How Do You Get A Triple Double In Basketball?

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Get A Triple Double In Basketball

In basketball, scoring points is important – just like in any sport. Rebounds are an essential part of the game and can be a big factor in determining who wins.

Steals are another way to score points and they’re especially valuable when it’s close in the contest. Blocks help protect your team by keeping balls out of the opponent’s court and away from their goalies – or players trying to shoot baskets.

Assists are similar to steals insofar as they contribute towards winning games or advancing up the standings – but unlike steals, assists don’t need to be defended vigorously.

How Do You Get A Triple Double In Basketball?

Basketball is a physical and mental sport that can be enjoyed by all ages. Playing basketball requires good rebounding, stealing and passing skills to succeed.

Intercepting balls and getting them back to your teammates quickly is an important part of the game. It’s also helpful to have quick reflexes when defending against opponents’ shots attempts.

Knowing how to score points in various ways will help you win more games.

Scoring Points

Scoring points is a great way to increase your chance of winning when playing basketball. You can get points in many ways, including shooting baskets and making free throws.

You’ll need to work together as a team if you want to score more points; try not to be selfish. Practice makes perfect, so keep working on your skills until you’re able to achieve triple doubles all the time.

Be sure to stay hydrated during games – water helps flush out toxins from the body which can help improve performance


In order to get a triple double, you need rebounds and assists in the same game. You can increase your chances of getting a triple double by playing defense and keeping your opponents from scoring baskets.

To rebound the ball, use your height and reach to grab it above the rim or on top of the backboard . Passing to teammates who are in good position will also help you rack up points and rebounds together as a team effort.

Make sure that you focus on rebounding during practice so that when game time arrives, you’re prepared for success.


One way to get a triple double is by scoring points, grabbing rebounds and blocking shots. Another key factor is hustling for loose balls and getting deflections off of defense.

Stamina is also necessary as defenders will tire quickly in the final minutes of the game. Make sure you have good shooting form as making three-pointers can be crucial in this situation.

Communication with your teammates is essential; they should know where you are on the court at all times so they can help create opportunities for you.

triple double


The key to getting a triple double is working together as a team, following coach’s instructions and taking good shots. Practice makes perfect- so don’t be discouraged if you cannot get the triple double just yet.

Work on your footwork and agility in order to keep up with the opposing team and make plays for others. Be mentally focused when playing basketball; staying calm under pressure can lead to success. Keep your composure no matter what happens on the court- mistakes happen, but never give up hope.

Blocked Shots

When you’re taking a blocked shot, try to get as close to the ball as possible and use your body to block it. You need good hand-eye coordination when playing basketball if you want to make an impact on the game.

Make sure that you shoot from positions where defenders can’t see your hands or feet; this will help you create more openings for shots down low. Practice makes perfect. If you find yourself making less than stellar blocks, work on conditioning so that your muscles are stronger when the pressure is highest.

Be ready for anything by practicing with different shooting drills every day in order to improve your accuracy and timing

Is it hard to get a triple-double in basketball?

Yes, it can be hard to get a triple-double in basketball. This is when a player scores 3 points, rebounds 3 times and assists 3 times in the same game.

Triple-doubles are rare but not impossible.

  • It is often said that the key to an effective triple-double in basketball is scoring points, assists, and steals. However, rebounds are also very important when it comes to getting a triple-double. A player who averages 10 rebounds per game can easily get a triple-double if he or she records at least one rebound every time they touch the ball.
  • Shooting percentage is not always enough when it comes to getting a triple-double in basketball. Players need to be able to score efficiently from all areas of the court in order for their team to win games. Assists and steals are also essential contributors when trying to achieve this goal.
  • Points are more important than rebounds when it comes to achieving a triple-double in basketball because points determine how many wins your team will have over the course of the season. Rebounds only account for half of a point’s worth so being able to put up high numbers on both ends of the floor is crucial for any player looking towards nabbing this elusive accolade.
  • Defense is essential no matter what position you play on offense or defense in basketball; without good shot blocking and rebounding habits, teams tend not to win as much as they should do given their talent level and offensive scheme/trick set options (i..e pick & roll coverage). In other words: You might have three players averaging double digits but if those players can’t lock down opposing stars then your stats won’t look nearly as pretty.
  • Although obtaining a “triple doubles” stat line may seem like an easy task at first glance, there are certainly plenty of talented players out there who still haven’t been able pull off this rare feat despite putting up impressive numbers throughout each individual category year after year.

How common is a triple-double in basketball?

A triple-double is a rare accomplishment in basketball, with only 1,242 recorded performances in the history of the sport. They occur at a rate of just 1.7 percent and have been achieved by some of the greatest players to ever play the game, including Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain.

The 1984-85 season is the most recent year for which data is available and it saw Gary Payton achieve his historic triple-double performance against Phoenix Suns.

triple-double in basketball

What is a triple-double in basketball example?

A triple-double in basketball is a feat achieved by a player who accumulates at least 10 points, 10 assists and 10 rebounds during the same game. It’s considered one of the most difficult accomplishments in professional basketball, and is an indicator of great play.

There have been only 88 players to achieve the triple-double since its inception in 1954 – so it’s not easy. Look for players with high averages across all four categories to give you a better chance of finding one on your team. If you’re able to pull off a triple-double yourself, be sure to celebrate responsibly – don’t go overboard.

Has anyone got a quadruple-double?

Robinson showed off his amazing basketball skills on Saturday night, scoring 34 points while pulling down 10 rebounds and dishing out 10 assists. His performance was nothing short of spectacular.

Robinson is an incredibly versatile player who can do it all – making him a quadruple-double threat every time he steps on the court. Bravo, Robinson. You truly are one in a million. Keep up the great work, Mr.

Robinson – we’re very proud of you.

Has there ever been a 20 20 20 game?

There has never been a 20 20 20 game, but there have been some very close calls. In 2009, the world record for the longest time to solve a Rubik’s Cube was set by Canadian lawyer Daniel Lemay at just under 19 minutes.

The previous world record had been held by Japanese puzzle enthusiast Hideki Kato who solved it in just over 18 seconds.

  • There have been a number of 20–20, double-double or double-20 games in the history of basketball. These feats are usually achieved by players who accumulate a large amount of stats in two different areas of the game. Some notable examples include Wilt Chamberlain, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.
  • A 30–30 is also a common statistic in basketball. This feat is achieved when a player accumulates at least 30 points and rebounds in three consecutive games. It was first accomplished by Wilt Chamberlain back in 1962 during his time with the Philadelphia 76ers .
  • As mentioned earlier, 10,000 points is also an important milestone for many NBA players – this includes Kobe Bryant who has reached this goal four times throughout his career so far.

What is a 5 in basketball?

A 5 in basketball is a point scored by shooting the ball into the hoop from beyond the three-point line.

Short but Fast

A 5 in basketball is a player who is short but fast.

This player has quick reflexes and can run the floor quickly. They are responsible for directing plays on the court and making quick decisions.

Good Ball Handling

This player knows how to handle the ball well, which allows them to move it around and create opportunities for teammates.

They also have good shot selection skills, which helps them score points efficiently.

Directs Plays

The 5 in basketball directs plays on the court by calling out instructions to their team mates. They know when and where to pass or shoot the ball, so that everyone on their team can get involved in the game at any given time.

Responsible for directing plays The 5 in basketball is responsible for directing their team’s plays from start to finish- they make sure every member of their squad knows what they’re supposed to do and when they should be doing it in order to win.

To Recap

To get a triple double in basketball, a player must score at least 20 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists. This is an extremely difficult feat to accomplish, so it’s important to have good teamwork and communication on the court if you want to achieve it.

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