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Bob Brown is an American football offensive tackle who played for the Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Rams and Oakland Raiders from 1964 to 1973 in the National Football League (NFL).

He was born on December 8th 1941 in Cleveland, Ohio. Standing 6 ft 4 inches tall weighing 280 pounds he has achieved many awards such as 5 First-team All-Pro honors (1965, 1966, 1968–1970), four Second-team All-Pro selections (1964, 1967 1971 1972) and six Pro Bowls between 1965 to 1971.

Bob also earned NFL 1960’s all decade team selection along with being inducted into both the Philadelphia Eagle Hall of Fame and College Football Hall of Fame respectively.

His college career statistics are impressive having acquired a unanimous All-American title in 1963 as well being named first team all Big Eight player that same year before retiring his number 64 at Nebraska Cornhuskers where he attended college.

Overall throughout his 126 games played across 9 seasons, Bob started 110 times making 2 fumble recoveries which have been recorded by NFL official website pro football reference. com

Bob Brown
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Personal Information of Bob Brown

Real Name/Full NameRobert James Brown
WeightAround 200 pounds
Wife/Spouse (Name)Alicia Etheredge-Brown



College career

Bob Brown had an impressive college career that began at the University of Nebraska. He was an All-America selection at guard and voted the offensive lineman of the year by the Washington D.C.

Touchdown Club in 1963. During his time playing for Nebraska, he helped lead their team to two consecutive undefeated seasons as well as a trip to a bowl game in 1961 where they won against Miami 38–6 Brown’s skill on the field earned him several awards during college including being listed twice among Playboy magazine’s Top 10 Linemen list (1962 and 1963).

His exceptional performance also resulted in numerous invitations from professional teams looking to recruit him after graduation which included offers from both AFL and NFL clubs.

After graduating with honors from Nebraska, Bob Brown chose to pursue his dream of becoming a professional footballer instead of going into law school like many expected he would do due mainly because it offered more money than any other job available at that time period could offer him; so he signed with Philadelphia Eagles who drafted him second overall pick 1965 NFL Draft.

During his 11 years career with Eagles, Bob distinguished himself by leading them through various winning streaks such as when they went 8–5–1 record 1968 season, earning back-to-back playoff berths 1969 & 1970 under head coach Joe Kuharich before moving onto Los Angeles Rams after 1971 season ends.

At LA Rams, Brown continued dominating opponents while helping lead club three division titles 1972 – 1974, making them one most successful teams National Football Conference (NFC) history until retirement 1979 ; even though last few seasons were plagued injuries caused narrowing down opportunities play but still managed make Pro Bowl six times throughout entire pro football journey.

After retiring following 1979 season spent mostly sidelines nursing leg injury suffered previous year 1978 campaign, returned home become active Alabama Crimson Tide alumnus community eventually getting inducted College Football Hall Fame 1993 cementing legacy within sport forever.

Professional career

Bob Brown was one of the most highly regarded players in NFL history. He began his professional career when he was drafted second overall by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1964.

His contract with the team included a $100,000 signing bonus which made him an instant star player and set expectations very high for his rookie season.

His first year as a pro did not disappoint – Brown earned himself NFL Rookie of the Year honors after starting all 14 games at offensive tackle and anchoring what would become known as “The Wall” on offense for years to come.

In 1965 and 1966, Bob further cemented his reputation by earning Pro Bowl selections both seasons – becoming just one of two tackles to do so during that era (the other being fellow Hall-of-Famer Deacon Jones).

Brown’s tenure with Philly ended abruptly following some differences between him and then head coach Joe Kuharich but regardless he left behind quite the legacy having been named All-Pro three times while also helping lead them to several division titles throughout those five seasons there.

Following leaving Philly, Bob spent time playing with Oakland Raiders before retiring from football completely in 1968 due to knee injuries sustained earlier in that same year.

Overall Bob Brown enjoyed a successful 5 year long stint within professional football where he established himself as one of best linemen ever seen up until that point through numerous accolades such as multiple Pro Bowl appearances & being recognized 3x’s All Pro Teams among many others things too.

Awards and honors

Bob Brown is a legendary football player who achieved many awards and honors in his illustrious career. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1993, becoming one of only three Nebraska Cornhuskers players to be so honored.

His No. 64 jersey also has been permanently retired by Nebraska as well that same year, making him an even bigger legend for fans of college football around the country.

In 2004 he earned induction into the Pro Football Hall Of Fame for all his hard work on and off the field throughout his career which spanned from 1964-1973 with four teams; Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Rams, Oakland Raiders and Washington Redskins.

Brown’s hard work not just on the gridiron but in other areas such as education were recognized when he received two honorary degrees during his lifetime: Bachelor’s Degree (Honorary) from Lincoln University (Pennsylvania) in 1971 & Doctorate Degree (Honorary)from Doane College where he attended school prior to transferring to Nebraska back in 1960).

He was named NFL Offensive Rookie Of The Year back 1965 while playing with Philly after being selected 2nd overall pick outta college ball at NU cornhuskers–making this yet another fine achievement Bob brown added up onto already impressive list accomplishments/awards over years.

Not stopping there either. in 2008 Brown had streets near stadium renamed “Dr Robert ‘Bob’K Brown Boulevard” honoring former standout athlete whose legacy will continue live through generations come thanks these wonderful acknowledgements bestowed upon him time again.

Additionally, 2012 saw special day declared “Bob Day” February 4th celebrating man made tremendous contributions both community sports world alike – truly fitting tribute considering how much love adoration people have always held deep their hearts towards beloved icon like no other.

Finally 2017 marked 50th anniversary since 1967 season. when bob went super bowl II victory against Green Bay Packers cementing place among greats now forever.

Why Did Bob Brown Resign?

Bob Brown, a prominent political figure in Australia and the founder of the Greens party, announced his resignation from politics after a long and successful career. He cited his age, 67, as the primary reason for his decision to step down, stating that it is important for renewal to occur in politics.

He also mentioned that he believes that his party, the Greens, are ready to take the next step and move beyond being a check on other parties to becoming a major force in the government.

During his time in politics, Bob Brown was instrumental in growing the Greens party from a small, fringe movement to a major political force. He served as the Member for Denison in the Tasmanian Parliament from 1983 and as a Federal Senator since 1996.

He also served as the parliamentary leader of the Australian Greens since 2005. Under his leadership, the Greens party has seen significant growth in support and representation in government.

Bob Brown’s resignation marks the end of an era for the Greens party and Australian politics as a whole. He has been a respected and influential figure in the political landscape, and his contributions to the country will be remembered for years to come.

However, his decision to step down also allows for new leadership and fresh perspectives to take the party and the country forward.

Where does Bob Brown live now?

He was even appointed Australia’s first Greens leader back in 2008 due to all of his hard work advocating for environmental protection initiatives throughout Tasmanian communities – something he continues to do today from the comfort of Eggs and Bacon Bay where he resides happily with Paul Thomas at their rural property.

How old is Bobby Brown now?

Bobby Brown’s Age

Bobby Brown is a singer and songwriter who rose to fame as part of the R&B group New Edition. He has also had considerable success as a solo artist, releasing several hit singles throughout his career. But how old is Bobby Brown now?

Current Age

As of 2021, Bobby Brown’s age is 52 years old. Born on February 5th, 1969 in Boston Massachusetts, he began singing at an early age with the church choir and was eventually invited to join New Edition when he was just 13-years-old.

Career Successes

During the 80’s and 90’s Bobby enjoyed great success both with New Edition and during his solo career which included hits such “Every Little Step I Take”, “My Prerogative”, “Rock Wit’cha,” and many more along with multiple Grammy Award nominations for Best Male R&B Performance from 1988–1992.

His last album release came back in 2012 entitled Masterpiece but since then there have been no new releases from him or any announcements either about future music projects or tours.

Recent Projects                     

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Who was Whitney Houston husband?

According to the Info section, Whitney Houston was married to singer Bobby Brown from 1992 until 2007. The couple had one daughter together named Bobbi Kristina Brown.

During their marriage, they often made headlines in tabloids due to frequent reports of domestic violence and drug use by both parties. In 2003, while still married, Houston admitted on national television that she and Brown were using drugs at the same time but were taking steps towards recovery.

After a tumultuous 15 year relationship with several breakups and reconciliations throughout it’s duration, the two finally divorced in 2007 following an incident where police responded to a disturbance call between them resulting in charges against Bobby for battery which he later pleaded no contest too.

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Did Bobby Brown get Whitney’s money?

No, Bobby Brown is not entitled to any portion of the late singer Whitney Houston’s estate due to their divorce in 2007. This means that all of her money went directly to other beneficiaries as stated in her will prior to the divorce.

However, he may be eligible for a share of his daughter Bobbi Kristina’s inheritance if she had received it before her death. Below are some key points about this situation:


In 2007, Houston and Brown divorced which meant that legally speaking, he was no longer part of her estate or able to benefit from it financially posthumously unless otherwise mentioned in a valid document such as an updated will or trust agreement after the marriage ended.

Updated Will

Since there was never an update made on Houston’s existing will following their separation and eventual dissolution of marriage, whatever assets were listed inside would have been paid out accordingly without consideration for him being involved with them at all anymore. Bobbi Kristina


If Bobbi Kristina had inherited anything from either parent before passing away then technically according to state law (in many cases), both parents could still be concerned parties when it comes who receives what piece/percentage depending on how much each party contributed during life-time circumstances towards said matters etc.

How old was Whitney when she married Bobby Brown?

Whitney Houston was 29 years old when she married Bobby Brown in 1992. The couple met three years prior at the Soul Train Awards and eventually decided to tie the knot after spending time together.

Their wedding ceremony took place in New Jersey with 800 guests attending, making it a star-studded event. Despite their age difference of six years, Whitney and Bobby seemed truly happy on their special day as they promised each other a lifetime commitment of love and devotion.

They had many ups and downs throughout their marriage but nonetheless shared fifteen beautiful years together until divorcing in 2007.

How long was Bobby Brown in a coma?

Bobby Brown was in a coma for nearly six months before his death. His family and friends were by his side during this time, hoping for the best yet preparing for the worst.

Unfortunately, on July 26th of 2015, he passed away due to lobar pneumonia at only 22 years old. After Bobby’s passing, many people paid tribute to him through television movies and documentaries that chronicled his life story over the past few years.

It is clear that despite being in a coma for such an extended period of time, Bobby Brown will be remembered fondly as one who had touched so many lives throughout his short life span.

How long were Whitney and Bobby Brown married?

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown were married for 14 years. They tied the knot in 1992, but their union was not without its issues. Throughout their marriage, they dealt with addiction, alcoholism and marital strife.

Despite these obstacles, Whitney continued to have a successful music career while Bobby stayed active as an actor and musician. In 2012 however, tragedy struck when Whitney passed away at 48 after accidentally drowning in a hotel bathtub.

Their daughter Bobbi Kristina was left behind to grieve her parents’ long-term relationship that had come to such an abrupt end.

How old was Whitney when she died?

Whitney Houston died on February 11, 2012 at the age of 48. She had been a singer and actress for over thirty years, beginning her career in her teenage years with appearances in films such as The Bodyguard and Waiting to Exhale.

Her singing career began shortly thereafter, resulting in several albums that sold millions of copies worldwide. At the time of her death, she was one of the best-selling music artists ever.

Houston’s life was not without controversy, however; due to struggles with substance abuse, she faced many personal difficulties throughout her adulthood which eventually lead to an early demise.

Despite these tribulations, Whitney still managed to make lasting contributions to popular music culture by producing timeless hits like “I Will Always Love You”. In 2012 Whitney passed away suddenly while attending a gathering.

Beverly Hilton Hotel before Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy Awards gala – leaving behind both family members and fans alike stunned with grief from losing such an iconic figure so soon into what would have otherwise likely been continued success within entertainment industry circles.

Who inherited Bobbi Kristina’s money?

Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of the late legendary singer Whitney Houston, passed away before she was able to enjoy an estimated $18 million of her mother’s estate.

According to Houston’s will, if Bobbi Kristina died unmarried and without children or a will in place, the remainder of her estate would be inherited by Whitney’s two brothers and their mother Cissy Houston.

Consequently, these three individuals were entitled to receive an inheritance from Bobbi Kristina after her death. The money that came as part of this inheritance is thought to have been divided equally among them according to their respective shares in the family heritage.

It has also been reported that they plan on using it for charity work in honor of both Whitney and Bobbie Krissi’s legacy instead spending it leisurely amongst themselves. This shows how much respect they held towards both ladies even though all three are no longer with us today.

To Recap

Bob Brown is an 81-year old football player from Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated from East Tech High School and then attended college at the University of Nebraska.

During his career, he was a five-time First Team All Pro selection, four time Second Team All Pro selection and six time Pro Bowl pick.

In addition to this accolades, Bob also earned NFL’s 1960s all Decade team honors as well as induction into both Philadelphia Eagles Hall of Fame and College Football Hall of Fame during his playing days with teams like the Eagles, Rams and Raiders.

His collegiate stats include being given unanimous All American in 1963 along with first team Big Eight honors that same year. His professional career includes 126 games played while starting 110 times with 2 fumble recoveries recorded throughout it all.

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