Has Any Pitcher Thrown 2 Perfect Games?

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Has Any Pitcher Thrown 2 Perfect Games

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Has Any Pitcher Thrown 2 Perfect Games?

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Jean Faut

No, Jean Faut has not thrown 2 perfect games in a row. However, pitchers have been able to throw two perfect games in a row on rare occasions. There is no set rule as to how many innings it takes for a pitcher to throw a perfect game – it can happen in any number of innings.

In order for someone to be able to throw two perfect games in a row, they must have lightning-fast reflexes and impeccable control over their pitches throughout the entire game. No one knows for sure when or if another pitcher will achieve this incredible feat again.

Perfect games

Yes, pitchers have thrown two perfect games in MLB history. The first was thrown by Sandy Koufax on September 8, 1965 and the second was thrown by Corey Kluber on July 23, 2017.

Both of these pitchers were able to keep the ball down during their entire performance and no one could beat them. These are rare occurrences and it’s doubtful that someone will throw another perfect game any time soon.

However, if you want to try your hand at throwing a perfect game yourself, be sure to practice often and make calculated decisions when pitching so you don’t give up any runs.


Yes, a pitcher has thrown 2 perfect games in the MLB playoffs. The first was thrown by Roy Halladay of the Philadelphia Phillies back in 2010 and the second was done by Corey Kluber of the Cleveland Indians last year.

Both pitchers were able to throw their complete games without giving up a single run and they were both amazing performers. If you’re looking for a baseball game that will be sure to please, check out one of these 2 perfect games.

While it’s unlikely that anyone else will achieve this feat, there is always room for possibility so don’t forget to watch them when they happen.

Has any pitcher had 2 perfect games?

No pitcher has ever thrown more than one perfect game, so it’s quite rare. Over the 140 years of Major League Baseball history, there have been only 2 pitchers who have had 2 or more perfect games.

The current definition of a “perfect game” was established in 1876, making it one of the older records in baseball. It is possible to achieve a “perfect game” even if you allow one mistake by the opposing team (called an “errorless inning”).

Although it is rare for any pitcher to throw multiple perfect games, anyone can improve their chances by practicing regularly and focusing on their pitching mechanics.

How many pitchers have multiple perfect games?

In baseball, a perfect game is a game in which the pitcher completes all of his assigned tasks without allowing any hits or errors. This feat has been accomplished by only a handful of pitchers throughout history, and it’s considered among the most difficult to achieve.

One pitcher who has multiple perfect games is Roger Clemens. He recorded five such performances during his career.

MLB’s Perfect Games

There have been 23 perfect games in Major League Baseball history, and no player has ever recorded more than one. The Yankees and the White Sox are tied for the most with three apiece.

No Player Has Ever Recorded More Than One

There is currently no player in Major League Baseball who has recorded more than one perfect game. This record may never be broken as it is extremely difficult to achieve a perfect game, let alone multiple them.

Yankees And White Sox Are Tied For The Most With Three apiece

The Yankees and the White Sox are both tied with three each for the most perfect games in baseball history.

Has there ever been a 27 pitch game?

There is only one known 27-pitch game in history, and it was played between the Philadelphia Athletics and Chicago White Sox on June 22nd, 1910.

No Hits

There have never been a 27 pitch game in history. A 27 pitch game is defined as a baseball game that lasts for at least nine innings and does not end with either team batting or scoring. Although there have been shorter games, no hit baseball games are rarer than any other type of baseball game.

Regulation Nine Innings

A regulation nine inning baseball game is one where both teams play to the fullest extent of their abilities without going over the designated number of innings played by the ballgame schedule. This usually happens when one team has an insurmountable lead and wants to make sure that they do not let the other team come back into it during extra innings, which would result in a unfair outcome considering how much time has already been spent playing this particular type of sport.

Minor League Player

Although professional athletes such as Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds have achieved incredible feats on 27-pitch contests, most minor league players shy away from these long outings due to fear of injury or simply because they are not capable of completing them successfully like some professional athletes can (due to their natural ability). There have only been a handful of occasions where someone who was considered an amateur player made it through all 27 pitches unscathed; most notably Miguel Cabrera did so while playing for the Single A Lakeland Flying Tigers in 2011.

Has there ever been a27 pitch game? 2) Regulation 9 Innings 3) Minor League Player.

Can you throw a perfect game lose?

No one can lose a nine-inning perfect game, but pitchers can throw errors or allow hits that lead to runs. To earn the distinction of being the first pitcher to throw a perfect game in modern baseball history, you must finish the entire game without allowing an error or losing a hit.

There have been only five perfect games thrown in MLB history and all of them were by Hall of Famers Sandy Koufax, Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens and Randy Johnson. If you want to try your hand at throwing a perfect game yourself, be sure to practice as much as possible so that you don’t make any mistakes during the big moment.

Has there ever been an 81 pitch game?

Yes, there has been an 81-pitch game. It was played on May 3, 2018 and was won by the Chicago Cubs over the Milwaukee Brewers. There have been four other games with similar outcomes in 1990: a 4-0 victory for the Cincinnati Reds over the San Francisco Giants; a 5-1 win for Philadelphia Phillies over Los Angeles Dodgers; a 2-1 victory for Pittsburgh Pirates over Atlanta Braves; and a 6-4 loss for Seattle Mariners over Toronto Blue Jays.

The cut off year is 1991 because that’s when MLB added an extra inning to each game (the current standard pitch count is 90). The outcome of any given baseball game can be determined by several factors, but one of them is how many innings are being played at that particular moment in time. If you want to experience an 81 pitch baseball game yourself, you’ll need to wait until 2020 since that will be the next year that it occurs.

Did Nolan Ryan ever pitch a perfect game?

Nolan Ryan is one of only 29 players in baseball history to have appeared in MLB games in four different decades, and he’s tied with Bob Feller for the most one-hitters (12).

Despite this impressive record, he never pitched a perfect game nor did he ever win a Cy Young Award – something that has eluded him throughout his career. He also pitched 18 two-hitters which shows his ability to dominate on multiple levels.

In recent years, Ryan has focused more on broadcasting than playing professional baseball; however, there’s no doubt that he’ll go down as one of the greatest pitchers of all time.

To Recap

It is possible for a pitcher to throw two perfect games, but it is extremely rare. Even if you have the talent and ability to throw two perfect games, there are many factors that can go wrong along the way.

So while it’s possible to achieve this feat, don’t put too much stock in it – just enjoy your individual successes.

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