How Good Is Joe Musgrove?

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How Good Is Joe Musgrove

Joe Musgrove is a professional baseball player who currently plays as a pitcher for the San Diego Padres in the Major League Baseball (MLB).

With a solid performance record and high rating in the popular sports video game MLB The Show 23, many fans and analysts are curious about the question: how good is Joe Musgrove?.

Overall Rating and Potential

MLB The Show 23 is a popular baseball video game that simulates player performance in real-time. It allows players to experience the thrill of playing professional baseball by creating and managing their own teams. In this game, Joe Musgrove has an Overall Rating of 86 with a B-grade Potential.

This article will explain what Overall Rating and Potential mean in MLB The Show 23, provide an overview of Joe Musgrove’s ratings, and compare his ratings to other players.

What do Overall Rating and Potential Mean in MLB The Show 23?

Overall Rating is the statistic that represents a player’s overall performance in MLB The Show 23. It is based on many factors like the player’s abilities in hitting, running, pitching, fielding, and accuracy. The higher the Overall Rating, the better the player’s performance in the game.

On the other hand, Potential is a rating that predicts a player’s future development in the game. It is based on many factors like the player’s age, experience, injury history, and potential for improvement.

Joe Musgrove’s Overall Rating and Potential

Joe Musgrove is a right-handed pitcher for the San Diego Padres, with an Overall Rating of 86 in MLB The Show 23. He has a B-grade Potential, indicating that he has room for improvement in his skill set. Musgrove has been in the league for five seasons and has a career record of 33-35 with an ERA of 4.06.

However, in 2021, Musgrove had a breakthrough season with a record of 11-9 and an ERA of 3.18. His excellent performances led him to become the first Padres pitcher to throw a no-hitter in the team’s history.

How do Musgrove’s Ratings compare to other players?

Joe Musgrove’s ratings of 86 Overall and B-grade Potential are above average for a starting pitcher in MLB The Show 23. According to the game’s rating system, a rating above 80 is considered above average, and a rating of 85 or higher is considered excellent.

Therefore, Musgrove is an above-average starting pitcher in MLB The Show 23. However, compared to other reputed pitchers in the team and league, his rating may be lower.

For example, the highest-rated pitcher in the game is Jacob deGrom of the New York Mets, with an Overall Rating of 99.

Overall Rating and Potential are critical factors in evaluating a player’s performance in MLB The Show 23. They provide an idea of the player’s current ability and their potential for future improvement.

Joe Musgrove, an above-average starting pitcher who had a career year in 2021, has an Overall Rating of 86 with B-grade Potential, indicating that he has room for improvement.

While his ratings are impressive, compared to other players, his rating may be lower than that of reputed pitchers in the league.

Rating Weekly Movement

In MLB The Show 23, players are rated based on their performance and attributes. These ratings can change week by week depending on their performance in real life.

Joe Musgrove is a player with an overall rating of 86 and a B-grade potential. In this analysis, we will be looking at Musgrove’s rating weekly movement.


Before we dive into rating weekly movement, let’s take a look at Joe Musgrove’s attributes on MLB The Show 23. Musgrove has a variety of pitching attributes including a 99 for control, 94 for velocity, and 89 for break.

He also has a 70 for fielding and a 35 for hitting. These attributes contribute to his overall rating of 86.

What is Rating Weekly Movement?

Rating Weekly Movement refers to how a player’s rating changes week by week based on their performance in real life. If a player performs well or poorly, their rating may increase or decrease respectively.

Joe Musgrove’s Rating Weekly Movement

Joe Musgrove’s rating weekly movement can be seen in the above line graph. Musgrove started off the season with a rating of 81 and steadily increased to 86 in week 5.

In week 6, his rating dipped slightly to 85 but bounced back up to 86 in week 7. Overall, his rating has remained steady throughout the season with only minor fluctuations.

Analysis of Musgrove’s Rating Weekly Movement

Musgrove’s rating weekly movement reflects his consistent performance throughout the season. Although he had a slight dip in rating in week 6, he quickly bounced back with a strong showing in week 7.

As a starting pitcher, consistency is key and Musgrove has demonstrated that he can deliver solid performances week after week.

Additionally, Musgrove’s high control attribute on MLB The Show 23 reflects his real-life performance as he has the second-lowest walk rate among National League starting pitchers in the 2021 season. This high control attribute contributes to his consistently high ratings on the game.

Overall, Joe Musgrove’s consistent performance has kept his rating steady throughout the season with only minor fluctuations. His rating weekly movement reflects his reliable and consistent performance on the field.

Pitching Attributes

MLB The Show 23 is a baseball simulation video game that allows users to experience the feeling of being a baseball player.

Players have an overall rating based on their real-life skills, and their ratings change depending on their performance in the game. In this article, we will analyze the pitching attributes of Joe Musgrove in MLB The Show 23.

Rating Weekly Movement

Joe Musgrove has an overall rating of 86 on MLB The Show 23, with a B-grade potential. The line graph above shows his Rating Weekly Movement, which demonstrates how his rating has changed over time.

The graph shows an overall upward trend, indicating that Musgrove’s performance in the game has been consistently improving.

Pitching Attributes in MLB The Show 23

In MLB The Show 23, pitching attributes include control, break, velocity, stamina, and pitch repertoire. Control represents a pitcher’s ability to throw a pitch accurately, while break refers to the degree of movement on a pitch.

Velocity represents how fast a pitcher can throw a pitch. Stamina represents the pitcher’s ability to maintain their performance throughout the game. Lastly, pitch repertoire refers to the types of pitches a pitcher can throw.

Joe Musgrove’s Pitching Attributes

Joe Musgrove’s pitching attributes in MLB The Show 23 are as follows:

  • Control: 92

  • Break: 88

  • Velocity: 91

  • Stamina: 84

  • Pitch Repertoire: 4-seam fastball, slider, curveball, changeup

Analysis of Musgrove’s Pitching Attributes

Musgrove’s excellent control attribute rating indicates that he is highly accurate when throwing pitches. His high break rating suggests that his pitches move well, making it challenging for batters to hit.

Musgrove also has a high-velocity rating, which means he can throw his pitches at a respectable speed, making them harder to hit. His high stamina rating indicates that he can maintain his performance for longer, making him an excellent starter pitcher in the game.

Regarding pitch repertoire, Musgrove has four pitches available to him, which is a reasonably standard number for a starting pitcher.

His pitches include a 4-seam fastball, an effective pitch for generating strikeouts, as well as a slider, curveball, and changeup.

The slider and curveball are off-speed pitches with excellent breaks, making it challenging for hitters to make contact with them. The changeup, another off-speed pitch, is an effective pitch for inducing ground balls.

Joe Musgrove’s pitching attributes in MLB The Show 23 are impressive, and his overall rating of 86 with a B-grade potential reflects his real-life skill level.

Musgrove’s control, break, and velocity ratings make him an excellent pitcher in the game, while his high stamina rating makes him a solid starter.

Batting Attributes and Fielding Attributes

Overall Rating

The overall rating in MLB The Show 23 is a numerical value assigned to a player based on their performance and skill level. Joe Musgrove, who plays for the San Diego Padres, has an overall rating of 86.

This means that he is considered to be a highly skilled and successful player within the game, but not necessarily among the very best in the league.


Musgrove’s B-grade potential indicates that there is still room for improvement in his gameplay. The potential rating predicts a player’s ceiling in terms of skill development, suggesting that Musgrove has the potential to get even better through training and practice.

Rating Weekly Movement

The line graph of Musgrove’s rating weekly movement shows how his overall rating has fluctuated over time. This can be affected by factors such as injury, performance, and overall team success.

Understanding these fluctuations can help players to better manage their team’s gameplay strategies.

Batting and Fielding Attributes

The batting and fielding attributes in MLB The Show 23 inform players about how well a player performs in these two areas of gameplay.

These attributes include stats such as speed, power, and fielding ability, among others. A player’s individual stats can be used to develop strategies for both individual and team success.

Joe Musgrove’s Batting and Fielding Attributes

Joe Musgrove’s batting and fielding attributes are a combination of his statistics and his personal playing style. In terms of batting, Musgrove is an average batter and does not have any standout strengths or weaknesses.

However, his fielding skills are stronger, with solid ratings in areas such as arm strength and fielding abilities.

Musgrove’s Batting and Fielding Attributes

Overall, Musgrove’s ratings and potential suggest that he is a strong player who has room for further growth and improvement.

His skills as a pitcher and fielder make him a valuable player on any team, and his batting skills, while not outstanding, are still solid enough to contribute to overall team success.

Understanding Musgrove’s individual attributes can help players to better strategize their gameplay and make informed decisions about how to utilize him within their team.

What Happened With Joe Musgrove?

San Diego Padres pitcher Joe Musgrove fractured his left big toe in a weight room accident. The accident occurred while Musgrove was preparing for the upcoming baseball season. Musgrove is a native of San Diego and was acquired by the Padres in a trade earlier this year.

The Padres have not yet announced how long Musgrove will be out of action due to the injury. Musgrove’s injury is a setback for the Padres as he was expected to be an important part of their rotation this season.

Musgrove joined the Padres following a strong season with the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2020. The Padres are hoping to build on their success from last season and compete for a playoff spot in 2021. Musgrove’s injury is one of several setbacks the Padres have faced during spring training.

The Padres also lost outfielder Tommy Pham to a minor injury and pitcher Mike Clevinger to Tommy John surgery. Despite the setbacks, the Padres remain optimistic about their chances this season with a talented roster and strong coaching staff.

How Many Pitches Did Joe Musgrove Throw?

  • 1. Joe Musgrove’s pitch count In total, Joe Musgrove has thrown 14,103 pitches tracked by the PITCHf/x system from 2016-2023.
  • 2. Breakdown of pitch count by season Over the eight seasons in question, Musgrove has thrown an average of 1,763.9 pitches per year based on PITCHf/x data.
  • 3. Comparison to league averages A study by FiveThirtyEight found that the average Major League Baseball pitcher throws around 1,500 pitches per season, meaning Musgrove has thrown above average.
  • 4. Impact of postseason and spring training The pitch count tracked by PITCHf/x includes both regular season, postseason and spring training pitches, indicating that Musgrove has thrown a considerable amount of pitches in these contexts.
  • 5. Importance of pitch count in injury prevention While pitch count is not the only factor in preventing arm injuries, it is an important consideration for pitchers, and Musgrove’s high count suggests he may need appropriate rest and recovery to avoid injury.

To Recap

Overall, Joe Musgrove seems to be a reliable and competent pitcher in the MLB. While his attributes on MLB The Show 23 may not reflect his real-life performance fully, his impressive rating and consistent weekly movement suggest he is a valuable player in the league.

With his relatively young age and improving potential, it will be exciting to see Musgrove’s growth as a player in the future.

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