Do You Wear Boxers Under Swim Trunks

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Wear Boxers Under Swim Trunks

If you’re going to wear swimwear, go without underwear. It’s that simple. A one-piece swimsuit is all you need if it’s a sheer fabric and doesn’t include any undergarments (bra or panties).

For two pieces, cover up those naughty bits with something else like a shirt over your lingerie/panties when swimming in public pools and beaches. Swim shorts are the best option for wearing around the house when modesty isn’t an issue – just make sure they cover your butt cheeks too.

And finally, No matter what type of swimwear you choose, remember: never wear underwear beneath it in case there are any accidents while swimming.

Do You Wear Boxers Under Swim Trunks?

Swimwear isn’t just for the beach. You can wear swimwear anywhere, even when it’s cold outside. Just because you’re going swimming doesn’t mean you have to dress like a nun or wear clothes that are too heavy and restrictive.

If it’s a one-piece swimsuit, there is no need to bother with underwear underneath – unless of course you want to cover up more skin. For two pieces, wearing something over your panties/bras will suffice most of the time (unless you plan on going all out in revealing lingerie).

When it comes to swim trunks and briefs, be sure not to go without underwear if this is what you plan on wearing – especially if modesty is important to you.

Swimwear Isn’t A Dress

If you’re checking the weather forecast and see that the temperature is going to be in the low 90s, it’s probably a good idea not to put on swim trunks.

In fact, if your climate is hot like Arizona or Florida, sometimes swimming without any clothes at all can feel refreshing. However, there are some people who do prefer wearing boxers under their swim trunks because they think it makes them look slimmer and sexier.

There’s nothing wrong with either choice – just make sure you know what looks best for you before hitting the pool. Swimming wear should cover as much skin as possible so stay cool and comfortable all day long.

If It’s A One Piece, No Underwear Required

If you’re swimming in a one-piece swimsuit, there’s no need to wear underwear. However, if it’s not a one-piece suit and you have coverage below the waistline, then go ahead and put on some boxers for extra modesty.

It really depends on what type of swimwear you’re wearing – trunks vs briefs – so be sure to read the product information before purchasing it. Be careful when taking your clothes off after swimming; water can get right into those tight spots where clothing meets skin.

Remember that even if you don’t wear any underwear underneath your swimsuit, there is still an increased risk of getting UTIs while swimming in public pools or hot tubs

If It’s A Two Piece, Wear Something Over The Panties/Bras

Swimwear is made for a variety of activities, including swimming and diving. If you’re going to be wearing swim trunks under your clothing, it’s important that you protect your modesty properly.

Wearing something over the bottom half of your underwear will help keep everything inside the lines while still looking sexy and confident in your swimsuit. There are many different types of lingerie available to choose from when dressing up for a pool party or day at the beach.

When choosing what type of underwear to wear, think about how active you’ll be and what protection you need during each activity.

If It’s Swim Trunks, Swim Shorts Or Swim Briefs… Don’t Wear Underwear

If you’re swimming in swim trunks, swim shorts or swim briefs, don’t wear underwear. This will help eliminate any unnecessary panty lines and keep everything organized while you’re enjoying the pool or beach.

You can also choose a pair of comfortable bikini-style bottoms for your outing without worrying about embarrassing undergarments peeking out from underneath your suit. Make sure to pack some extra clothes if it’s really hot outside so that you have options for changing into something more comfortable post-swim too.

And lastly, remember: no one wants to see an outline of your underwear when they accidentally catch a glimpse of them in a compromising position…

To Recap

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on personal preference. Some people feel that boxers provide a more comfortable fit under swim trunks than briefs do, while others find briefs to be more comfortable.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide what type of underwear they would like to wear and there’s no wrong or right answer.

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