies and Megan Davies do not have any children as of 2020. They do have a dog named Radar, who is frequently featured in their social media posts.

  5. Zach Davies and Megan Davies’ social media presence Megan Davies is active on Instagram and frequently posts pictures of herself and Zach Davies Zach Davies is also active on social media, and often shares pictures of his wife and dog, as well as updates on his baseball career.

What is Zach Davies’s Record?

Zach Davies is a professional baseball pitcher for the Chicago Cubs. He has a current record of 5-5 for the 2021 season. Davies has started in 18 games for the Cubs this season. He has pitched a total of 92 innings so far.

Davies has a 4.11 earned run average (ERA) for the season. He has tallied a total of 68 strikeouts this year. Davies also has 32 walks in his 18 starts. His WHIP (walks and hits per inning pitched) is 1.21.

Davies has faced some challenges in his recent starts. However, he has remained a reliable and consistent starter for the Cubs this season.

To Recap

Zach Davies is a well-above-average pitcher who has proven himself worthy of playing at the highest level of professional baseball. His impressive record of 50-36 with a 3.79 ERA over 123 starts in the last five years highlights his consistency as a player.

Even though he might not be a household name yet, his record shows that he is an underrated player who holds immense potential for the future. We look forward to witnessing more of his performances and wish him success in his upcoming games.

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