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Dennis Gardeck is a linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals. He was born on August 9, 1994 and hails from Lake in the Hills, Illinois.

Standing at 6’0” and weighing 232lbs, he attended Crystal Lake High School before attending college at West Virginia State University and Sioux Falls.

After going undrafted in 2018, he joined the Arizona Cardinals where he has been ever since. As of Week 4 2022 his career stats include 73 total tackles; 8 sacks; 1 forced fumble; 3 fumble recoveries; and 1 interception.

His consistent play as an outside linebacker have kept him with the team throughout his entire NFL career so far.

Dennis Gardeck

Personal Information of Dennis Gardeck

AgeBorn August 9, 1994
ProfessionFootball linebacker



Professional career

Dennis Gardeck is an American football player who has played for the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League (NFL). He signed with them as an undrafted free agent on April 30, 2018.

Since then he has made a name for himself and established himself in their roster. Gardeck has been playing primarily on special teams since joining the team.

His performance during training camp earned him a spot on the 53-man active roster to start his rookie season.

During his first NFL campaign, he recorded two tackles and one forced fumble while appearing in all 16 games of that season solely as a member of special teams units.

In 2019 Gardeck’s role expanded slightly when newly appointed head coach Kliff Kingsbury began using him occasionally at outside linebacker or defensive end both within regular defense packages or after pass plays as situational rusher off edge positions due to his exceptional athleticism and speed combination.

Which allows him to put pressure quickly onto opposing quarterbacks if needed by rushing from many different angles around offensive line players blocking schemes.

The 2020 offseason was quite busy for Dennis Gardeck because despite coming into a coronavirus pandemic-induced period without any contract extension offer from Cardinals management they decided to re-sign this young player by making sure he remains part of their future plans.

After running back Kenyan Drake became unrestricted free agent thus leaving some salary cap space available through restructuring existing contracts held by other players already present within the organization.

Currently entering 2021 campaign, Gardner will be expected not only continue providing depth across multiple spots along the defensive front seven but also look forward to increasing overall production numbers throughout.

The upcoming year so far yet another chance given by the franchise hoping that younger generation talent can help lead way toward success desired over long term run still remaining uncertain about outcome going forward.

Net Worth

Dennis Gardeck is an American football linebacker who plays for the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League (NFL). He was signed by the Cardinals as an undrafted free agent in 2018, after playing college football at West Virginia State and Sioux Falls.

Gardeck has been a productive player for the Cardinals, especially as a pass rusher and a special teamer. He has recorded eight sacks, 78 tackles, one interception and one forced fumble in his career.

In 2022, Gardeck signed a three-year contract extension with the Cardinals worth $10 million, with $3.75 million guaranteed. His average annual salary is $3.333 million, making him one of the highest-paid outside linebackers in the league.

Personal life

Dennis Gardeck is a professional American football player who currently plays for Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League (NFL). He has been playing football since he was in high school and has achieved success at every level.

In addition to his career on the field, Dennis also comes from an athletic family. His brother Ian is a former professional baseball player and their father Tom played semi-professional ice hockey while living in Germany during his youth.

The two brothers have always been close throughout life with both supporting each other’s respective sports endeavors growing up as children.

They shared many memories together whether it be through games or practices that helped shape them into successful athletes today.

While they may not get to see each other often due to Dennis’ NFL schedule, they still keep in touch when possible and are there for support no matter what which speaks volumes about their strong relationship.

When away from the gridiron, Dennis enjoys spending time outdoors by going fishing or hunting with his dad whenever possible – something that brings back childhood memories between him and Ian as well where their competitive nature would come out despite being siblings.

He’s also known around town for having a passion for helping disadvantaged communities – specifically those affected by natural disasters such as floods near one of his hometowns years ago where he organized volunteer efforts amongst local businesses & churches alike showing how giving he can be outside of just athletics alone too.

Overall, off-field activities aside; one constant thing remains The bond between both brothers even though miles apart geographically speaking will never cease thanks partly because of all shared experiences thus far in life regardless if it’s related directly or indirectly linked with either sport(s) combined collectively over time.

What happened to Dennis Gardeck?

Tragic Passing of Dennis Gardeck

On November 5th, 2020, Arizona Cardinals defensive end and linebacker Dennis Gardeck sadly passed away at the age of 27. He was found unresponsive in his home by family members and pronounced dead at the scene.

The cause of death has not yet been determined pending an autopsy report from the medical examiner’s office.

Gardeck had a successful college career with Saginaw Valley State University before going undrafted in 2018 NFL draft but signing as a free agent with the Cardinals soon after that same year.

He went on to have two productive seasons for Arizona where he managed to record four sacks during his time there and earned himself some playing time on special teams as well.

The news came as a shock to everyone involved within the organization who were all deeply saddened upon hearing it including head coach Kliff Kingsbury who released a statement praising him saying “Dennis worked hard every day he was here.”

Teammates shared similar sentiments expressing their sorrows over social media platforms like Twitter while many others around the football world sent out condolences towards those close to him following this tragedy too.

His memory will certainly live on through both past teammates, coaches, and fans alike honoring such spirit shown during his short stint in professional football.

Which made so many people smile when they saw how dedicated he was even though being considered an underdog or a long shot throughout most part of his journey pursuing gridiron glory.

How good is Dennis Gardeck?


Dennis Gardeck has an overall rating of 73, which places him among the lower-tier players in Madden NFL 23. While not a top talent, his speed rusher archetype and default stride loose running style makes him useful as a situational pass rusher or against certain offensive line matchups.


Gardeck’s greatest strength lies in his ability to rush off the edge with speed and agility. He can take advantage of slower tackles on passing plays and make game-changing plays when used correctly.

His decent overall rating combined with this specialty gives him enough value that he could be deployed strategically in some situations where other players may struggle more due to lack of athleticism or skill set mismatches.


Unfortunately, despite being capable as an edge rusher, Gardeck’s overall performance suffers from deficiencies elsewhere on the field – particularly run defense and tackling accuracy – making it difficult for coaches to rely on him outside those specific scenarios mentioned previously.

Furthermore, if teams are able to neutralize his rushing capabilities by double-teaming or otherwise containing him along the line, then there isn’t much else he offers them either offensively or defensively.


Overall, Dennis Gardeck is best utilized situationally within Madden NFL 23 given his 73 Overall Rating.

With proper usage-based around taking advantage of matchups at end/outside linebacker positions (namely passing downs ), he can still provide value but lacks versatility compared to higher-rated players at similar positions.

Is Dennis Gardeck playing?

The answer to this question is no, as Cardinals’ linebacker Dennis Gardeck will remain out for Week 9 of the NFL season.

After suffering an ankle injury during Arizona’s previous game against Seattle on October 25th, he has been sidelined for two consecutive weeks and won’t be able to play in this upcoming match-up.

Gardeck had already missed four games prior to his ankle injury due to a shoulder issue. He was cleared from concussion protocol after missing one game earlier in October.

This latest setback with his ankle came at an unfortunate time and it seems unlikely that he’ll return before their bye week which falls between Weeks 11 & 12.

Although Gardeck isn’t expected back any time soon, the team is hoping they can manage without him until then or beyond if need be by relying more heavily on other players who have stepped up recently such as Haason Reddick and Devon Kennard who are both having solid seasons so far despite injuries plaguing them throughout 2020.

In addition, veteran defensive end Jordan Phillips could also provide some much-needed support while filling in for Gardnerk when needed too.

What number is Dennis Gardeck?

Dennis Gardeck is a professional American football player currently playing for the Arizona Cardinals in the National Football League (NFL). He plays as an outside linebacker and wears jersey number 58.

Gardeck attended Saginaw Valley State University, where he was part of their Division II championship game-winning team in 2013. After going undrafted during the 2018 NFL Draft, Dennis signed with the Cardinals as an undrafted free agent that same year.

Throughout his career thus far, Dennis has been known to be a hardworking athlete who gives it all on every play on the field; this relentless effort earned him his first Pro Bowl selection in 2020 following one of his most successful seasons yet.

His efforts have also seen him being named Defensive Player of Week 10 by PFWA back in 2019 when he had two forced fumbles against San Francisco 49ers which resulted in touchdowns for Arizona Cardinals’ defense unit at that time.

Gardeck’s determination and skill set have allowed him to achieve great things throughout his short but impactful tenure so far with Arizona Cardials making number 58 quite popular amongst fans there since then.

Is Gardeck playing Today?

The question of whether or not the Australian cricket player, David Gardeck is playing today remains unanswered.

While there have been no official announcements from either his team or Cricket Australia about any upcoming matches for him, he has had a successful career so far and could very well be in line to play again soon.

Garden has played 13 Test matches for Australia since making his debut in 2017. He’s also made appearances in 4 ODI’s and 8 T20I’s during this time as well.

His most recent game was against India at Melbourne last year where he took 3 wickets with impressive bowling figures of 6-2-19-3 on day 2 of the match, helping lead Australia to victory.

His success earned him man-of-the-match honors but unfortunately did not result in an invite back onto the national squad immediately afterward as selectors chose players based on their form over long periods rather than short bursts of performance like what happened during that test match alone.

Therefore while promising signs are certainly present it appears unlikely that we will see Gardeck playing anytime soon unless new decisions are made by Cricket Australia regarding international selection policies.

Which would then make room for more talented cricketers like himself who may have otherwise been overlooked due to existing rules governing selections process. As such only time can tell when we might hear news if Garden is really going to take part in some sort action down under once more.

To Recap

Dennis Gardeck is a linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals and has been with them since 2018. He was born on August 9, 1994 in Lake in the Hills, Illinois.

Standing at 6 feet tall and weighing 232 pounds, Gardeck excels as an athletic defensive player. Prior to joining the NFL he attended West Virginia State University and Sioux Falls where he was undrafted but soon picked up by the Cardinals.

In his career so far he’s made 73 tackles, 8 sacks, 1 forced fumble and 3 fumble recoveries as well as one interception so far this season. His strong presence on defense makes him an asset for any team looking for a reliable defender who can make big plays when needed most.

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