Did Alexander Volkanovski Goat?

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Did Alexander Volkanovski Goat

The conversation surrounding the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) in the UFC is one that continues to captivate fans and ignite passionate debates. While established names like Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre, and Jon Jones often dominate the discussion, a dark horse has emerged in recent years—Alexander Volkanovski.

The Australian fighter has been making waves in the featherweight division, leaving fans and pundits to ponder whether he deserves a place among the all-time greats. In this blog, we will explore the compelling case for Volkanovski’s GOAT status. From his impressive title reign and successful defenses to the level of competition he has faced, his versatile fighting style, durability, and the impact he has made on the sport.

We will delve into the reasons why Volkanovski’s name deserves recognition in the GOAT hierarchy. Join us as we examine the rise of “The Great” and evaluate his claim to featherweight supremacy.

Volkanovski’s Title Reign and Defenses

Volkanovski’s successful title reign in the featherweight division has been nothing short of impressive. After defeating Max Holloway to capture the featherweight championship in December 2019, Volkanovski has solidified his position at the top of the division.

His reign has showcased his ability to consistently perform at a high level and maintain his status as the champion.

One of the key factors that contribute to Volkanovski’s claim as the GOAT is his victories over Max Holloway, a legendary figure in the featherweight division.

Volkanovski defeated Holloway not once, but twice, in their closely contested bouts. These victories showcased Volkanovski’s skills and ability to overcome a highly skilled and experienced opponent.

In addition to Holloway, Volkanovski has also faced and defeated other top contenders in the division. His wins over the likes of Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar further solidify his case as a dominant champion who can overcome challenges from established veterans.

When comparing Volkanovski’s title defenses to other champions in UFC history, he has already made a significant mark. As of [knowledge cutoff], he has successfully defended his featherweight title on multiple occasions.

While the specific number of title defenses may vary depending on the time of this analysis, it is worth noting that several legendary champions in the past had notable reigns with multiple successful defenses.

Comparing Volkanovski’s title defenses to these champions can help gauge his position in the historical context of the featherweight division.

Level of Competition Faced

Volkanovski’s resume boasts victories over a number of top-tier opponents, including former champions. By defeating fighters like Max Holloway, Jose Aldo, and Frankie Edgar, Volkanovski has proven his ability to overcome high-caliber competition.

These opponents have established themselves as legends in the sport, further highlighting the quality of the fighters Volkanovski has faced and defeated.

When assessing Volkanovski’s level of competition, it is essential to consider the depth of the featherweight division during his reign. Comparing it to other divisions can provide valuable context.

While each division’s depth can fluctuate over time, examining the overall strength of the featherweight division during Volkanovski’s tenure helps evaluate the significance of his accomplishments.

Factors such as the number of notable contenders and the overall talent pool contribute to the assessment of the competition faced by Volkanovski.

The significance of Volkanovski’s wins against top-level competition cannot be understated. Each victory over a high-caliber opponent not only solidifies his position as a dominant force in the division but also adds to his overall legacy.

Conquering established fighters showcases Volkanovski’s ability to rise to the occasion and defeat the best in the division, further cementing his claim to GOAT status.

These wins demonstrate his ability to excel under pressure and validate his standing among the elite fighters in the featherweight division.

Fighting Style and Versatility

Volkanovski possesses a well-rounded fighting style that incorporates a blend of striking, wrestling, and grappling techniques. His striking is characterized by powerful punches, precise combinations, and effective footwork.

In addition, his wrestling background enables him to dictate the fight’s position and control his opponents on the ground.

Volkanovski’s grappling skills further enhance his ability to neutralize his opponents and secure dominant positions.

One of the notable aspects of Volkanovski’s fighting style is his adaptability. He has shown the ability to adjust his approach and game plan based on his opponents’ strengths and weaknesses.

Whether it’s utilizing his striking to keep distance or employing his grappling to nullify an opponent’s offense, Volkanovski has demonstrated a keen understanding of fight dynamics and has effectively capitalized on his opponents’ vulnerabilities.

Contrasting Volkanovski’s style with other dominant fighters in the GOAT conversation reveals his unique approach. While fighters like Khabib Nurmagomedov relied heavily on their grappling and ground control, Volkanovski showcases a more diverse skill set that encompasses both striking and grappling.

This versatility allows him to dictate the pace and range of the fight, making him a well-rounded threat in all areas.

Volkanovski’s ability to seamlessly transition between striking and grappling, coupled with his adaptability, distinguishes him from other dominant fighters and highlights his versatility inside the Octagon.

Durability and Resilience

Volkanovski has showcased an impressive ability to withstand adversity in his fights. Even when faced with challenging situations or significant strikes from his opponents, he has demonstrated resilience and composure.

He has shown the mental fortitude to weather storms and continue performing at a high level, which is a crucial aspect of his success.

His durability and conditioning have been evident in grueling battles, such as his encounters with Max Holloway. These fights pushed both fighters to their limits, yet Volkanovski showcased remarkable endurance and an ability to maintain a high pace throughout the duration of the bout.

His conditioning has allowed him to sustain an intense level of output and persevere through tough moments.

When comparing Volkanovski’s resilience to other fighters in the GOAT discussion, his ability to absorb punishment and remain composed is certainly noteworthy.

While fighters like Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre were known for their ability to evade damage, Volkanovski’s resilience in the face of adversity sets him apart.

His capacity to overcome difficult situations and bounce back from challenging moments speaks to his mental toughness and overall durability.

Volkanovski’s demonstrated durability, resilience, and conditioning have played significant roles in his success inside the Octagon.

His ability to withstand adversity and maintain a high level of performance in grueling fights has solidified his reputation as a fighter who can thrive under pressure, making him a compelling contender in the GOAT conversation.

Legacy and Impact

Volkanovski’s rise from relative obscurity to becoming a recognized champion holds significant significance. Before joining the UFC, he had a relatively low profile, but through his hard work, talent, and determination, he climbed the ranks and captured the featherweight championship.

This underdog narrative resonates with fans and showcases the potential for fighters to achieve greatness through perseverance and dedication.

Volkanovski’s inspirational journey has had a profound impact on aspiring fighters. His story serves as a testament to the power of resilience and belief in oneself.

By defying the odds and achieving success at the highest level, Volkanovski has inspired countless individuals to pursue their dreams in the face of adversity. His journey serves as a motivational example for fighters around the world who strive to make their mark in the sport.

Evaluating the lasting legacy Volkanovski might leave in the featherweight division requires considering his accomplishments and impact.

By capturing the championship and defending it against elite opponents, he has already etched his name in the history books.

His performances and achievements will be remembered as a benchmark for future featherweights, and his style and success may influence the approach and strategies of fighters in the division.

Volkanovski’s legacy will likely be defined by his contributions to the sport, inspiring future generations and leaving a lasting impact on the featherweight division.

Volkanovski’s rise, inspirational journey, and potentially lasting impact have elevated him in the GOAT conversation.

While his achievements in the Octagon are vital, his ability to inspire and leave a positive influence on the sport and its aspiring fighters further solidifies his case for consideration among the greatest of all time.

Counterarguments and Criticisms

Some fans and critics argue that Volkanovski falls short of GOAT status for various reasons. One common counterargument is that he hasn’t faced as many high-profile opponents as other fighters in the GOAT conversation.

Critics contend that his victories over Holloway, Aldo, and Edgar, while impressive, may not carry the same weight as defeating other legendary champions or consistently facing top contenders.

Another criticism revolves around the number of title defenses Volkanovski has achieved compared to other champions in UFC history.

While he has defended his title multiple times, critics argue that his reign hasn’t been as dominant or enduring as some of the long-reigning champions like Silva or St-Pierre. They question whether his relatively short reign diminishes his GOAT credentials.

Some critics also point out potential weaknesses in Volkanovski’s fighting style. Despite his well-rounded skills, they argue that he lacks the explosiveness or standout techniques that are often associated with other fighters in the GOAT conversation.

They claim that his victories are often the result of a strategic, methodical approach rather than displaying the “wow” factor seen in other fighters.

Additionally, comparisons to other weight divisions may overshadow Volkanovski’s achievements. For instance, when discussing the GOAT status, fighters like Nurmagomedov or Jon Jones, who have competed in more stacked or competitive divisions, may garner more attention.

Critics contend that the featherweight division, while highly skilled, may not have the same depth as other weight classes.

Addressing these counterarguments and criticisms is essential in providing a balanced assessment of Volkanovski’s GOAT status.

While he has achieved remarkable success, acknowledging areas where he may have limitations or where his resume might be perceived as comparatively weaker allows for a comprehensive evaluation.

Ultimately, the GOAT debate remains subjective, and these counterarguments contribute to the ongoing discussion surrounding Volkanovski’s place in the hierarchy of the sport.

Comparing Alexander Volkanovski and Khabib Nurmagomedov in the GOAT Conversation

CriteriaAlexander VolkanovskiKhabib Nurmagomedov
Title Reign and DefensesSuccessful reign with multiple title defensesUndefeated reign with fewer title defenses
Level of Competition FacedVictories over top contenders and former championsVictories over top-ranked opponents
Fighting StyleWell-rounded with striking, wrestling, and grappling skillsDominant grappling-based style
Durability and ResilienceDemonstrated ability to withstand adversity and remain composedShowed resilience in tough fights
Legacy and ImpactInspirational rise and impact on aspiring fightersCultural impact and legacy in his region


Has Volkanovski ever faced adversity in his fights?

Yes, Volkanovski has faced adversity in certain fights, particularly in his battles against Max Holloway. Despite being pushed to his limits, he showcased resilience and demonstrated an ability to overcome difficult moments.

How does Volkanovski’s record compare to other featherweight champions?

Volkanovski boasts an impressive record with a high winning percentage. While specific records may vary depending on the time of analysis, his overall win-loss record is a significant factor in assessing his accomplishments.

What is the general consensus among MMA experts regarding Volkanovski’s GOAT status?

The MMA community holds diverse opinions regarding Volkanovski’s GOAT status. While many recognize his achievements and consider him a top featherweight, the consensus regarding his place in the overall GOAT hierarchy may vary among experts.

Are there any controversial moments or decisions in Volkanovski’s career?

Like many fighters, Volkanovski has experienced controversial moments and decisions in his career. Some fans and pundits have debated certain outcomes of his fights, highlighting the subjective nature of judging in MMA.

How does Volkanovski’s reign compare to other notable featherweight champions?

Comparing Volkanovski’s reign to other notable featherweight champions, such as Jose Aldo or Conor McGregor, involves considering factors like the number of title defenses, the length of the reign, and the quality of opposition faced. These comparisons contribute to the ongoing discourse surrounding Volkanovski’s place in the featherweight division’s history.


Alexander Volkanovski’s case for being considered the Greatest of All Time (GOAT) in the featherweight division is a compelling one. His successful title reign, victories over top contenders, well-rounded fighting style, and durability have established him as a dominant force in the division.

Additionally, his rise from relative obscurity to becoming a recognized champion has inspired aspiring fighters worldwide. However, it is important to acknowledge counterarguments and potential weaknesses in his resume, such as the level of competition faced and the duration of his title reign.

Ultimately, the GOAT debate is subjective, and individual preferences and criteria play a significant role. While Volkanovski may not be unanimously accepted as the featherweight GOAT, his accomplishments and impact on the sport solidify his place among the elite fighters of his era.

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