How Fast Can Joe Burrow Run?

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How Fast Can Joe Burrow Run?

Joe Burrow, the Cincinnati Bengals’ standout quarterback, has captured the NFL world’s attention with his remarkable skills, and one aspect that stands out is his speed.

While not renowned as the fastest player on the gridiron, Burrow’s athleticism and sprinting ability have become integral to his style of play.

With a top speed of approximately 20.8 miles per hour during sprints, he may not be the fleetest of foot, but his speed is a dynamic asset that influences the outcome of games.

In this exploration of Joe Burrow’s running prowess, we delve into the impact of his speed on his game and the ways in which it contributes to his promising career in professional football.

How Fast Can Joe Burrow Run?

Joe Burrow, the Cincinnati Bengals’ quarterback, reached a top speed of 20.8 miles per hour during a post-practice sprint, showcasing his impressive athleticism and speed.

While he may not be the absolute fastest in the NFL, his mobility and agility allow him to extend plays, evade defenders, and make plays with his legs when necessary.

Joe Burrow’s speed, while not his primary asset, adds versatility to his game, making him a more well-rounded and challenging quarterback for opposing defenses to handle.

His ability to use his speed strategically contributes to his promising career in the NFL.

How Does Joe Burrow’s Speed Impact His Game?

Joe Burrow's Speed Impact His Game

Joe Burrow’s speed plays a significant role in shaping his style of play and has a substantial impact on his performance on the football field.

Here are some ways in which Joe Burrow’s speed influences his game:

Play Extension

Burrow’s speed allows him to extend plays when faced with pressure or a collapsing pocket. He can quickly evade defenders, buy extra time, and keep his eyes downfield to find open receivers.

This ability to extend plays can result in big gains and unexpected completions, making him a more dynamic and dangerous quarterback.

Red Zone Efficiency

In the red zone, where space is limited, Burrow’s mobility becomes a valuable asset. He can use his speed to navigate through congested areas, evade tacklers, and create passing lanes or rushing opportunities.

This can lead to more efficient scoring in critical situations, increasing the team’s chances of finding the end zone.

Pressure Management

Burrow’s agility and quickness help him manage pressure effectively. He can evade sacks, avoid negative plays, and release the ball accurately when faced with pass rushers.

This ability to stay composed under pressure is crucial for sustaining offensive drives and avoiding turnovers.

Versatility in Offensive Schemes

His speed adds versatility to the Bengals’ offensive playbook. Coaches can incorporate designed quarterback runs, rollouts, bootlegs, and read-option plays, making the offense less predictable and more challenging for opposing defenses to defend.

This versatility keeps the defense on its toes and creates opportunities for big plays.


In the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape of the NFL, adaptability is crucial. Burrow’s speed allows him to adjust to unexpected situations, improvise when necessary, and turn broken plays into positive gains.

His ability to make quick decisions on the move is a valuable asset in high-pressure situations.

Defensive Attention

Opposing defenses must account for Burrow’s mobility, which can divert attention from other offensive threats. This diversion can create more favorable matchups for his teammates, opening up opportunities for big plays in the passing game.

Is Joe Burrow One of the Fastest Quarterbacks in the NFL?

Joe Burrow One of the Fastest Quarterbacks in the NFL

Joe Burrow is a mobile quarterback in the NFL, but he is not typically considered one of the fastest in terms of pure speed. While he possesses above-average mobility and agility, there are quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson and Kyler Murray who are known for their exceptional speed and running ability.

Burrow is more renowned for his accuracy, football intelligence, and decision-making skills. However, his mobility and running ability do add versatility to his game and make him a challenging quarterback for defenses to handle, even if he isn’t among the fastest in the league.

How Fast is Joe Burrow’s 40-yard Dash?

Joe Burrow’s 40-yard dash time at the 2020 NFL Combine was 4.59 seconds. While not the absolute fastest among quarterbacks, it demonstrated his solid straight-line speed and athleticism.

His time ranked him among the top quarterbacks in his draft class, highlighting his physical capabilities. However, it’s crucial to note that a quarterback’s game speed isn’t solely determined by their 40-yard dash time.

Factors like agility, decision-making, and on-field mobility play a significant role. Joe Burrow’s speed, though respectable, is just one aspect of his overall skill set as he continues to make a mark in the NFL with his passing accuracy and football IQ.

How Far Can Joe Burrow Throw a Football?

The distance a quarterback like Joe Burrow can throw a football depends on various factors, including their arm strength, mechanics, and game situation.

In general, many NFL quarterbacks can throw a football over 50 yards, and some have demonstrated the ability to throw it even farther.

Joe Burrow is known for having a strong and accurate arm, which allows him to make deep throws downfield. During his time in college at LSU and in the NFL with the Cincinnati Bengals, he has showcased the ability to make long throws with accuracy.

While specific measurements of his maximum throwing distance may not be readily available, it’s safe to say that he has the arm strength to make deep throws when needed in a game.


What is Joe Burrow’s top running speed?

Joe Burrow’s top running speed has been recorded at approximately 20.8 miles per hour during sprints on the football field.

Can Joe Burrow make deep throws with his speed?

Yes, Joe Burrow can make deep throws with accuracy, and his speed complements his ability to deliver long passes effectively on the football field.

What are some ways Joe Burrow uses his speed in games?

Joe Burrow uses his speed to extend plays, create offensive opportunities, and adapt to changing situations on the field.

Are there any specific drills or training techniques Joe Burrow uses to maintain his speed?

Joe Burrow’s specific speed maintenance drills and techniques are not publicly disclosed, but NFL players generally engage in agility and sprint-focused training to enhance their speed.

Has Joe Burrow’s speed been a topic of discussion among NFL analysts and commentators?

Yes, Joe Burrow’s speed has been a topic of discussion among NFL analysts and commentators, often emphasizing his mobility and ability to extend plays.

To Recap

Joe Burrow’s speed, while not his defining attribute, plays a crucial role in shaping his effectiveness on the football field.

His ability to reach a top speed of approximately 20.8 miles per hour adds a unique dimension to his game, allowing him to extend plays, excel in the red zone, manage pressure, and create offensive opportunities.

While his 40-yard dash time at the NFL Combine was solid, it is his in-game application of speed, agility, and adaptability that truly sets him apart.

As he continues to evolve as an NFL quarterback, Joe Burrow’s speed remains a valuable tool in his arsenal, ensuring that he remains a force to be reckoned with on the gridiron and a rising star in the world of professional football.

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