Did Wesley Bryan Keep His PGA Card? Or Lose His PGA Tour Card?

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Did Wesley Bryan keep his PGA card

Wesley Bryan, a name well-known in the world of professional golf, faced an unexpected twist in his journey to retain his PGA Tour card during the Sanderson Farms Championship. 

As one of the sport’s former champions, Bryan’s golfing prowess had already secured his standing in the competitive world of PGA Tour golf. 

However, during the opening round of the championship, an incident unfolded that left spectators amused and intrigued.

Despite the memorable mishap that saw him taking an unscheduled dip into a creek, the question remains: Did Wesley Bryan manage to keep his coveted PGA Tour card? 

Delving into the intricacies of his golfing career and the regulations surrounding tour card retention, we explore the factors that contributed to his ultimate fate in the world of professional golf.

Did Wesley Bryan Keep His PGA Card?

Yes, Wesley Bryan managed to keep his PGA Tour card, despite his unfortunate mishap during the opening round of the Sanderson Farms Championship.

There are reasons why Bryan was able to retain his tour card.

Past PGA Tour Winner

Past PGA Tour Winner

Wesley Bryan’s previous victory on the PGA Tour was a significant factor in securing his tour card. Winning a PGA Tour event not only adds to a golfer’s career earnings but also grants them a multi-year exemption. 

This exemption typically ranges from two to five years, depending on the specific tournament won. This success ensured that Bryan had a safety net, which allowed him to compete on the tour even in challenging times.

Conditional Status

Conditional status is another crucial element that contributed to Wesley Bryan’s ability to keep his PGA Tour card. 

Conditional status is often given to players who have previously held full PGA Tour membership but did not maintain the necessary criteria for the current season. 

It allows them to enter a specified number of events, giving them opportunities to earn their card back through strong performances.

Point Accumulation

PGA Tour players earn FedExCup points for each event they compete in throughout the season. These points are critical in determining a player’s eligibility and status on the tour. 

Even if a player has a difficult round or event, the points accumulated from previous strong performances can serve as a buffer. 

The goal is to maintain a position within the top 125 in FedExCup points, which ensures full tour membership.


Exemptions play a pivotal role in safeguarding a player’s PGA Tour card. Golfers can receive exemptions based on various factors, such as career earnings, past tournament wins, and consistent finishes within the top 125 in FedExCup points. 

These exemptions allow players like Bryan to enter events without relying solely on their current performance. 

The combination of conditional status and exemptions provides an additional layer of security for tour members.

Benefits of Having a PGA Tour Card

Benefits of Having a PGA Tour Card

Obtaining a PGA Tour card is a significant achievement for any professional golfer and comes with a host of benefits. 

These cards are essentially licenses to compete at the highest level of professional golf in the United States.

Here are some of the key advantages of having a PGA Tour card:

Access to Prestigious Tournaments

Holding a PGA Tour card grants players access to the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world. 

These events not only offer substantial prize money but also provide the chance to compete on legendary courses with rich histories. 

Participation in tournaments like The Masters, U.S. Open, The Open Championship, and PGA Championship is a dream come true for golfers and a career highlight.

Stability and Security

PGA Tour cardholders enjoy a level of career stability that aspiring golfers strive for. With a guaranteed schedule of events, they can plan their competitive season in advance, helping with travel, practice, and training schedules. This stability contributes to their peace of mind and overall career development.


Exemptions are one of the significant perks of holding a PGA Tour card. These exemptions allow players to bypass the qualification process for specific tournaments. 

Exemptions are often based on various criteria, such as career earnings, past victories, or being in the top 125 of the FedExCup points list. 

These exemptions grant players more opportunities to compete and earn income, even if their performance may not be consistently strong.

Sponsorship and Endorsement Opportunities

A PGA Tour card greatly enhances a golfer’s marketability. Successful play on the tour opens doors to lucrative sponsorship and endorsement deals with major brands. 

These partnerships can provide additional income beyond tournament winnings, helping players secure their financial future.

Points for World Golf Rankings

Points for World Golf Rankings

PGA Tour events offer valuable Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR) points. A high ranking in the OWGR can have far-reaching implications, as it affects eligibility for prestigious international events such as the Ryder Cup and the Presidents Cup. 

It also influences the player’s positioning in the field for major championships and other high-profile tournaments.

Increased Earnings

Competing in PGA Tour events provides golfers with the potential for substantial earnings. With significant prize money on offer, consistent success can lead to financial stability and even wealth for the top performers. This financial aspect is a strong motivator for many professional golfers.

Access to Top-Notch Facilities and Coaching

PGA Tour cardholders have access to world-class training facilities, experienced coaches, and support staff. 

This access allows them to refine their skills, receive professional guidance, and maintain peak physical and mental performance, contributing to their success on the tour.

Competitive Experience

Regularly competing against the world’s best golfers offers invaluable experience. Playing in high-pressure situations against top competition helps players develop their skills, adapt to various playing conditions, and cultivate mental toughness. 

This experience can be a game-changer in their overall performance.

Path to Major Championships

Many golfers view earning a PGA Tour card as a stepping stone to competing in major championships. 

Strong performances on the tour can lead to invitations to compete in prestigious events like the Masters, U.S. Open, The Open Championship, and PGA Championship, where the golfing immortality is achieved.

Recognition and Respect

Holding a PGA Tour card is a symbol of accomplishment and dedication. It earns golfers the respect of their peers, fans, and the golfing community at large. 

The level of recognition and prestige associated with the card can open doors to various opportunities within and outside of the golfing world.


Does Wesley Bryan have a PGA Tour card?

Yes, Wesley Bryan is a PGA Tour cardholder. He earned his card through previous successes on the PGA Tour.

What is Wesley Bryan’s current PGA Tour status?

Wesley Bryan holds PGA Tour membership, which grants him eligibility to compete in PGA Tour events.

Did Wesley Bryan lose his PGA Tour card at any point?

While he may have faced challenges during his career, Wesley Bryan’s PGA Tour card status may have been maintained through various mechanisms, such as conditional status and exemptions.

How often are PGA Tour cards reviewed and renewed?

PGA Tour cards are typically reviewed at the end of each season. Players must maintain a certain level of performance or secure exemptions to keep their cards for the following season.

Can a player lose their PGA Tour card if they suffer a severe injury?

Yes, a severe injury can impact a player’s ability to compete and meet the tour’s criteria.

To Recap

In the complex and competitive world of professional golf, Wesley Bryan’s ability to retain his PGA Tour card is a testament to both his past achievements and the structured support system within the sport. 

His status as a former PGA Tour winner, combined with conditional status, point accumulation, and exemptions, collectively ensured the preservation of his career at the highest level. 

While his unexpected creek dive may have garnered attention, it was his consistent dedication to the game and the safety nets in place that truly secured his place on the PGA Tour. 

Bryan’s story reflects the resilience and adaptability required to navigate the challenges of professional golf, illustrating that even in moments of adversity, a player’s card, and career, can remain intact.

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