How Good is Chris Paddack?

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How Good is Chris Paddack?

Chris Paddack is a starting pitcher for the San Diego Padres who burst onto the scene in 2019 with a dominant rookie season. His strong debut raised high expectations for his future in the majors, but since then, his performance has been inconsistent.

As we take a closer look at Paddack’s career and stats, we can determine just how good he is as a starting pitcher and what his potential for improvement may be.

Paddack’s Rookie Season

In 2019, Paddack burst onto the scene with an impressive rookie season, posting a 3.33 ERA and a 126 ERA+ over 26 starts. He struck out 9.8 batters per nine innings and walked just 1.8 per nine innings.

Paddack’s performance that season was impressive, especially considering he was just 23 years old and had undergone Tommy John surgery in 2016.

He was also named the Padres’ Rookie of the Year, and his potential for future success was widely recognized.

Many fans and analysts alike were excited about Paddack’s future in the majors after such a promising debut.

The Padres had high expectations for him, and many believed he had the potential to become a top-tier starting pitcher in the league.

Paddack’s Performance Since His Rookie Year

Unfortunately, Paddack’s performance has not lived up to the expectations set by his impressive rookie season. In the past two seasons (2020 and 2021), Paddack’s stats have been less impressive than his rookie year.

In 2020, Paddack had a 4.73 ERA and a 4.36 FIP over 12 starts. He struck out 8.8 batters per nine innings but also gave up 1.8 home runs per nine innings. His WHIP was 1.22.

In 2021, Paddack’s struggles continued, as he posted a 5.40 ERA and a 4.57 FIP over 28 starts. His WHIP was 1.32, and he struck out 8.6 batters per nine innings, while giving up 1.4 home runs per nine innings.

Compared to his rookie season, Paddack’s ERA, FIP, and WHIP have all gone up, while his strikeout rate has gone down. Additionally, he has given up more home runs per nine innings than he did in his rookie year.

It’s worth noting that Paddack’s performance was affected by injuries in 2021, which limited him to just 28 starts.

However, his struggles over the past two seasons are concerning, and he will need to show improvement in the future to fulfill his potential as a top-tier starting pitcher.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Based on his performance and scouting reports, Chris Paddack’s strengths as a starting pitcher include his strong fastball command, his ability to limit walks, and his competitiveness on the mound. He also has an effective changeup that can keep hitters off balance.

However, Paddack’s weaknesses include his tendency to give up home runs, his lack of a reliable third pitch, and his struggles with pitch sequencing. He also tends to pitch up in the zone, which can lead to hard contact and home runs.

While Paddack’s strengths are certainly important for a starting pitcher, his weaknesses have been a major factor in his struggles over the past two seasons.

If he can develop a reliable third pitch and improve his pitch sequencing to keep hitters off balance, he may be able to reduce his home run rate and become a more effective pitcher overall.

Another key factor in Paddack’s performance will be his ability to refine his fastball command and keep the ball down in the zone. If he can locate his fastball consistently and induce ground balls instead of fly balls, he may be able to reduce the damage caused by home runs.

Ultimately, Paddack has the potential to be a successful starting pitcher, but he will need to improve on his weaknesses and maximize his strengths to do so.

Potential for Improvement

Chris Paddack is still a young pitcher at just 25 years old, which means he has plenty of time to improve his game. He also has two full seasons of major league experience under his belt, which should give him a better understanding of how to pitch at the highest level.

In terms of his pitching arsenal, Paddack has a solid foundation with his fastball and changeup, but he will need to develop a reliable third pitch to keep hitters off balance. This could be a slider or a curveball, both of which he has experimented with in the past.

Additionally, Paddack will need to refine his pitch sequencing to keep hitters guessing and reduce his home run rate. This could involve mixing up his fastball and changeup more effectively or incorporating more off-speed pitches into his repertoire.

Another area where Paddack can improve is in his overall approach to pitching. He has shown a tendency to rely heavily on his fastball and challenge hitters with strikes, which can lead to home runs and hard contact.

By developing better command of his off-speed pitches and varying his approach to each batter, he may be able to induce more ground balls and weak contact.

Overall, Paddack’s potential for improvement is significant, and he has the tools and experience to make strides in his development as a starting pitcher.

It will be important for him to continue working on his weaknesses while maximizing his strengths to become a more effective pitcher in the majors.

Here’s a sample table summarizing Chris Paddack’s key statistics over the past three seasons:

K/9 innings9.88.88.6
HR/9 innings (HR%)1.3 (12.3%)1.8 (16.7%)1.4 (12.1%)

The table provides a quick comparison of Paddack’s ERA, FIP, WHIP, strikeout rate, and home run rate over the past three seasons. This table can be named “Chris Paddack’s Key Statistics: 2019-2021”.


Is Chris Paddack injury-prone?

While Paddack has dealt with some injuries over the past two seasons, he has not had a significant injury history in his career. He underwent Tommy John surgery in 2016 but has been mostly healthy since then. In 2021, he was limited to just 28 starts due to minor injuries, but he did not suffer any major injuries.

Does Paddack have a good strikeout rate?

While Paddack’s strikeout rate has decreased slightly since his rookie season, he still has a respectable strikeout rate. In 2021, he struck out 8.6 batters per nine innings, which is above the league average. His strikeout rate in 2020 was 8.8 per nine innings.

How does Paddack compare to other starting pitchers in the league?

It’s difficult to make a direct comparison between Paddack and other starting pitchers in the league since each pitcher has their own strengths and weaknesses. However, based on his stats over the past two seasons, Paddack’s performance has been below average compared to the league. His ERA and FIP have been higher than the league average, while his strikeout rate has been slightly above average.

What is Paddack’s contract situation?

Paddack is currently under team control with the Padres, which means he is not eligible for free agency until after the 2024 season. He is currently earning a salary of $583,000 per year, which is the league minimum for his service time.


Chris Paddack’s career so far has been a mix of promise and disappointment. While he had a very impressive rookie season in 2019, his performance over the past two seasons has been less impressive, with a rising ERA, FIP, and WHIP, and a higher rate of home runs allowed.

However, Paddack still has significant potential as a starting pitcher. He has shown a strong fastball command, an effective changeup, and competitiveness on the mound.

Additionally, at just 25 years old, he has plenty of time to develop a third pitch and refine his pitch sequencing.

If Paddack can improve his weaknesses, such as his tendency to give up home runs, lack of a reliable third pitch, and struggles with pitch sequencing, he has the potential to become a top-tier starting pitcher in the majors.


His ability to maximize his strengths while working on his weaknesses will be crucial in determining his future success.

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