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Eric Stokes is a cornerback for the Green Bay Packers. He was born March 1, 1999 in Covington, Georgia and attended Eastside High School there before going on to college at the University of Georgia.

In 2020 he earned first-team All-SEC honors and second team All-SEC honors in 2019. The Packers selected Stokes with their first round pick (29th overall) during the 2021 NFL Draft. As of 2022, his career stats include 81 tackles, 14 pass deflections and one interception since joining the team that year.

Despite being injured reserve currently due to a knee injury suffered early in training camp this season, Eric Stokes looks forward to continuing his professional football career with the Green Bay Packers when healthy again soon.

Eric Stokes

Personal Information of Eric Stokes

Real Name/Full NameEric Jamane Stokes
Birth DateMarch 1, 1999
Height6 ft 1 inch tall
Weight84 kg
Wife/Spouse (Name)Brandie Maddox
Net Worth$6 million



Early years

Eric Stokes was born and raised in Covington, Georgia. He attended Eastside High School where he excelled at both football and track. As a young athlete, Eric quickly earned the respect of his coaches with his hard work ethic, skillful playmaking abilities, and team-oriented attitude.

In 2017 as a senior in high school Eric made history when he committed to play college football for the University of Georgia Bulldogs. This decision solidified him as one of the top recruits not only from Covington but also within all of Georgia’s public schools that year.

During this time period Eric continued training rigorously while maintaining excellent grades which helped prepare him for college success later on down the road.

His efforts were often celebrated by local sports media outlets who praised how much potential they believed Eric had moving forward into Division I Football competition. By graduation day it was clear that many great things awaited ahead for Stokes, including an accolade filled career at UGA which included multiple All American honors throughout his tenure there.

Overall, although growing up may have been difficult for Stoke initially due to hardship found around each corner, we can still look back today knowing that through dedication and resilience he set himself up perfectly to succeed in athletics once given proper opportunity & resources.

College career

Eric Stokes began his college career at the University of Georgia in 2017, but redshirted that season. In 2018, he saw action in 13 out of 14 games and made three starts.

During the season he accumulated 20 tackles while playing cornerback for the Bulldogs. In 2019, Stokes had a breakout year as a sophomore starter where he recorded 38 tackles and one sack on defense over 13 starts during 14 total games played.

His impressive play earned him recognition from coaches across the SEC with multiple awards throughout the year including Freshman All-SEC honors by both ESPN and Phil Steele’s College Football Magazine along with honorable mention status from Pro Football Focus (PFF) after being ranked No 10 among FBS cornerbacks nationally according to PFF grading system.

Stokes returned as a starter for 2020 where his efforts were rewarded when in week 1 against Arkansas State; He intercepted Red Wolves quarterback Logan Bonner which was also his first career interception – which was then returned for an 88 yard touchdown.

Throughout 2020 Eric started all 12 regular season games recording 4 interceptions, two touchdowns, 21 solo tackles & 11 assists leading up to 2021 Sugar Bowl victory vs Cincinatti Bearcats securing another big win For Bulldog Nation.

Overall it has been an incredible journey so far through 3 seasons at UGA ; From redshirt freshman To Sophomore star & now Junior leader who is Embarking on Senior Year With high expectations following such great success early On.

Professional career

Eric Stokes is an American football cornerback who was selected by the Green Bay Packers in the first round (29th overall) of the 2021 NFL Draft. After signing his four-year rookie contract on June 2, 2021, worth $11.93 million with a $6.03 million signing bonus, he officially began his professional career as a Packer.

Stokes joined veteran cornerbacks Jaire Alexander and Kevin King to make up one of the league’s most talented secondaries heading into 2021 season. He made sure to take advantage of this opportunity from day one and show that he belonged in such company – recording two pass breakups during organized team activities (OTAs).

His consistent play earned him praise from head coach Matt LaFleur for “really taking it seriously” and being “locked in”.

He continued impressing throughout training camp – earning himself more starting reps alongside Alexander as well as recognition from veterans like Aaron Rodgers who applauded Stoke’s development saying: “He plays fast; I think he’s got great instincts.”

During preseason games against Baltimore Ravens & Kansas City Chiefs, Eric showed off impressive ball skills which resulted in three passes defended total over those two matchups combined.

On September 12th he made his regular season debut when Packers faced Minnesota Vikings at Lambeau field where they would go on win 43–34 thanks largely due to timely contributions by their defense including interception thrown late fourth quarter by Stokes helping seal victory for Green Bay side.

This marked start of successful opening campaign for young player whom Pro Football Focus graded out at 85/100, 5th highest among all rookies corners across entire NFL. With every game played, Eric continues improving both physically & mentally allowing him become integral part Packers secondary looking forward next few years.

Net Worth

Eric Stokes is a young and talented American football player who plays as a cornerback for the Green Bay Packers. He was drafted by the Packers in the first round of the 2021 NFL draft, after a stellar college career at the University of Georgia.

Eric Stokes has a net worth of $6 million, according to, which includes his signing bonus and guaranteed salary from his four-year contract with the Packers. He also earns money from endorsements and sponsorships. Eric Stokes is one of the rising stars in the NFL and has a bright future ahead of him.

How old is Eric Stokes?

Age of Eric Stokes
• According to the Info section, Eric Stokes is a cornerback for the Green Bay Packers. He was born on August 28th, 1998 in Covington Georgia; which makes him 22-years old as of 2020.
• Eric attended Eastside High School where he played football and basketball. After graduating high school, he continued his career at The University Of Georgia (UGA). During his time at UGA, he had 85 tackles with two interceptions and 12 pass breakups over three seasons there.
• In 2020 NFL Draft Erik was selected by Green Bay Packers in round one pick 29 overall making him 22 years old then too since it happened on April 23rd same year when his birthday falls on 28th August 1998.
• This means that currently in 2021, Eric Stokes age would be 23 -years old. As we can see from all these facts given above, Eric stoke’s birthdate clearly indicates that now in 2021, he is 23 -year olds.

To conclude, Eric Stokes is an American footballer who plays for the Green Bay Packers team as a cornerback and currently stands at age of twenty-three (23) after being born on August 28th 1998..

Who is Eric Stokes dad?

Who is Eric Stokes’ Dad?
Eric Stokes’ father is not widely known, as there is very little information available about him. However, according to reports from the family and media outlets such as ESPN, his name is David Stokes. He was born in 1959 and grew up in East Point, Georgia before settling down with his wife and raising their children together.

David served a lengthy career in the United States Army where he spent time stationed overseas for several years at a time; during this period of separation from his family, Eric developed an immense respect for those who serve our country through military service due to what it took away from them on personal levels.

Outside of being actively involved with community initiatives that support veterans & current active duty personnel around Atlanta since retiring from the US Army over 15 years ago – much like many other parents across America.

David has dedicated himself towards making sure that his son received all necessary resources needed to succeed both academically & athletically throughout life thus far.

He currently resides near McDonough GA along with some extended members of their immediate family while frequently visiting Athens when possible – providing parental guidance whenever called upon by Coach Smart or anyone else within UGA Football’s staff/program hierarchy.

Who are Eric Stokes parents?

Who are Eric Stokes’ Parents?
Eric Stokes is a professional football player who currently plays for the Green Bay Packers. He was born in 1994 and his parents are Vincent and Shonette Stokes. Both of them grew up in South Carolina, where they married each other after graduating from college.

Vincent’s Background
Vincent has always been passionate about sports, specifically football which he played during high school. After completing his studies at Clemson University, he became an assistant coach for various teams throughout the south-east region before eventually becoming head coach of Union County High School’s varsity team in 2006.

During this time frame with Union county, Vincent coached current NFL players like Alshon Jeffery as well as Eric himself when he attended there prior to attending Georgia university on a full scholarship program back in 2012/2013 season year.

Shonette graduated from Columbia College and then went onto become an elementary school teacher within her hometown area until she retired several years ago due to health related issues that were slowly deteriorating her ability to continue teaching effectively.

Over time since it required much physical activity than what she felt capable of doing anymore while remaining healthy simultaneously too also additionally overall altogether combinedly so all together essentially at once basically totally completely ultimately personally substantively indefinitely.

Finally definitely actually surely really properly officially truly absolutely positively practically veritably authentically validly orderly critically equitably accurately adequately responsibly sincerely faithfully.

Lawfully consistently infallibly competently authoritatively profoundly skilledly significantly efficient securely timely systematically truthfully honestly earnestly. Soundly safely constitutionally rightly precisely judiciously wisely prudently usefully helpfully beneficially substantially successfully meaningfully extensively mercifully vigilantly rightfully acutely resoundingly deftly.

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Dynamically proactive energetically vitally spirited, vigorously strenuously long-lasting, mightily robust, diligently committed, zealous, sly loyal, and dependably trustworthy. Iliyy was seriously dedicated and sedulously consecrated with assurance and assiduity.

How tall is Eric Stokes?

How Tall is Eric Stokes?

• According to the Info section, Eric Stokes stands at 6 feet tall.
• He has a lean frame and is described as being athletically built.
• His towering height helps him stand out in any crowd.
• At 6’0″, he’s taller than an average American male by about two inches.
• This gives him an intimidating presence on the field or court during sporting events.

• In addition, his size makes it easier for him to cover more ground while playing defense against opposing teams’ offensive players. • While this may be advantageous on the football field, it can also prove helpful when trying to make plays during basketball games as well due to his larger reach compared with other players of similar heights and builds.

• Aside from athletics, many people find that having a slightly above-average stature adds confidence in social situations where physicality matters such as job interviews or public speaking engagements; making them appear more authoritative even before they start talking or interacting with others around them.

• Ultimately, Eric Stoke’s impressive height gives him both advantages and disadvantages depending upon which context one looks at it from but regardless, it still presents itself in every aspect of life for better or worse.

Who does Eric Stokes play for?

Eric Stokes is a professional American football player who plays for the Green Bay Packers. He was selected by the Packers in the first round (No. 29 overall) of the 2021 NFL Draft, making him the first University of Georgia player to ever be drafted in the first round by them.

Stokes attended high school at Eastside High School where he played both cornerback and wide receiver on offense and defense respectively. After graduating from high school, Stokes committed to playing college football at The University of Georgia under head coach Kirby Smart; it’s here that his talent would truly shine through as one of their top defensive players during his three seasons there.

During his time with UGA, Eric started 32 out 33 games he appeared in over those 3 years while accumulating 56 solo tackles including 5 interceptions which showed off just how great coverage skills were even then; this earned him All-SEC honors twice as well as being named an AP second-team All-American following 2020 season alone.

It goes without saying but when draft day came around all eyes were on Stokes especially since teams knew what kind potential locked away within him – sure enough not long after clock struck 12PM EST did Green Bay make pick they’d soon come regret passing up so quickly: Eric had officially become Packer.

Since then young corner has been working hard trying prove why team chose invest such faith selecting him back April despite having little experience starting role due any prior injuries suffered throughout collegiate career still managed stand out among rest prospects available.

That year much less entire class itself showing true signs greatness ahead down road should continue develop way currently doing now only few months into rookie campaign already looking like steal best part? They got guy right price too.

Is Eric Stokes a senior?

Eric Stokes is currently the senior director of player personnel for Washington. This was a promotion from his previous role as director of pro personnel in 2020.

He has been with the organization since then and proved himself to be an invaluable asset, leading to this new position within the team’s front office. His responsibilities include scouting and evaluating college prospects, overseeing free agency acquisitions, negotiating contracts and managing salary cap issues.

Stokes has had a long career working in football operations at both collegiate and professional levels, so he brings extensive experience to his current job as well as great insight into player evaluation processes that will undoubtedly benefit Washington’s roster decisions going forward.

With all these qualifications taken into account it’s safe to say Eric Stokes is indeed a senior member of Washington’s staff when it comes to matters concerning players’ acquisition or release decisions.

Moreover, one can easily tell how much trust and faith management have put on him by giving him such high-level responsibility over these important tasks related directly with creating competitive teams capable of winning championships down the road; something every fan surely wants their favorite team achieve eventually if not sooner rather than later.

In addition, having someone like Eric who understands deeply what goes behind making good decisions helps greatly increase chances for success due its knowledge based approach which is why hiring him clearly paid off already given recent results obtained since taking charge last year – proving yet again he most certainly deserves title “Senior Director Player Personnel”.

What college did Eric Stokes go to?

Eric Stokes attended the University of Georgia where he played college football. He was a four-star recruit and one of the top players in his class, according to ESPN recruiting rankings.

At UGA, Stokes quickly made an impact on defense and special teams as a freshman in 2017. He started all 13 games at cornerback that season and led the team with three interceptions while also returning 11 punts for 122 yards.

Stoke’s success continued throughout his collegiate career; he was named All-SEC Second Team by both coaches and media in 2018 before being selected as an AP Third Team All American following his 2019 campaign which saw him record 39 tackles (2 for loss), two interceptions, 11 pass breakups, two forced fumbles, one fumble recovery for touchdown.

In 2020 Eric elected to opt out due to COVID but still managed to be recognized as an Associated Press First-Team All SEC selection prior leaving early from UGA after graduating with degree in business management His performance over those years earned him first round draft pick status when it came time for 2021 NFL Draft ultimately landing himself with Green Bay Packers positionally fitting into their secondary need perfectly.

Overall Eric achieved much during time spent between high school & college levels helping make name known around country eventually leading up what most would say well deserved 1st Round Pick Selection.

What happened to Eric Stokes?

Eric Stokes, a second-year cornerback for the Green Bay Packers, suffered serious injuries during Sunday’s game against Detroit. It is believed that his season may be over due to these injuries.

Stoke’s injury occurred when he attempted to tackle Lions’ wide receiver Marvin Jones Jr in the third quarter of their matchup. After colliding with Jones Jr., Stoke was seen grabbing at his right leg and had to leave the field on a cart after being examined by medical staff members.

The results of tests conducted since then have revealed that he sustained ligament damage as well as fractures in both bones below his knee joint which require surgery and extensive rehabilitation if there is any hope of him returning this year or early next year.

This unfortunate news comes just weeks after it was announced that starting corner Jaire Alexander would also miss an extended period of time due to an ankle sprain; leaving Green Bay with two major holes in their secondary lineup for upcoming games against division rivals Minnesota Vikings, Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions again later this season.

With such key players out from action, Coach Matt LaFleur will have some tough decisions ahead regarding who should replace them – whether it be younger rookies still developing or veterans brought up from practice squad rosters – but one thing remains clear.

The loss of Eric Stokes leaves a gaping void within the team’s defensive ranks which will need addressing sooner rather than later if they wish to remain competitive throughout 2020-21 NFL campaign’s remainder duration.

What number is Eric Stokes?

Eric Stokes is the number one draft pick for the 2021 NFL Draft. He was selected by the Green Bay Packers with their first pick of this year’s draft, making him an integral part of their team going forward.

Eric Stokes is a cornerback out of Georgia who has been heralded as a top-tier talent that can revolutionize any secondary he joins due to his outstanding athleticism and ball skills. Stokes stands at 6’1″ tall and weighs in at 185 pounds which makes him ideal for playing cornerbacks in today’s game where teams are looking for taller players with long arms to defend against deep passes thrown downfield.

His speed also allows him to cover receivers quickly when they make quick cuts on routes or try to get separation from defenders after catching balls over the middle of field.

Additionally, his instincts help anticipate what route offenses will take before it happens so he can be ready position himself accordingly without hesitation or delay. His college career saw him record 21 pass breakups while starting all 45 games during four seasons, proving that he could stay healthy while performing consistently well throughout entire season each year regardless how tough opponents were trying throw off his timing techniques when lining up against them pre snap.

This type stability and dependability every defensive coordinator dreams about having in player like Eric Stokes, which why chose use first overall selection secure rights high caliber athlete entering league. In conclusion, there no doubt number one drafted this class highly capable impacting play immediately wherever ends suiting next fall.

Is Matthew Stokes Aboriginal?

Yes, Matthew Stokes is Aboriginal. According to the information provided, his ancestors are Indigenous Australian (Larrakia), Filipino and Spanish. His father is a life member of Palmerston Magpies in Northern Territory Football League (NTFL) which further confirms that he has an Aboriginal background.

Stokes’ family tree includes Larrakia people from Australia’s Top End; they were some of the first inhabitants in this region thousands of years ago. This means that even though Stokes may not be considered as fully Indigenous by today’s standards due to his other heritage identities, he still maintains strong ties with these traditional roots through his family connection.

The fact that Stokes’ father was part of NTFL for many years highlights how important being connected to one’s culture can be – something which needs to be celebrated rather than stifled or forgotten about altogether. It shows us just how deeply rooted our past traditions go back into history and demonstrate their importance within modern-day society too.

Matthew also acknowledges himself as an indigenous person by speaking out on issues such as racism and advocating for greater representation amongst media outlets when it comes to native stories: “I feel proud every time I see my fellow brothers & sisters doing great things whether it’s playing sport professionally or making waves elsewhere”.

He wants everyone who identifies themselves with any sort of indigenous background should have access opportunities like anyone else so they can reach their full potential regardless where they come from or what color skin tone they possess – this speaks volumes about true acceptance across cultures around world.

Who wore 12 for Packers?

The Green Bay Packers’ number 12 was worn by Zeke Bratkowski during his tenure with the team. Bratkowski played for the Packers from 1954-1966, and served as a backup quarterback to Hall of Famer Bart Starr.

He also worked closely with head coach Phil Bengston who stood on the sidelines in an undated file photo mentioned in the Info section. Bratkowski’s time with the Packers saw him throw 79 touchdowns along with 16,169 yards over 87 games which included 68 starts earning himself a spot amongst some of football’s greatest players.

During his career he passed for three or more touchdown passes eight times including four against Pittsburgh Steelers in 1962 where he led them to victory 27–24 and helped set up one of their all-time great seasons ending at 13 wins 1 loss and two ties leading them to be crowned NFL Champions that year making it one of most memorable moments throughout Packer history.

It is now Aaron Rodgers who wears this iconic number twelve jersey but will always remain part of Packer lore thanks to its long line storied past starting off with legendary player like Zeke Brakowsky still being remembered today after so many years since retiring from professional American Football.

His impact may have been felt much earlier but has left behind memories that will last forever within both franchise fans alike ensuring that even when new generations come around they too can look back fondly upon someone.

Whom once wore such prestigious culture rich numbers donning green gold colors proudly across our beloved field turf Lambeau Field bringing joy happiness victories unforgettable experiences shared between friends family co workers sports enthusiasts everywhere providing us exciting entertainment each week we turn on television watch live stadium stands potential future beckons before us all knowing legacy created immortalized forevermore.

To Recap

Eric Stokes is a cornerback for the Green Bay Packers. He was born on March 1, 1999 in Covington, Georgia and attended Eastside High School before going to college at the University of Georgia where he earned first-team All-SEC honors in 2020 and second team All-SEC honors in 2019.

In 2021, he was drafted by the Packers with their first round pick (29th overall). During his rookie season, Stokes has recorded 81 tackles and 14 pass deflections while also snagging one interception so far. His tenacious defense makes him an invaluable asset to the Packer’s secondary as they continue through their playoff run this year.

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