Do You Need Spacers In Skateboard Wheels

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Do You Need Spacers In Skateboard Wheels

Bearing spacers help prevent bearing damage and improve wheel performance by aligning the races. They also help to prevent axle slip and damages, making your car or truck run smoother and longer.

Bearing spacers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and colors to fit nearly any vehicle application. Installing them is easy- just remove the original bearings from your wheels, install the spacer on top with new bearings (or use a set), torque it down snugly using a wrench or socket, then replace the wheel hubcap/cover.

Do You Need Spacers In Skateboard Wheels?

Bearing spacers help prevent bearing damage and improve wheel performance by aligning the races. They protect your axle from slipping and damage, too. Spacers come in various sizes to fit different types of wheels, making them a useful accessory for any vehicle.

If you have trouble with excessive vibrations or noises during driving, try using bearing spacers to alleviate the issue permanently.

Bearing Spacers Prevent Bearing Damage

Bearing spacers prevent bearing damage and keep your wheels spinning smoothly. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to suit your needs.

Make sure you use the right type for your skateboard wheels; if not, they can cause less down the road. Spacers are also available with grips that make them easier to remove when necessary-great for keeping track of during cleaning or repairs.

Bearings need regular lubrication and proper maintenance to avoid wear and tear-spacers help ensure this happens easily and effectively.

Improves Wheel Performance by Aligning the Races

When you tighten your skateboard wheel, it squeezes the races together and can decrease their lifespan. By using spacers, you can evenly distribute pressure on the races, which improves wheel performance and durability.

You don’t need them for every size of skateboard wheel – just for those that are over-inflated or have unevenly spaced races. Spacers come in a variety of materials (metal, plastic, rubber), so choose one that’s comfortable to grip and fits the wheels snugly without causing damage or noise when rolling around on your board.

Don’t forget to replace spacer whenever you change your skateboard wheels – it’ll keep your ride running smoothly and efficiently.

Prevents Axle Slippage and Damages

When your skateboard wheels are properly fitted with spacers, you can prevent axle slip and damage to the wheel bearings. Spacers come in various sizes and shapes, so it’s important to find the right size for your skateboard wheels.

Make sure that you use spacers of the correct thickness; too thin a spacer will not provide adequate protection, while overly thick spacers may cause damage to the wheel bearing surface.

If your skateboard has Bearings on both ends of each axle (Olympic-style boards), be sure to install spacers on both ends of each axle as well – this will help prevent axles from slipping during extreme skating maneuvers.

Be careful when removing or installing spacers – do not force them onto or off the wheel hub assembly if they don’t fit easily.

Do all skateboard wheels need spacers?

While it’s not necessary for all skateboard wheels to have spacers, many skaters like the added stability they provide. When using spacers, be sure to use the appropriate size and type for your board.

Bearing Spacers Are Optional

Bearing spacers are not necessary for skateboard wheels and are generally only used by longboarders and casual skaters. Skateboarding is a very active sport, and the heavy use of bearings can lead to them wearing out prematurely. If you don’t plan on doing any tricks or sliding often, then bearing spacers may not be necessary for you.

Longboarders And Casual Skaters Probably Won’t Need Them

Skating on a regular basis will cause your bearings to wear down over time, so if you’re just starting out or aren’t skating as much as someone who does it regularly, bearing spacers probably won’t do much good in protecting your wheels from premature wear and tear.

They’re A Good Investment If You Want To Slide, Do A Lot Of Tricks, And Generally Skate Hard

If you frequently slide around or do lots of tricks while skating then bearing spacers are definitely something that you’ll want to consider adding onto your set of wheels. Not only will they protect your bearings from damage but they also make rolling easier since there’s less friction involved between the wheel and the ground when using them.

When In Doubt, Add Some Spacer. Adding some small bearing spacer (or even a single large one) into each wheel before rolling can help resolve any issues with uneven terrain that might prevent proper alignment of the bearings within the wheel hub assembly- no matter how big/small your board is.

Can you ride without spacers?

If you’re having trouble fitting your bike’s tires properly, it might be because you don’t have the right spacers. Spacers are small rubber or plastic pieces that help to adjust the distance between the tire and wheel.

Without them, your bike will likely wobble and feel unstable when you ride it.

  • Bearing spacers are not necessary when skating, and in fact, they can actually cause problems. Bearing spacers are small pieces of metal which are placed between the bearings and the wheel hub. They help to reduce friction, but over time they can become worn out or damaged and cause your skates to move around on the ground during use.
  • Skateboard bearings come pre-lubricated with grease, so you don’t need any bearing spacers by default. If you want a smoother ride without bearing Spacers though, you can replace them with regular skateboard bearings instead.
  • Longboards do not usually come equipped with bearing spacers either – this is because longboards rely more heavily on their deck geometry to provide stability than shortboards do. Without bearing Spacers installed in between the wheels and deck, however, there is a greater chance that your board will wobble when turning sharply due to the lack of grip provided by the pavement surface underneath it.
  • You don’t need Bearing Spacers if you’re looking for a smooth ride – other options such as urethane or soft foam tape work just as well.
  • There’s no need to worry about using Bearing Spacers if you only plan on doing mild turns; even without them your longboard should still stay stable

Are skateboard washers necessary?

Skateboard washers are necessary for preventing damage to the truck and axle nut. They also protect against smooth ride accidents by keeping debris off of the wheels.

Make sure your bearing protection is up to par, too – skateboard washers can strip out bearings quickly. Finally, keep an eye on the weather forecast before heading out – if it looks like there’s going to be a lot of rain or snow, skip the wash altogether.

Which skateboard wheels are best for street?

Street skaters need wheels that can handle a lot of stress and abuse. So, which skateboard wheels are the best for street? The most common type of street wheel is the aluminum alloy hub with plastic bearings.

This combination provides good speed, grip and durability. However, they don’t work well on wet surfaces or in cold weather. When it comes to choosing the right skateboard wheels for street use, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

First and foremost, make sure that your chosen wheel size is appropriate for the surface you’re skating on. Wheels that are too large or small will not work well on different surfaces, and can even cause damage. Next, be sure to conditioning your wheels regularly if you plan on using them outdoors.

If your wheels aren’t treated properly, they may become unevenly worn over time which can affect their performance. Finally, consider how closely your gear ratio corresponds with the truck width of your board – wider trucks require wider boards and vice versa.

Additionally, bearing type (ball-bearing vs roller bearings) also affects wheel performance; ball bearings tend to last longer but require regular maintenance while roller bearings don’t usually require any extra care but do wear down faster.

Do I need risers for my skateboard?

Wheel Bite can occur when the wheels of your skateboard hit a surface and cause the board to jolt or vibrate. Risers can help reduce vibration and stress cracks in your deck, which could lead to wheel bite.

If you have a larger skateboard with 55mm or more wheels, risers are recommended by manufacturers. They’re not necessary for smaller boards but 1/8″ shock pads can always be used as an extra precautionary measure if desired.

To Recap

Spacers are a common accessory for skateboard wheels and can be used to improve the performance of the wheel. They help distribute the weight of the skateboard evenly across all of the bearings in the wheel, which improves durability and makes it easier to spin.

Spacers come in various sizes and shapes, so you’ll need to choose one that’s appropriate for your board’s width and length.

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