Do Skateboard Wheels Need Spacers

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Do Skateboard Wheels Need Spacers

Bearing spacers are optional if you don’t plan on doing tricks or sliding. If you want to slide and do tricks, get a bearing spacer. They’re a good investment if skate hard often; they’ll last longer that way.

Bearings spacers won’t affect performance in the slightest- they’re just there for looks. Sliding is possible with or without bearings spacers- it’s up to you which route you take.

Do Skateboard Wheels Need Spacers?

If you don’t have a bearing spacers, your skateboard won’t glide smoothly and tricks may not be possible – it’s important to invest in these if you’re someone who skates hard.

Bearings Spacers are small pieces of plastic or metal that sit between the bearings and the deck – they help increase performance by reducing friction and allowing for easier slides.

They cost around $8-10 USD but are definitely worth it if you skate often – they last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years depending on how much abuse your board takes. You can also usebearing spacers if you want to slide without any bearings at all; however, doing so will reduce the lifespan of your deck significantly as there is less protection against wear and tear.

Bearings Are Optional

Bearings are not typically needed when skateboarding on smooth surfaces, but they may be necessary if you’re skating on a rougher surface or if you’re using larger wheels.

If your bearings start making noise or the wheel isn’t spinning smoothly, it’s time to replace them. Skateboard spacers can help compensate for uneven ground and make turning easier while skateboarding.

When choosing the right size skateboard spacer, measure the width of your deck at its widest point and use that number as your guide . You don’t need spacers if you’re using a standard-sized board with normal-width wheels.

Bearing Spacers Won’t Affect Performance In The slightest

Bearing spacers are not necessary for skateboard wheels if you have a proper grip and technique. They can actually cause more problems than they solve, especially if your wheel is already setup properly.

If you’re having trouble maintaining control or stopping on the board, adding spacers may not help at all. By removing them, you risk losing some of your momentum and balance as well as ruining your skateboard’s bearings in the process.

Spacers also make it harder to change gears while skating – be careful when selecting yours.

If You Want To Slide And Do Tricks, Get A Bearings Spacer

Bearings spacers are necessary for skateboard wheels to have a smooth glide and prevent damage to the deck or your flooring. They come in different sizes so you can find the perfect one for your board – even if it’s brand new.

If you’re planning on doing tricks, make sure to get a bearing spacer that is appropriate for those moves. Spacers also help keep decks flat when sliding, which prevents wear and tear on the surface of your board. Some brands offer free shipping if you purchase bearings spacers while shopping online – making them an affordable option overall.

They’re A Good Investment If You Skate Hard

Although some people believe that skateboard wheels do not need spacers, this is not always the case. Spacers can prevent your board from catching on the ground and causing damage to both you and your equipment.

They are also a good investment if you skate hard as they can save you from getting hurt in an accident or broken bones when falling off your board. If you have never used spacers before, it may be helpful to try them out first so that you get the most benefit possible from them.

It’s important to use enough spacers so that there is plenty of clearance between the wheel and the ground – too much space could lead to instability on your board.

Can you ride without spacers?

Skaters cannot bearly ride without bearing spacers- they are necessary for sharp turns and regular bearings will secure against turning wheels. Bearing spacers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to suit your needs; choose the right one for your skateboard or skater.

Spacers can be attached before or after skating with screwsdriver or an Allen wrench- it is important to make sure you have the correct size spacer for your wheel. Bearings should be replaced every two years as part of maintaining proper skateboarding equipment; replacing bearings regularly helps prolong gear life and avoids unnecessary repairs/ replacements later on down the line Make sure you read product reviews beforehand to get accurate sizing information: some people may need larger spacers while others might only require smaller ones.

Are washers necessary on skateboards?

Washers are necessary on skateboards in order to increase the lifespan of bearings, provide a much smoother ride, and prevent bearing from rubbing against truck hanger & axle nut.

If your skateboard doesn’t have washers installed, it may cause decreased life expectancy for bearings as well as reduce the smoothness of your ride. Installing washers onto your skateboard can also help prevent damage to trucks or axles – something that could ultimately shorten their lifespan significantly.

Finally, having proper washer installation will ensure that all parts remain in good working condition for an extended period of time.

Do Reds bearings come with spacers?

bearings often come with spacers to ensure a proper fit. Spacers can be made from various materials, including metal and plastic. They’re inserted into the bearings before installation to adjust their spacing and allow for better movement.


Speed Cream Racing Lubricant is a special type of lubricant that is designed to be used before your bearings go in for assembly. This will ensure that the bearings are properly lubricated and free from rust and other contaminants.

Bones Reds Bearings

Bones Reds Bearings are one of the most popular types of bearings on the market today. They have a reputation for being very durable and resistant to tear, wear, and corrosion.

Bearing Spacers

In order to optimize bearing performance, it is sometimes necessary to use bearing spacers during assembly process.

These spacers help reduce friction between different parts of the bearing while allowing them to move freely within their assigned space.

Instructions and Sticker Included

Speed Cream Racing includes detailed instructions along with stickers which you can place on your engine’s rotor caps as a reminder about how to install your new bearings.

Why are my bearings loud skateboard?

If you’re skating on hard surfaces, your wheels may be old and worn. It’s important to replace wheel seats every few years to keep them from coming loose and making noise.

Your bearings are out of round if they’re not spinning perfectly in their hubs or if the races are too big or small for your skateboard wheels. You’ll need new bearings if they’re bad or if you haven’t replaced them in a while.

Putting fresh oil in your bearings can help make your skateboard run smoother and quieter.

How tight should skateboard wheels be?

Skateboard wheels should not be overtightened, as this can cause them to break. Wheel nuts should only be tightened a little bit, as too much torque will cause them to crack or come off altogether.

Wheels should spin easily when turned by hand – if they don’t, the axle may need to be tighted down further. If your wheels have no play and appear to be tightly attached, then the wheel nut may need to be loosened slightly in order for them to Spin freely again.

How long do skate bearings last?

Skate bearings are a type of bearing used in skateboards and other types of vehicles. They typically last for around 500 to 1,000 hours before they need to be replaced.

  • Skate bearings need to be cleaned and lubricated every week in order to keep them running smoothly. If the bearing is not kept clean and dry, it will eventually wear out and require replacement.
  • It’s important to check the inner race of your skateboard bearings for signs of wear or damage before replacing them. This can help you determine if it’s time for a new set of bearings all together.
  • Broken or inappropriate skateboard bearings should be replaced as soon as possible in order to prevent further problems down the road. Bearings that are not properly installed, damaged, or too worn may cause your board to wobble and lose traction while skating.
  • Keep your skateboard clean and dry by storing it indoors when not in use, using a dust cover when transporting it on pavement/sidewalks, and wiping down any dirt or water spots after each ride.
  • By following these tips, you can prolong the life of your skateboard bearings.

Why do you need spacers?

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Are Super Reds worth it?

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  • Reds bearing are made with superior quality bearings that provide higher performance and longer life than standard bearings. They also use a better steel race which is designed to resist wear and tear, as well as offer greater durability for extended periods of time.
  • Super Reds balls have a much higher grade of ball than those found in regular rubbers, meaning they will offer more consistent power and accuracy when hit. The surface finish on the balls is also superior, giving them a smoother feel while playing.
  • Finally, Super Reds surfaces are finished with an extra layer of polyurethane ensuring maximum speed, controlability and comfort during play.

To Recap

Skateboarding wheels need spacers to ensure a consistent and safe ride. Spacers keep the wheel from contacting the ground, preventing damage and ensuring a smooth ride.

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