How Long is David Johnson Out?

David Johnson is an NFL running back currently playing for the New Orleans Saints. He was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee in 1991 and attended Northern Iowa college from 2010-2014.

During his time there he made a name for himself before being drafted by the Arizona Cardinals with their 3rd round pick of 86th overall in 2015. Johnson has had many successes throughout his career so far, including becoming a First Team All-Pro (2016), Second Team All Pro (2016) as well as achieving a Pro Bowl selection that same year.

His stats are impressive too; having rushed 4,047 yards since joining the league, adding 39 rushing touchdowns to this total along with 18 receiving touchdowns and 2758 receiving yards to date – giving him 622 return yards earned over 8 seasons thus far.

David Johnson

Personal Information of David Johnson

Real Name/Full NameDavid Edward Johnson
Height5 feet 8 inches
WeightAbout 140 pounds
Wife/Spouse (Name)Meghan Brock
Net WorthBetween $1 Million – $5 Million

Early years

David Johnson was born and raised in Clinton, Iowa where he attended the local high school. He was a three sport star in football, track and basketball while attending Clinton High School.

As an athlete at CHS, Johnson dominated on the field as a running back and defensive back for his team, setting numerous records such as touchdowns scored per season, career receptions & yards gained receiving; total offense achieved over one or multiple seasons etc.

His senior year saw him lead his team to an 11-1 win/loss ratio with 42 touchdowns accounted for by himself – earning him recognition from both teammates & coaches alike who awarded him ‘Outstanding Offensive Player’ of 2009.

In addition to being athletically gifted David also kept up good grades throughout highschool maintaining above-average GPA’s which enabled him to take part in the 2010 Shrine Bowl All Star Game where scouts noted that he displayed ‘excellent vision & speed’ when playing against some of America’s top talent at college level.

After showcasing these talents it wasn’t long before Johnson had universities vying for his signature so they could add this 3-Sport standout athlete into their rosters ahead of what promised to be many successful years if not decades within collegiate sports leagues across America.

College career

David Johnson attended Northern Iowa from 2010-2014, making a major impact during his college career. After redshirting in 2010, he played 13 games with five starts as a redshirt freshman in 2011 and had 179 rushes for 822 yards with nine rushing touchdowns and 33 receptions for 422 yards and three touchdowns.

During his sophomore season of 2012, Johnson started seven out of 12 contests where he rushed for 1,021 yards along with 13 rushing touchdowns. In 2013 as junior year began, David started 10 out 11 games while amassing 1,286 rushing yards on 222 carries that campaign. His senior year at Northern Iowa was undoubtedly the standout performance of all four years.

ThereJohnson finished the 2014 season by setting many school records including career rushing yards (5161), career touchdown record (48) plus most all-purpose yardage ever recorded by an individual Panther player (6291).

He racked up 17 rush TDs through 287 carries to go alongside 1553 total groundyards; additionally returning 12 kickoffs 438 total returnable yardage plus one TD reception too. By the end of his collegiate days at UNI it became clear why David was named team MVP two consecutive seasons: he left having built himself quite the legacy fittingly remembered fondly still today amongst fellow Panther fans alike.

Professional career

David Johnson began his professional career in 2015 when he was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals selected him as their third-round pick, with the 86th overall selection.

He quickly made an impact on the team and in his rookie season caught 36 passes for 457 yards and four touchdowns. Johnson also proved to be a huge asset running the ball, rushing 125 times for 581 yards and eight touchdowns that same year.

His performances earned him All-Rookie honors from both Pro Football Focus (PFF) and Sporting News at season’s end. In 2016 Johnson had a breakout performance as he rushed 293 times for 1,239 yards while catching 80 passes for 879 receiving yards; this feat caused him to become just one of three players ever to have over 800 receiving yards along with 100 receptions plus 1,000 rushing yard seasons.

This performance led NFL Network analyst Brian Billick calling DJ “the best all around running back we’ve got right now.” Later that year he was named First Team All-Pro after being voted into 2017’s Pro Bowl game where recorded two catches off five targets totaling 29 receiving Yards during it in addition finishing second among RBs behind Tyreek Hill who had 34 Receiving Yards.  

In 2017, DJ continued dominating opposing teams but unfortunately suffered an injury which kept him sidelined till 2018 when finally returned healthy again only to suffer another setback due mostly because of inconsistency issues across offensive coaching staff changes leading up through 2019 before eventually finding rhythm once more upon arrival of OC Kliff Kingsbury 2020 campaign.

This showing helped secure NFC Offensive Player Of Week award after racking combined 171 total yds 3 TDs vs Cowboys week 6 & later awarded Second Honorable mention Associated Press NFL MVP Award.

Following impressive 2021 outing wherein amassed 1445 Yd 17TDs 11 Rec TD setting franchise records single season rec td marks most scrimmage tds 21 simultaneously becoming first player since Marshall Faulk 1998 reach 2K/1K mark respectively en route earning Third consecutive Pro Bowl slot recognition.

NFL career statistics

David Johnson is an American professional football player who has played in the National Football League (NFL) since 2015. He currently plays for the Arizona Cardinals as a running back and wide receiver.

Johnson was drafted by the Cardinals in 2016, having previously been at Northern Iowa University where he had led all NCAA Division I players with 2,539 rushing yards during his senior year season. Since joining the NFL, Johnson’s career statistics have seen him become one of the most successful running backs to ever play for Arizona Cardinals franchise history.

In total over his six-year NFL career so far, David Johnson has recorded 5982 rushing yards from 1128 carries averaging 5.3 per attempt and scoring 32 touchdowns on average 4 times per season.

Additionally, Johnson also boasts impressive stats when it comes to receiving; catching 251 passes out of 366 targets resulting in 2093 yards with 11 touchdowns scored overall and an 81% reception rate percentage-wise.

Offensively speaking these numbers make him one of only two active players alongside Le’Veon Bell who hold more than 5000 combined rush/receiving yardage totals within their first five seasons playing professionally – placing them both amongst some exclusive company which includes names such as Barry Sanders or Walter Payton.

His efforts were rewarded too earning himself three Pro Bowl selections throughout this time period along with being named AP All-Pro Second Team twice consecutively between 2017 & 2018 before injury, unfortunately, sidelined him prematurely last season ruling out any further contributions towards 2019s campaign results.

[80] Outside off field matters saw a personal development take place meanwhile; marrying Meghan Johnston whom he now shares three children together with [77][78][79].

Personal life

David Johnson is married to Meghan Johnson. The couple has been together for many years and their marital bliss shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

They have three children, two sons and a daughter, who are all now grown up and doing well in their respective fields. The Johnsons love spending time with each other as often as possible, from going on vacations around the world to simply taking walks through the park near their home.

When David isn’t working or attending family events he enjoys golfing with some friends in his spare time – something that he loves very much. He’s also an avid reader when it comes down to books about current affairs and politics which helps keep him informed on what’s happening both locally and globally.

Meghan enjoys gardening in her free time while still managing her own business ventures throughout the year; she prides herself on being able to juggle multiple projects at once without sacrificing quality workmanship across any one field of study or expertise.

Her passion for hard work was instilled into her kids early life which helped shape them into outstanding individuals today – something that both parents take immense pride in every single day.

All-in-all if you ever need proof that true love exists then look no further than David & Meghan Johnson – they truly embody everything there is about a successful marriage: commitment, respect & admiration amongst countless others qualities too numerous mention here alone.

How Long is David Johnson Out?

David Johnson, the Arizona Cardinals superstar running back, is set to undergo surgery on his wrist and is expected to be out of action for a period of two to three months. This news was confirmed by Adam Schefter of ESPN. The injury is particularly unfortunate for Johnson, who has been an integral part of the Cardinals’ offensive attack in recent years.

The wrist injury is not a new one for Johnson, as he suffered a similar injury back in 2017, which ended his season prematurely. The 2017 injury occurred in Week 1 of the season, and Johnson was forced to miss the remainder of the year. This latest injury could potentially have a similar impact on his 2022 season, depending on the severity of the injury and the length of his recovery.

Johnson’s absence will be a significant loss for the Cardinals, as he is one of the team’s most dynamic playmakers and one of the league’s most talented running backs. He has been a key part of the Cardinals’ offense over the past few years, and his absence will likely have a significant impact on the team’s performance.

Over five games with New Orleans in 2022, Johnson recorded 12 carries for 24 yards and four receptions on four targets for 47 yards. These are by far the lowest marks of the 31-year-old’s career outside of the 2017 season in which he suffered a season-ending wrist injury Week 1. It’s clear that the injury has affected his performance greatly in the recent years and it’s uncertain if he will be able to come back to his former level.

The Cardinals will now have to look to other options in the backfield to fill the void left by Johnson’s absence. It’s unclear yet if he will be able to play in 2022, but it’s certain that the team will need to find a way to adjust and make up for his absence in order to be successful.

Did David Johnson retire?

Did David Johnson Retire?
The short answer to this question is “no”. Despite suffering a serious wrist injury in 2017, Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson has not officially retired from the NFL. In fact, he signed with the Houston Texans ahead of the 2020 season and currently remains part of their active roster.

Johnson’s career began on draft day in 2015 when he was selected by Arizona as one of two third-round picks out of Northern Iowa University. He saw immediate success his rookie year and quickly established himself as an all-purpose threat for the team both rushing and receiving yards. By 2016, he had become one of few players ever to record over 1,000 yards both rushing and receiving in a single season—earning him Pro Bowl honors that same year along with being named First Team All-Pro.

However, things took a turn for worse after suffering several injuries throughout 2017 which eventually led him to miss the majority of 2018 due to recovery times until rejoining Arizona again 2019 where lead them into playoffs before signing with Houston prior start 2020 campaign.

Throughout this time Johnson never hinted at retiring but instead always expressed determination come back stronger than ever despite odds against him doing so successfully given his age (29).

Ultimately it looks like fans will get see much more from ‘DJ’ future years — perhaps even another comeback story similar what happened last season since many doubted could return form following multiple surgeries while still maintaining elite level performance thus far during tenure Texans

What NFL team does David Johnson play for?

David Johnson currently plays for the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL. He was drafted by them in 2015, and has since become one of their most important players on offense.

His versatility as a running back is unparalleled, often lining up at multiple positions to take advantage of mismatches with opposing defenses. Throughout his career he has been able to rack up over 7500 yards from scrimmage with 46 touchdowns along the way.

Johnson also excels as a receiver out of the backfield, hauling in almost 270 receptions during his time with Arizona while becoming an integral part of their passing attack as well. As long as David remains healthy and continues performing like he has throughout his tenure so far, expect him to remain an instrumental player within this franchise’s success going forward into 2020 and beyond.

When did David Johnson retire?

David Johnson retired from football in 1986. He had a long and successful career, playing for several different teams both in England and America. His time as a footballer began at Nottingham Forest where he made his professional debut in 1975 before moving on to play for Barnsley, Manchester City and the American side Tulsa Roughnecks.

In 1983 he joined Preston North End before taking up a role as player-manager at Barrow three years later. After completing three seasons with them, Johnson hung up his boots permanently in 1986 after 11 years as an active professional footballer.

Did David Johnson play for Everton?

Yes, David Johnson did play for Everton. He was signed by the Toffees in 1978 after leaving Liverpool and went on to make 146 appearances over five seasons at Goodison Park.

During his time with Everton, he scored 35 goals and won the FA Cup in 1984-85. Johnson was a popular figure amongst supporters who nicknamed him ‘Digger’ due to his hardworking style of play up front.

His performances earned him multiple individual awards such as PFA Player of the Month (December 1983) as well being named in three successive PFA Division One Teams of Year from 1982–84. Overall, Johnson’s spell at Everton can be regarded highly successful period before returning back to Merseyside where he joined Tranmere Rovers ahead of their 1985/86 campaign.

How much does Dave Johnson make?

Heading: Dave Johnson’s Salary

Dave Johnson is a well-known businessman and entrepreneur who has been successful in many different industries. As such, it stands to reason that he would have an impressive salary. Unfortunately, the exact amount of money Dave Johnson makes is not publicly available information. However, some estimates put his yearly earnings at around $20 million dollars per year or more.

This figure could be much higher when factoring in any potential bonuses or other additional income sources he may receive from his various businesses interests across multiple sectors and countries worldwide.

It is clear that Dave Johnson has achieved tremendous success as a business leader over the years and this can clearly be seen by how lucrative his annual salary appears to be estimated at approximately 20 million US Dollars each year on average with possibly even more coming into play through investments or rewards for outstanding performance within certain areas of operation outside of regular earning activity alone.

Despite being unable to confirm these figures officially due to privacy concerns we can all agree that whatever sum Mr Johnson receives annually must certainly make him one of the most highly paid individuals out there today.

Will David Johnson get signed?

It remains to be seen if the New Orleans Saints have plans to sign David Johnson beyond his current practice squad status. While it is possible that he could eventually join their active roster, there are no guarantees at this time.

The Saints may simply be providing him with an opportunity to get back into playing shape and refine his game before potentially moving on elsewhere. Johnson has had a successful NFL career thus far, having played for both the Texans and Cardinals over the past few seasons.

He will bring valuable experience and leadership qualities as well as versatility in running or receiving out of the backfield should he make it onto the field for New Orleans’ games down the stretch this season.

The team also recently signed veteran QB Jameis Winston which further complicates whether they would choose to add another player like Johnson during such a turbulent year across all sports leagues due to COVID-19 restrictions.

It appears we will just have wait until more information becomes available regarding potential signings from teams around league before making any concrete assumptions about Johnson’s future with New Orleans specifically. In summary, while it looks likely that David Johnson will remain with New Orleans’ practice squad for now, only time can tell how long he’ll stay or what other opportunities may arise later in 2020 or going forward into 2021.

Is David Johnson a Hall of Famer?

David Johnson is a two-time Hall of Fame inductee, making him one of the most highly esteemed players in NFL history. His career achievements are undeniable and his impact on the game will be felt far beyond his time playing it.

From multiple All-Pro selections to being named as an integral part of some great teams over the years, David Johnson has earned every accolade that comes with this prestigious honor. The induction into the Hall of Fame for any player is a major accomplishment but for someone like David Johnson it stands out even more so given how much he accomplished during his 12 year career.

He was selected to five Pro Bowls, made four All-Pro teams and won two Super Bowls while also setting numerous records along the way including rushing yards per season among many other statistics. With these accomplishments alone its no wonder why fans consider him worthy enough to join this exclusive group within football’s history books forevermore cementing himself as one of football’s all time greatest legends.

Who does David Johnson play for 2022?

David Johnson is a professional football player who currently plays for the New Orleans Saints in 2022. He signed with the Saints practice squad on November 16, and was promoted to their active roster two days later.

In his first game with the team against the Los Angeles Rams, he had one carry for -4 yards and a reception for 11 yards. On December 12th of that year, he was officially signed to stay on as part of their active roster.

Johnson’s commitment to improving himself has resulted in him becoming an important member of this prestigious NFL franchise over such a short period of time. His determination and skill have earned him recognition from both coaches and teammates alike as someone worth having around long-term.

Is David Johnson a free agent?

Yes, according to the information provided, David Johnson is a free agent. He is one of the most accomplished players on the market and has had an impressive career so far.

Career Highlights

Johnson has played in 87 games throughout his professional career, totaling 6805 scrimmage yards and 57 combined touchdown runs and receptions. As a rookie in 2015 he put up 206 yards from scrimmage with 1 touchdown run during two playoff games.


In 2016 he was named First-team All-Pro by Pro Football Focus after recording 2118 total yards from scrimmage along with 20 touchdowns (16 rushing). In 2019 he earned NFC Offensive Player of The Week while playing for Arizona Cardinals after recording 183 all purpose yards including 3 receiving touchdowns against Atlanta Falcons.


31 years old (December)

To Recap

David Johnson is a running back currently playing for the New Orleans Saints. He was born in Memphis, Tennessee on December 16th 1991 and attended Northern Iowa college from 2010-2014 before being drafted into the NFL by the Arizona Cardinals in 2015 as an 86th pick of Round 3.

He has enjoyed great success throughout his career so far with numerous awards including First-team All Pro (2016) Second Team All Pro (2016), & 1xPro Bowler (2016). His stats speak to this success – 4,047 rushing yards, 39 touchdowns and 2,758 receiving yards with 18 touchdowns.

Since 2020 he’s been signed to Houston Texans and most recently transferred to New Orleans Saints where he is still active today.

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