Did Harden Request For A Trade?

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Did Harden Request For A Trade

James Harden wants a trade from the Brooklyn Nets, but he’s reluctant to make a formal request because of possible public backlash. He would like to join the Philadelphia 76ers, and he has already spoken with their General Manager about potentially joining the team.

If a trade does not happen before next season begins, then it is likely that Harden will be traded by the Nets at some point during 2018-19 campaign. The NBA is constantly changing and with new talent emerging on all teams, it’s hard to predict who will be available in February 2019 when rosters are frozen for the playoffs.

Trade rumors can sometimes get out of hand and cause unnecessary friction between players and their current teams – this is especially true in cases where star players want out of their contractually obligated situation (i.e., James Harden).

Did Harden Request For A Trade?

James Harden, the 2017-2018 NBA MVP, is looking for a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. The reason he’s reluctant to make a formal request is because of possible public backlash.

He would like to join the Philadelphia 76ers, but he isn’t sure if they will want him since he has two years left on his contract with Brooklyn. If things don’t work out in Brooklyn and Philadelphia, then Houston or Portland are potential destinations for him next season.

He’s one of the best players in the world and any team that acquires him will be getting a superstar player.

James Harden wants a trade from the Brooklyn Nets

Reports say that James Harden wants a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. However, it is unclear if the Rockets star player will get his wish and leave Houston in 2019.

It is possible that he could stay with the team for another season or two, but speculation is mounting about where he would prefer to play next year. Regardless of whether or not he gets traded, Harden has already proven himself as one of the best players in NBA history and there’s no doubt he will continue to dominate on the court for many years to come.

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He is reluctant to make a formal request because of possible public backlash

Reports say that James Harden is reluctant to make a formal request for a trade because of the possible public backlash it would create. Some believe that he should do whatever it takes to win another championship and take his team towards the playoffs this season, even if that means making a trade.

Others feel like trading him would be unfair to Houston fans who have been rooting for him all along, no matter what happened in previous championships seasons. It will be interesting to see how negotiations play out between the two teams involved before anything happens officially on either side of the deal equation.

In any case, it’s clear that things are far from settled with regards to James Harden and his future with the Rockets organization.

He would like to join the Philadelphia 76ers

According to sources, James Harden would like a trade from the Houston Rockets and it seems as though Philadelphia 76ers are interested in acquiring him.

If he were to join the Sixers, he would become their third All-Star player joining Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. The team is currently struggling with injuries but they are still looking to make a playoff run this season.

Since signing with Houston in 2017, Harden has led the Rockets to three Western Conference Finals appearances including one championship appearance in 2018. He will turn 30 years old this year and his contract with Houston expires after next season which could lead to a possible trade happening soon.

Why did Harden ask for a trade?

Houston Rockets guard James Harden asked for a trade from the team earlier this season. There are many reasons why he may have wanted to leave, but one of the main ones is that he feels like he’s not given enough playing time.

James Harden Wanted A Trade

It looks like James Harden was not happy with his role on the Nets and he asked for a trade. Kyrie Irving was not happy with this decision and decided to leave Brooklyn as well. Embiid, Morey, and the Sixers offered him what he wanted which is a new opportunity to be the star player that he always dreamed of being.

Kyrie Irving Was Not Happy With His Role On The Nets

Kyrie Irving felt that he wasn’t getting enough playing time on the Nets and didn’t feel like he belonged there anymore. He requested a trade in order to find more playing time elsewhere which led to his arrival in Philadelphia.

Embiid, Morey And The Sixers Offered Him What He Wanted

Embiid, Morey, and team management were confident that they could give James Harden everything that he desired – an opportunity to win championships right away as well as long term stability within their organization structure. They believed that by offering him this contract extension along with other top players such as Tobias Harris, Dario Saric, Markelle Fultz etc., they would be able to convince him to stay put in Philly rather than go out onto the open market where it’s likely that another team would offer him a better deal than what Philadelphia had available at the time.

It Looks Like He’s Going To Be A Star In Philadelphia

James Harden has already proven himself worthy of being labeled one of basketball’s greatest stars in just his short stint with the 76ers so far. This move should only help propel them towards becoming perennial contenders once again while also establishing himself firmly amongst some of basketball’s all-time greats.

Has Harden requested a trade?

If you’re a fan of the Houston Rockets and James Harden, then you probably want to know if he has requested a trade. This question is one that many people are curious about but it’s still unclear what will happen next for him.

  • If you’re not sure if your player has made a formal trade request, then there’s probably no need to worry. A trade request is an important step in any negotiation and should be treated as such. This process can take some time depending on the parameters of the deal being discussed, so it’s best to wait at least six months before making any assumptions about what might happen.
  • Players are only allowed to make one trade request per year and Less Than A Year Since Requesting a Trade indicates that Harden has already reached this deadline. So unless something changes between now and February 7th, 2017, he will most likely not receive a trade from the Rockets organization anytime soon.
  • Formal requests for trades must be submitted through team channels which allows management to evaluate all possible deals before deciding whether or not they want to move their star player(s). There have been no such requests reported publicly regarding James Harden so far, meaning that either he hasn’t attempted to make one yet or management isn’t interested in trading him right now.
  • If you believe that your player may have requested a trade but doesn’t appear comfortable discussing the situation with you directly, then reaching out through team spokesman Jeff Bower would be your next step.
    Contact Team Spokesman

5 points:

If you’re still unsure about whether or not your player has made contact seeking a transfer away from Houston Rockets organization then it might be helpful to speak with team spokespeople who could provide more clarity surrounding his current situation within H-Town basketball club

Does James Harden want a trade?

There is no doubt that James Harden is one of the best players in the NBA. However, it’s unclear if he wants a trade. Reports have been circulating that he may want out of Houston because of their struggles this season. If he does want a trade, there are several teams who could potentially be interested.

  • Reports are circulating that James Harden may want a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. If these reports are true, this could be a big problem for the team and their playoff hopes. A player requesting a trade is never good news, but it’s still too early to say if any teams will be interested in acquiring him. It’ll be an interesting story to follow as events unfold over the next few months.
  • As mentioned earlier, money is always an important factor when it comes to acquisitions in free agency and trades. If Houston were to send Harden away, they would free up some cash which they can use on another star player who may be available this summer.
  • The Brooklyn Nets have been poor both on the court and financially over the past few years – something that may not sit well with James Harden whatsoever Apparently he wants out of dodge.
  • While there’s no guarantee that anything will happen between now and July 1st (the deadline for signing unrestricted free agents), things are starting to heat up around James Harden and it’ll be worth keeping an eye on what happens next.

To Recap

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it would depend on the specific context of the conversation. In general, though, if a trade request is made in an inappropriate or aggressive manner, then Harden may have requested for a trade.

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