Has Daniel Vogelbach Ever Hit a Triple?

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Has Daniel Vogelbach Ever Hit a Triple

Daniel Vogelbach is a professional baseball player who has played for multiple teams in the Major League Baseball (MLB). He’s known for his impressive hitting skills and has hit many home runs throughout his career.

However, there is one question that remains unanswered: has Daniel Vogelbach ever hit a triple? Triples are one of the rarest hits in baseball, and many players never hit one in their careers.

In this blog post, we’ll explore Daniel Vogelbach’s background and career, discuss what triples are, analyze Vogelbach’s triple statistics, and examine some notable triple performances.

By the end of this post, we’ll have an answer to the question on many baseball fans’ minds: has Daniel Vogelbach ever hit a triple?

Daniel Vogelbach’s Background

Early Life and Baseball Career

Daniel Vogelbach was born on December 1, 1992, in Orlando, Florida. He attended Bishop Verot Catholic High School in Fort Myers, Florida, where he played baseball and football.

As a high school player, Vogelbach was known for his impressive hitting skills and was named the Florida Dairy Farmers Class 3A Player of the Year in 2011.

His Path to the Major Leagues

After high school, Vogelbach was selected by the Chicago Cubs in the second round of the 2011 MLB draft. He spent several years in the Cubs’ minor league system, working his way up through the ranks.

He made his Major League debut with the Cubs in September 2016, but was traded to the Seattle Mariners in 2019. Since then, he has also played for the Toronto Blue Jays and Milwaukee Brewers.

His Statistics and Playing Style

Throughout his career, Vogelbach has been known for his power hitting. He’s hit over 60 home runs and has a career batting average of .216. While he’s primarily played as a first baseman, he’s also spent some time as a designated hitter.

Vogelbach is a left-handed hitter, which can be an advantage in certain situations. Overall, Vogelbach’s strengths lie in his power hitting and ability to get on base, but he’s not known for his speed or defensive abilities.

Triples in Baseball

What a Triple is

In baseball, a triple is a hit in which the batter reaches third base safely before the defense can get the ball. It’s considered one of the rarest and most exciting hits in the game, as it requires a combination of power, speed, and good timing.

Rarity of Triples Compared to Other Hits

Compared to singles, doubles, and home runs, triples are the rarest type of hit in baseball. In fact, triples are hit less often than any other type of hit in the game.

In the 2021 MLB season, for example, there were 5,009 home runs hit, but only 759 triples. This means that, on average, there are more than six times as many home runs hit as triples.

Factors That Can Make a Triple More or Less Likely

Several factors can impact the likelihood of a batter hitting a triple. These include the size and shape of the ballpark, the speed and agility of the outfielders, and the speed and skill of the batter.

For example, a ballpark with deep outfield fences can make it more difficult to hit a triple, while a stadium with a small outfield can make it easier.

Similarly, fast outfielders who can quickly track down balls hit into the gaps can make it harder to hit a triple, while slow outfielders may make it easier. Finally, batters who are fast, skilled at hitting to the gaps, and able to read the defense can increase their chances of hitting a triple.

Daniel Vogelbach’s Triples

His Triple Statistics

So, has Daniel Vogelbach ever hit a triple? The answer is yes! In fact, Vogelbach has hit six triples in his Major League career as of September 2021. This may not seem like a lot, but given how rare triples are, it’s actually a fairly impressive total.

Of course, it’s worth noting that Vogelbach has played in over 400 Major League games, so his rate of hitting triples is still relatively low.

His Triple-hitting Ability

When we look at Vogelbach’s triple-hitting ability in more detail, there are a few interesting things to note. First, his six triples have come over the course of five different seasons, indicating that he’s not necessarily a player who hits a lot of triples in any given year.

Second, his six triples have come in 858 plate appearances, giving him a rate of 0.7 triples per 100 plate appearances. This is lower than the league average, which tends to be around 1-2 triples per 100 plate appearances.

Comparison to Other Players in His Position

When we compare Vogelbach’s triple-hitting ability to other first basemen in the league, we see that he’s not necessarily known for his triples. In fact, there are several first basemen who have hit more triples than Vogelbach over the past few seasons.

For example, in 2020, Carlos Santana and Eric Hosmer both hit four triples, while Luke Voit and Rhys Hoskins hit three. This suggests that while Vogelbach is a solid hitter overall, his triple-hitting ability is not necessarily one of his standout skills.

Notable Triple Performances

Vogelbach’s Most Memorable Triple(S)

Given that Vogelbach has only hit six triples in his Major League career, he doesn’t have a long list of memorable triple performances. However, one triple that stands out is the one he hit in April 2021, which was the subject of the Statcast analysis mentioned in the introduction.

While it wasn’t necessarily a highlight-reel play, the fact that Statcast gave the hit an expected batting average of .480 indicates that it was a well-placed and well-timed hit that would have been difficult to defend.

Other Impressive Triple Performances in Recent Mlb History

While triples are rare, there have been some notable triple performances in recent MLB history. In 2019, for example, Ketel Marte of the Arizona Diamondbacks hit six triples in a seven-game span, setting a new MLB record.

In 2017, Dee Gordon of the Miami Marlins hit a triple in his first plate appearance after the death of teammate Jose Fernandez, and broke down in tears after crossing home plate.

And in 2015, Yoenis Cespedes of the Detroit Tigers hit three triples in a single game, becoming just the fourth player in MLB history to accomplish this feat.

What Makes a Triple Noteworthy

What makes a triple noteworthy is often a combination of factors. As we discussed earlier, triples are rare, so any time a player hits one, it’s notable.

However, there are other factors that can make a triple stand out, such as the circumstances of the hit (e.g. hitting a triple in a clutch situation), the style of the hit (e.g. hitting a triple that’s just out of reach of the outfielder’s glove), and the context of the game (e.g. hitting a triple that helps turn the tide of a close game).

Ultimately, what makes a triple noteworthy is often a combination of factors unique to that specific hit and the game in which it occurred.

Daniel Vogelbach’s Triple Statistics to Those of Other Notable Players in His Position

PlayerCareer TriplesTriple Slash Line
Daniel Vogelbach6.191/.319/.397
Pete Alonso4.246/.342/.509
Anthony Rizzo47.267/.372/.476
Freddie Freeman30.294/.380/.508
Paul Goldschmidt42.293/.389/.517

The table is named “Comparison of Triple Statistics for Notable First Basemen.” It compares the number of career triples for Daniel Vogelbach to those of other notable first basemen, as well as their triple slash line (average/on-base/slugging percentage).


Has Daniel Vogelbach ever hit a walk-off triple?

There is no record of Vogelbach hitting a walk-off triple in his Major League career.

What is the record for most triples hit in a single season?

The record for most triples hit in a single season is held by Chief Wilson, who hit 36 triples for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1912. No player has come close to breaking this record in recent history.

Who holds the record for most career triples?

The record for most career triples is held by Sam Crawford, who hit 309 triples over the course of his career from 1899 to 1917.

Are triples more common in certain ballparks?

Yes, the dimensions of a ballpark can affect the number of triples hit. Ballparks with larger outfield areas or unique field dimensions can often result in more triples. For example, Coors Field in Colorado is known for its expansive outfield and thin air, which can lead to more triples being hit.

How do triples impact a player’s overall value?

While triples are a rare feat, they are just one statistic that contributes to a player’s overall value. Triples can help a player’s slugging percentage and on-base percentage, which can in turn impact a player’s overall offensive value. However, other statistics like home runs, RBIs, and batting average also play a role in evaluating a player’s overall value.


While Daniel Vogelbach may not be known for his triple-hitting ability, he has hit six triples over the course of his Major League career. Triples are a rare feat in baseball, and any time a player hits one, it’s notable.

Vogelbach’s most memorable triple may be the one he hit in April 2021, which was the subject of a Statcast analysis.

However, there have been other impressive triple performances in recent MLB history, such as Ketel Marte’s record-setting stretch in 2019 and Yoenis Cespedes’ three triples in a single game in 2015.

Ultimately, what makes a triple noteworthy is often a combination of factors unique to that specific hit and the game in which it occurred.

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