How Did The Angels Acquire Touki Toussaint?

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How Did The Angels Acquire Touki Toussaint

Touki Toussaint, a promising pitcher, made his way to the Los Angeles Angels in July 2022. While he showed potential during his brief stint with the team, he eventually became a free agent after being non-tendered in November.

However, how did the Angels acquire Toussaint in the first place? We take a deeper look into the circumstances surrounding this acquisition.

The Trade

The trade in question happened on July 3, 2022, when the Los Angeles Angels acquired pitcher Touki Toussaint from the Atlanta Braves in exchange for cash considerations.

Toussaint was a former first-round draft pick of the Braves in 2014, and he had shown flashes of potential during his time in their organization, but had not been able to establish himself as a consistent major league contributor.

The Angels were hoping that Toussaint could provide them with some much-needed pitching depth, and they were willing to take a chance on him given his talent and potential upside.

Toussaint had struggled to find his footing with the Braves in 2022, posting a 5.32 ERA across thirteen appearances (including nine starts), but the Angels were hopeful that a change of scenery and some new coaching could help him turn things around.

Toussaint appeared in eight games for the Angels, including two starts, and ended up with a 1-1 record and a 4.62 ERA. While he showed flashes of brilliance at times, he was also inconsistent, and the Angels ultimately decided to move on from him in the offseason.

On November 18, Toussaint was non-tendered and became a free agent, ending his brief stint with the Angels.

While the trade ultimately did not work out as well as the Angels had hoped, it was still a reasonable gamble for them to take at the time.

Toussaint had shown enough promise in his minor league career and early major league appearances to suggest that he had the potential to be a solid major league pitcher, and given the Angels’ perennial struggles with pitching depth, it made sense for them to take a chance on him.

In any case, the trade will likely be remembered as a minor footnote in both Toussaint’s and the Angels’ histories.

Toussaint’s Performance With the Angels

Toussaint played in eight games for the Los Angeles Angels after being acquired from the Atlanta Braves on July 3, 2022. Two of those eight games were starts, and he finished with a record of 1–1. During his time with the Angels, Toussaint had a 4.62 ERA.

Overall, Toussaint’s time with the Angels was short-lived. While he did show flashes of potential, including a solid start on September 14 against the Texas Rangers where he pitched 6 innings and allowed only 1 run, he also struggled at times.

In his final appearance with the team, Toussaint gave up four runs on five hits in just three innings of work against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Despite the mixed results, Toussaint was certainly given an opportunity to prove himself with the Angels.

He appeared in more games with the team than he ever did with the Braves, and was even given a few starts to showcase his abilities. However, it ultimately wasn’t enough for the team to retain him beyond the end of the season.

As a free agent, Toussaint will now have the opportunity to explore other options and potentially find a new team to continue his career with.

It remains to be seen what his future holds, but there’s no doubt that the time he spent with the Angels will be a valuable learning experience, regardless of what comes next.

Non-tendered Status

What It Means to Be Non-tendered

Non-tendered status is a term used in Major League Baseball (MLB) to describe a player who is not offered a contract for the upcoming season by their current team before the non-tender deadline.

This status is usually given to players who are eligible for salary arbitration but are not deemed valuable enough for the team to offer them a contract. Non-tendered players immediately become free agents.

Why Did the Angels Non-tender Toussaint?

The Angels’ decision to non-tender Toussaint was likely due to his inconsistent performance with the team. While he showed some promise in his brief stint with the Angels, with a 1-1 record and a 4.62 ERA, the team may have felt that he was not worth the salary he would have been eligible for in arbitration.

Additionally, the Angels may have wanted to free up roster space for other players that they deemed more valuable.

What Were the Options for the Angels?

The Angels had three options when it came to Toussaint. They could have offered him a contract, either agreeing to his terms or going through the arbitration process to determine his salary for the upcoming season. They could have also traded him to another team.

Finally, they could have chosen to non-tender him, which is the option they ultimately went with. By non-tendering Toussaint, the Angels freed up his spot on the roster and avoided having to pay him a potentially higher salary through arbitration.

However, they also lost their rights to him and could not re-sign him for the same season.

Toussaint’s non-tendered status means that he became a free agent, able to sign with any team he chooses. The Angels likely made the decision due to his inconsistent performance and the desire to free up roster space for other players.

The team had multiple options, but ultimately decided to non-tender him to avoid arbitration and to give themselves more flexibility in building their roster for the upcoming season.

Toussaint’s Future

Where Could He End Up?

With Victor Toussaint becoming a free agent, his future destination could be with any team that values his talents and strengths.

However, it is important to note that he was non-tendered by the Los Angeles Angels, which might indicate that teams could be hesitant to offer him a guaranteed contract.

Nevertheless, he has shown promise in his time with the Braves and the Angels, so there could be a number of teams interested in bringing him on board.

What Are His Strengths and Weaknesses?

Toussaint’s strengths include his ability to strike batters out, with an impressive 10.8 strikeouts per nine innings over his major league career. Additionally, his fastball consistently sits in the mid-90s and his curveball has the potential to be a devastating pitch.

However, there are also some weaknesses in his game. Toussaint has struggled with control at times, which has led to a high walk rate and a tendency to give up home runs. Additionally, his changeup is a work in progress and could use some improvement.

What Could His Potential Be?

Given Toussaint’s strengths and weaknesses, his potential could be as a mid-rotation starter, or even as a high-leverage reliever. If he can refine his control and develop his changeup, he could become a dominant pitcher with the ability to rack up strikeouts and limit hits and walks.

However, if he can’t make those adjustments, he could find himself as a journeyman pitcher who moves from team to team. Ultimately, it will be up to Toussaint to put in the work and develop his skills to reach his full potential as a major league player.

Who Did the Braves Trade for Pitcher?

  • The Atlanta Braves announced a trade with the Kansas City Royals.

  • They acquired left-handed pitcher Richard Lovelady in exchange for cash.

  • The trade was announced a few minutes ago.

Who is Richard Lovelady?

  • Richard Lovelady is a left-handed pitcher who previously played for the Kansas City Royals.

  • He is known for his fastball and his ability to induce ground balls.

  • Lovelady was drafted by the Royals in 2016 and made his MLB debut in 2019.

What Did the Braves Give Up for Lovelady?

  • The Braves traded cash considerations to the Royals in exchange for Lovelady.

  • The exact amount of cash involved in the trade has not been disclosed.

  • This type of trade is common in MLB, especially for players who are not considered star players.

Why Did the Braves Acquire Lovelady?

  • The Braves likely acquired Lovelady to bolster their bullpen.

  • Lovelady has a career ERA of 3.63 in 54 MLB appearances.

  • The Braves may also see Lovelady as a potential long-term option in their bullpen.

What is Lovelady’s Future With the Braves?

  • The Braves have optioned Lovelady to Triple-A Gwinnett.

  • This means he will begin the season in the Minor Leagues, but could be called up to the Majors if needed.

  • The Braves may also use Lovelady as a trade asset in the future.

Who is Number 62 on the Braves?

Touki Toussaint’s Early Career

Touki Toussaint was drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the first round of the 2014 MLB draft and was traded to the Atlanta Braves in 2015. He made his MLB debut in 2018.

Toussaint’s Success and Inconsistencies

Toussaint showed flashes of brilliance in 2018, finishing with a 2-1 record and a 4.03 ERA in five starts. However, he struggled in 2019, finishing with a 5.62 ERA in 24 appearances (7 starts). He spent the majority of the 2020 season at the Braves’ alternate training site.

The Other Number 62 Braves

Toussaint is not the only player to wear number 62 for the Braves, but the other four had unsuccessful careers with the team. Relief pitcher Jacob Lindgren wore the number from 2015-2016 but never appeared in an MLB game for the Braves.

Number 62 in Baseball History

Number 62 isn’t a commonly worn number in baseball history, but notable players who have donned the number include Joba Chamberlain, Steven Wright, and Shawn Kelley.

Toussaint’s Potential Going Forward

Toussaint is still just 24 years old and has shown enough potential to make him an intriguing player going forward. If he can harness his stuff and become more consistent, he could be a valuable piece for the Braves’ pitching staff in the future.

Where Was Touki Toussaint Born?

Touki Toussaint was born in Pembroke Pines, Florida. His parents are Dany Toussaint and Kahaso Kiti. Touki is of Haitian and Kenyan descent. He has an older sister named Garielle. Touki’s nickname is a combination of his parents’ surnames.

The family moved to Haiti when he was three months old. Touki grew up in Haiti and learned to play baseball there. He attended a Haitian school until the age of 12. Touki moved back to Florida to pursue his baseball career.

He was drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the first round of the 2014 MLB draft.

To Recap

Ultimately, Toussaint’s time with the Angels was fleeting, and he is now a free agent. However, his acquisition by the team provided an opportunity for both parties to explore potential success in the future.

Only time will tell if Toussaint will find a new home in the MLB, but one thing is for sure – his time with the Angels will be remembered as a unique chapter in his career.

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