How Did Astros Get Jeremy Peña?

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How Did Astros Get Jeremy Peña

The Houston Astros have had a history of drafting and developing successful players, such as Lance Berkman, Craig Biggio, and Jeff Bagwell. In 2018, the team added another promising player to their roster – Jeremy Peña.

But how did the Astros acquire this young talent?

In 2015, Peña was drafted in the 39th round of the MLB Draft by the Atlanta Braves. However, Peña decided to forego signing with the Braves and instead pursued college, playing for three seasons at the University of Maine.

During his time at Maine, Peña impressed scouts with his speed, defense, and overall athleticism. In 2018, the Astros selected Peña in the third round of the draft and signed him to a contract.

Peña has since shown great potential in the minor leagues, hitting over .300 and stealing bases for the Tri-City ValleyCats in 2018 and the Quad Cities River Bandits in 2019.

In 2020, Peña was invited to the Astros’ alternate training site and made his MLB debut on September 16th.

Peña’s Early Baseball Career

Ramon Peña’s baseball career began at a young age with his childhood interest in the sport. He went on to have a successful high school career before making the decision to attend the University of Maine for college baseball.

After three years playing for the Maine Black Bears, Peña was drafted in the third round by the Houston Astros and signed with the team.

Peña’s Childhood and Early Interest in Baseball

Peña grew up in Lawrence, Massachusetts, where he began playing baseball at a young age. His mother was a big fan of the Boston Red Sox, and she would take him to games as a child.

Peña fell in love with the sport and began playing in Little League. His natural athletic ability and love of the game set him on a path to a successful baseball career.

High School Career and Success

Peña attended Lawrence High School, where he played baseball all four years. He was a standout on the team, earning All-Conference and All-State honors multiple times.

In his senior year, he hit .507 with 22 RBIs and was named the Merrimack Valley Conference Player of the Year. His success on the field caught the attention of scouts, and he was soon being scouted by multiple MLB teams.

College Decision to Attend the University of Maine

After completing his senior year of high school, Peña had to make a decision about where to play college baseball. He had offers from multiple schools but ultimately decided to attend the University of Maine.

The school offered him a full scholarship, and he felt it would be a good fit for his academic and athletic goals. Peña played three seasons for the Black Bears, hitting .279 with 9 home runs and 57 RBIs in his final year.

Peña’s early baseball career was marked by his talent and passion for the sport. His success in high school and college set him on a path to the MLB, where he was ultimately drafted in the third round by the Houston Astros.

While he could have signed with the Atlanta Braves out of high school, Peña’s decision to attend college allowed him to further develop his skills and grow as both a player and a person.

Drafted by Atlanta Braves

Details About Peña’s Selection in the Mlb Draft by Atlanta Braves

In the 2015 MLB Draft, the Atlanta Braves selected J.J. Peña in the 39th round. Peña, a high school pitcher from Florida, was considered a promising prospect with a strong arm and good command. At the time, Peña was also attracting interest from several college programs.

Peña’s Decision to Bypass Signing With Atlanta Braves

Despite being drafted by the Braves, Peña decided to forego signing with the organization and instead chose to attend the University of Maine. Peña’s decision likely stemmed from a desire to improve his skills and raise his draft stock by playing at the college level.

Reasons and Impact of Peña’s Decision

Peña’s decision to attend college rather than sign with the Braves had several implications. In the short term, it meant that Peña would not immediately have the opportunity to play professional baseball and begin his path to the major leagues. Instead, he would have to wait three years until he was eligible to be drafted again.

However, Peña’s decision also had the potential to pay off in the long run. By attending college and playing against top-level competition, Peña was able to improve his skills and develop as a pitcher. This, in turn, made him a more attractive prospect to MLB teams when he became draft-eligible again.

Ultimately, Peña’s decision to bypass signing with the Braves and attend college was a calculated risk. While it delayed his professional career, it also gave him the opportunity to further develop his skills and improve his draft stock.

The fact that he was ultimately drafted in the third round by the Astros suggests that this decision paid off, as he was selected higher than he would have been if he had signed with the Braves in 2015.

University of Maine Career

Peña’s Achievements and Growth in the University of Maine Baseball Program

During his three seasons at the University of Maine, Peña proved to be a valuable asset to the baseball program. He continued to improve upon his skills and earned various achievements throughout his college career.

In his sophomore year, Peña was named to the America East Conference First Team All-Star as a relief pitcher. He also led the conference in strikeouts, averaging 12.3 strikeouts per game.

In his junior year, Peña was named the America East Conference Pitcher of the Year, where he recorded eight saves and 72 strikeouts in 48 innings pitched.

Stats and Highlights From Peña’s College Years

Peña had remarkable statistics during his college years. He appeared in 56 games, pitched 87.1 innings, and recorded 115 strikeouts with an ERA of 2.07.

In his junior year, Peña recorded an incredible 15.0 strikeouts per nine innings, which ranked first in the NCAA in all divisions. He also recorded 8 saves and held batters to a .181 batting average in his junior year.

Mlb Draft Prospects and Exposure During College

Peña’s impressive college performance drew the attention of MLB teams, and as a result, he was an MLB Draft prospect in his junior year.

However, Peña was not selected in the MLB Draft in his junior year, but his performance was enough to land him a spot in the third round of the MLB Draft in 2018.

Peña’s growth and exposure during college paid off as he was eventually selected and signed by the Houston Astros in 2018.

Peña’s college career was marked by numerous achievements and growth, resulting in a successful draft selection in 2018.

His remarkable statistics and performances drew the attention of MLB teams and highlighted his potential as a valuable player in the league. Peña’s college career played a crucial role in his eventual success as an MLB player.

Drafted by Houston Astros

Details About Peña’s Selection by Houston Astros

Daz Cameron, the former Astros center fielder, served as a crucial figure in scouting Peña throughout his college career with the University of Maine.

Based on Cameron’s evaluation and other Astros scouts watching Peña’s games, the Houston Astros franchise drafted him in the third round of the MLB Draft in 2018.

The Astros, who boasted a successful farm system at the time, had the 103rd overall pick and chose Peña to add to their prospect pool.

Third-Round Pick and Contract Signing

With the third-round selection, the Astros offered Peña a signing bonus of $576,000 to entice him to turn pro rather than return for his senior year at the University of Maine.

In June 2018, Peña traveled to Minute Maid Park, home of the Houston Astros, to sign his contract and make his public debut in the organization.

Astros’ Scouting and Evaluation Process for Peña

The Astros began scouting Peña in his sophomore year at the University of Maine, where he started out as a catcher and split time between third base and the outfield.

Daz Cameron, the former Astros prospect, kept tabs on Peña during his entire college career and filed evaluations on his station-to-station speed, arm accuracy, and quick actions on defense.

Astros scouts also observed Peña’s hand-eye coordination at the plate, his swing plane, and his ability to hit the ball hard to all fields.

During the draft process, the Astros sent more advanced scouts to watch Peña before making their final verdict.

With a mixture of input from Cameron, amateur scouts, and professional scouts, the Astros selected Peña, confident in his baseball instincts and potential.

The Houston Astros’ thorough evaluation and scouting process led to drafting Peña in the third round. The Astros saw potential in his hitting, defense, and overall approach to the game, and they aimed to develop him into a cog within their organization.

Peña’s decision to forego the MLB Draft in 2015 and attend college proved to be a sound one, as he developed and grew his game into an attractive option for the Astros in the later draft.

Did Peña Leave the Astros?

Peña left the Astros temporarily to represent his country in the World Baseball Classic. He played in his last Grapefruit League game before departing. Peña is a shortstop for the Astros. The Astros said goodbye to their final three participants in the WBC on Monday.

Those participants included Peña, catcher Martín Maldonado, and second baseman Jose Altuve. The trio left to represent their respective countries in the international tournament. Peña’s departure is temporary, and he is expected to return to the Astros after the WBC concludes.

The WBC is a globally recognized baseball tournament. It pits national teams against each other to determine a champion. Peña’s participation in the WBC is a testament to his skill and status as a player.

How Much Did the Astros Pay Peña?

  1. Peña’s Contract Details Jeremy Peña signed a one-year contract with the Houston Astros worth $754,900, with the entire amount guaranteed.

  2. Peña’s Salary Breakdown Peña has an annual average salary of $754,900, which he will earn each year until his contract expires.

  3. Peña’s 2023 Salary In 2023, Peña will earn a base salary of $754,900, which is the same amount as his annual average salary.

  4. Peña’s Position and Performance Peña is a talented shortstop known for his defensive prowess and solid hitting. He’s expected to contribute to the Astros’ success in the upcoming season.

  5. Peña’s Value to the Astros The Astros were willing to pay Peña a sizable salary due to his potential as a skilled and promising player. He’ll have the opportunity to prove his worth to the team in the upcoming season.

Is Jeremy Peña Better Than Carlos Correa?

Jeremy Peña’s performance in defensive stats against Carlos Correa in 2022.

  1. Defensive Runs Saved: Peña outperformed Correa in this category with 16 to 3, indicating his superior fielding abilities.

  2. Outs Above Average: Peña had a positive score of 7, while Correa’s score was -3, showing Peña’s ability to make more exceptional plays.

  3. Defensive WAR: Peña’s score of 2.4 outperformed Correa’s score of 1.1, indicating that Peña’s overall defensive contribution to his team was superior.

Peña’s superior defensive performance in 2022 culminated in his winning of the American League Gold Glove Award for shortstop.

To Recap

The Houston Astros acquired Jeremy Peña in the 2018 MLB Draft after he had spent three years playing college baseball at the University of Maine. He has shown promising potential in the minor leagues and made his MLB debut in 2020.

The Astros continue to invest in developing young talent like Peña, as they aim to maintain their competitive edge in the league.

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