Did Franmil Reyes Get Traded?

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Did Franmil Reyes Get Traded

Franmil Reyes is a professional baseball player who currently plays for the Cleveland Guardians in Major League Baseball (MLB). He began his career with the San Diego Padres but was traded to the Guardians in July of 2019 in a three-way trade involving the Cincinnati Reds.

Reyes is known for his impressive hitting ability and has quickly become a fan favorite in Cleveland. In this blog post, we will answer the question on many fans’ minds: “Did Franmil Reyes get traded?”

We will take a closer look at Reyes’ career with the Padres, his trade to Cleveland, and his performance since joining the Guardians. By the end of this post, you’ll have a better understanding of Reyes’ career trajectory and where he stands in the league today.

Franmil Reyes’ Career With the Padres

Franmil Reyes made his MLB debut with the San Diego Padres in May 2018. He quickly established himself as a power hitter, showcasing his ability to hit long home runs and drive in runs.

Reyes played 87 games with the Padres in 2018, hitting 16 home runs with 31 RBIs and a batting average of .280. Despite his impressive numbers, Reyes struggled defensively and was often substituted late in games for defensive replacements.

In 2019, Reyes started the season with the Padres and continued to hit for power, blasting 27 home runs and driving in 46 runs in 99 games. However, he still struggled with his defense and the Padres made the decision to trade him in July of 2019.

Overall, Reyes’ time with the Padres was marked by his impressive hitting ability but limited defensive skills. Despite this, he quickly became a fan favorite in San Diego for his infectious energy and charismatic personality.

Reyes’ Trade to Cleveland

In July 2019, the San Diego Padres traded Franmil Reyes to the Cleveland Indians (now known as the Cleveland Guardians) as part of a three-team trade that also involved the Cincinnati Reds.

The trade was made with the intention of improving the Padres’ pitching staff, as they acquired pitchers Logan Allen and Scott Moss in exchange for Reyes.

In addition to Reyes, the Indians also acquired outfielder Yasiel Puig and pitcher Franmil Reyes from the Reds in the same trade. Reyes’ arrival in Cleveland was met with excitement from fans, as he was seen as a potential cornerstone of the team’s offense.

The specifics of the trade were as follows: The Padres sent Reyes, Allen, and Moss to the Indians, while the Indians sent Puig to the Reds. The Reds, in turn, sent outfielder Taylor Trammell, who was considered one of their top prospects, to the Padres.

Overall, the trade was seen as a win for both the Padres and the Indians, as they each acquired players who could help improve their teams. For Reyes, the trade presented a new opportunity to showcase his skills in a new environment and become a key part of the Guardians’ lineup.

Reyes’ Performance in 2019 and 2020

After being traded to the Cleveland Guardians in July of 2019, Franmil Reyes hit the ground running. In 2019, he played in 51 games for the Guardians, hitting .249 with 10 home runs and 25 RBIs.

He continued to display his power at the plate, hitting several long home runs that showcased his strength and ability to drive the ball.

In 2020, Reyes played in 59 games for the Guardians and hit .275 with nine home runs and 34 RBIs. He also had a career-high OPS of .795.

Despite the shortened season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Reyes continued to be a productive player for the Guardians, showcasing his improved hitting ability and consistency at the plate.

Overall, Reyes’ performance during the 2019 and 2020 seasons was solid. He continued to demonstrate his power-hitting ability, while also improving his batting average and on-base percentage.

While he struggled with strikeouts at times, he also showed an increased ability to draw walks and get on base. Notable achievements during this period include hitting his 50th career home run in August 2020, as well as hitting two home runs in a single game on multiple occasions.

Despite being known primarily for his hitting, Reyes also made improvements defensively during this period. While he was still not considered an elite defender, he made fewer mistakes in the outfield and showed a better understanding of positioning and routes to the ball.

Reyes’ Performance in 2021

Franmil Reyes continued to improve and impress during the 2021 season with the Cleveland Guardians. He played in 141 games, hitting .262 with 30 home runs, 87 RBIs, and an OPS of .828.

Reyes continued to showcase his power-hitting ability, hitting several memorable home runs throughout the season. In addition, he displayed an improved ability to hit for average and get on base, with a career-high on-base percentage of .354.

Reyes also made strides defensively during the 2021 season, becoming a more reliable and consistent outfielder. He made several impressive catches and showed an increased ability to read the ball off the bat, improving his positioning and routes to the ball.

Notable achievements during the 2021 season included hitting his 100th career home run in August and being named the AL Player of the Week in early September.

Reyes’ improvement from previous years was clear, as he demonstrated better plate discipline and a more well-rounded game overall.

In terms of advanced statistics, Reyes’ 2021 season was impressive. He had a career-high wRC+ (weighted runs created plus) of 125, indicating that he was 25% better than the league average hitter.

He also had a career-high walk rate of 10.4%, showing an improved ability to draw walks and get on base without relying solely on his power.

Overall, Reyes’ performance during the 2021 season solidified his status as a key part of the Guardians’ lineup and one of the league’s most exciting young players.

As he continues to improve and refine his game, he could become a perennial All-Star and a force to be reckoned with in the American League.

Franmil Reyes’ Career Statistics

YearTeamGames PlayedBatting AverageHome RunsRBIsOPS

The table shows Reyes’ performance in each of his four seasons in the MLB. It includes the team he played for, the number of games he appeared in, his batting average, home runs, RBIs, and OPS.

This table helps to visualize Reyes’ progression as a player, particularly in terms of his power hitting, which saw him hit a career-high of 37 home runs in 2019 and 30 home runs in 2021.


Was Franmil Reyes a highly-rated prospect before he joined the MLB?

No, Reyes was not considered a highly-rated prospect before he made his MLB debut. He was signed by the Padres as an international free agent in 2011 and worked his way up through the minor leagues.

Did the Padres regret trading Franmil Reyes?

It’s difficult to say for certain, but the Padres were likely aware of Reyes’ defensive limitations and saw an opportunity to acquire pitching depth in the trade. However, Reyes’ success with the Guardians may have caused some second-guessing among Padres fans.

How has Franmil Reyes’ personality impacted his career?

Reyes is known for his infectious energy and charismatic personality, and this has made him a fan favorite wherever he has played. His positive attitude and work ethic have also helped him to overcome setbacks and continue to develop as a player.

What are some potential areas of improvement for Franmil Reyes?

While Reyes has made significant strides in his hitting and defensive abilities, there are still areas where he could continue to improve. One area is his strikeout rate, as he has a tendency to swing and miss at pitches outside the strike zone. Additionally, he could continue to work on his baserunning and become a more complete player overall.


Franmil Reyes was traded from the San Diego Padres to the Cleveland Guardians in July of 2019, as part of a three-team trade. Since joining the Guardians, Reyes has continued to develop and improve his game, becoming one of the team’s most productive and exciting players.

He has showcased his power-hitting ability, hitting a career-high 37 home runs in 2019, and followed up with 30 home runs in 2021, demonstrating a more well-rounded game with an improved ability to get on base.

In addition to his hitting, Reyes has also made strides defensively, becoming a more reliable outfielder and improving his positioning and routes to the ball.

Reyes’ growth as a player has been impressive, and he has established himself as a key part of the Guardians’ lineup and a rising star in the American League.

So, to answer the question posed in the introduction, yes, Franmil Reyes was traded from the Padres, and since joining the Guardians, he has continued to develop into a formidable hitter and overall player.

The future looks bright for Reyes, and fans can look forward to seeing what he will accomplish in the years to come.

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