Top 13 Greatest Chess Players in Czech Republic of All Time

Alejandro Ramirez Alvarez

The Czech Republic is home to some of the best chess players in the world. From grandmasters to strong amateurs, the country is a powerhouse on the international chess scene.

There are many grandmasters from the Czech Republic, including Viktor Korchnoi, Vlastimil Hort, and Lubomir Ftacnik.

All three of these players have achieved success at the highest levels of chess, with Korchnoi becoming an 11-time world champion and Hort achieving the title of grandmaster in 1980.

Other notable players from the Czech Republic include Jiri Smejkal, Jan Smejkal, and Pavel Blatny. Additionally, the Czech Republic has produced many strong amateur chess players, including Vladimír Šebek, Jana Šebková, and Jan Plachetka.

With such a strong chess tradition, the Czech Republic is sure to continue to produce great chess players for many years to come.

1. David Navara


David Navara is an incredibly talented chess player from the Czech Republic. He has been playing chess since a young age and has achieved a great deal of success in the sport.

In 2002, he was awarded the title of Grandmaster by FIDE, the international governing body of chess, making him the highest-ranked chess player in the Czech Republic.

Throughout his career, he has won 12 national championships and is now one of the most highly respected chess players in the world.

Navara has become well-known for his strategic thinking and tactical prowess, which has enabled him to outplay his opponents and reach the top of the rankings.

He is also widely praised for his dedication to the sport, often spending hours analyzing games and finding innovative ways to gain an advantage in competition. Navara has achieved many impressive results in the world of chess.

In addition to his 12 national championships, he has won several prestigious tournaments such as the World Team Championship in 2005 and the European Individual Chess Championship in 2015. He has even represented the Czech Republic in Chess Olympiads and the World Cup.

In short, David Navara is a highly accomplished chess player who has reached the highest levels of the game.

His dedication to the sport and his strategic thinking have made him one of the most respected players in the world, and he is sure to continue to impress in the years to come.

2. Viktor Láznička


Viktor Láznička is a renowned chess player and one of the top grandmasters in the Czech Republic. He has been a member of the Czech national team since 2003 and has participated in numerous tournaments and championship matches.

In 2005, he won the Czech Chess Championship and in 2009, he achieved his career peak by becoming the European Individual Chess Champion.

He has also achieved a number of other prestigious titles, including the Czech Rapid Chess Champion in 2012, the Czech Blitz Chess Champion in 2014 and the World Senior Chess Champion in 2016.

Viktor is a highly skilled player and has been able to consistently maintain a high level of play in international tournaments. He regularly participates in tournaments around the world and has been a strong presence in the chess scene.

He is also an active member of the Czech Chess Federation and often helps to mentor younger players. Viktor’s success and influence have made him one of the most recognizable chess players in the Czech Republic.

3. Zbyněk Hráček


Zbyněk Hráček is a highly accomplished chess grandmaster from the Czech Republic. He has had a long and successful career, winning a number of prestigious tournaments. In 1994, Hráček won the Czech Chess Championship, cementing his place as one of the country’s top players.

He went on to win the Zonal tournament Odorhea 1995, as well as the tournaments Pardubice 1993, Altensteig 1995, and Lippstadt 2000. Hráček’s impressive list of achievements makes him one of the most successful chess players to come out of the Czech Republic.

He is a role model to aspiring chess players, showing that hard work and dedication can lead to success.

4. Vojtěch Plát


Vojtěch Plát is an incredibly talented Czech chess grandmaster. Born in 1993, he has been playing chess competitively since a very young age and has achieved remarkable success.

In 2016, Plát won the Czech Chess Championship, a prestigious title that is awarded to the best player in the nation. His victory was particularly impressive because of the extremely high level of competition in the championship.

Plát was able to outplay the rest of the field and demonstrate his skills as a chess grandmaster. His success in the event earned him recognition as one of the top players in the world and solidified his reputation as one of the world’s leading grandmasters.

Plát’s victory in the Czech Chess Championship is a testament to his skill and dedication to the game of chess.

5. Petr Velička


Petr Velička is a highly respected chess grandmaster from the Czech Republic. He earned the title of Grandmaster (GM) in the year 2007, a title that is only awarded to the best players in the world.

Throughout his career, Velička has achieved impressive results in various chess tournaments. One of his most noteworthy achievements was a second-place finish in the 1999 Czech Chess Championship, which was held in Lázně Bohdaneč.

This is a remarkable feat considering the level of competition in the tournament and the high standard of play expected of grandmasters. Petr Velička is a shining example of the talent and skill that can be found in the Czech Republic when it comes to the game of chess.

His accomplishments in the game have been widely recognized and he serves as an inspiration to aspiring chess players.

6. Luděk Pachman


Luděk Pachman was a remarkable man. He was a Czechoslovak-German chess grandmaster, chess writer and political activist. He was a respected figure in the chess world and his books are still widely read.

As a political activist, he was an outspoken critic of the Communist regime in Czechoslovakia and for that, he paid a heavy price. In 1972, Pachman was imprisoned and brutally tortured by the Communist regime.

He was tortured almost to death and it became clear that his life was in danger. In a desperate attempt to save his life, the Czechoslovak government allowed him to emigrate to West Germany.

This was a rare privilege, as the Communist regime usually prohibited people from leaving the country. Pachman’s story is a reminder of the cruelty and injustice that was inflicted on countless people by the Communist regime.

It’s also a testament to Pachman’s courage and resilience. Despite his suffering, he remained committed to his beliefs and never gave up hope. He was a true inspiration to many and will never be forgotten.

7. Miroslav Filip


Miroslav Filip was a Czech chess grandmaster who achieved a great deal of success in the sport throughout his career. He was awarded the title of International Master in 1953 and the Grandmaster title in 1955.

This distinction marked Filip as one of the highest-ranked chess players of his time. Filip was very active in the international chess scene, representing Czechoslovakia in 12 consecutive Chess Olympiads from Helsinki 1952 to Nice 1974.

During this time, he played a total of 194 games, with an impressive overall result. This record highlights Filip’s skill and dedication to the game. The titles and awards that Filip achieved in his career are a testament to his natural talent and hard work.

He is remembered as a true master of the game and an inspiration to aspiring chess players.

8. Sergei Movsesian


Sergei Movsesian is an Armenian chess player who achieved the prestigious title of Grandmaster from the World Chess Federation (FIDE) in 1997. This title is awarded to those who have achieved a high level of skill in the game and is a great honor.

He was also part of the gold medal-winning Armenian team at the 2011 World Team Chess Championship in Ningbo, China. Movsesian has been highly successful in the game of chess and has competed in multiple tournaments.

However, for most of his career he has represented the Czech Republic at various international tournaments. This is due to the fact that he is of Armenian descent, but is originally from the Czech Republic.

He has thus been able to combine his Armenian heritage with his Czech roots to compete in a sport he loves.

9. Vasik Rajlich


Vasik Rajlich is a highly acclaimed figure in the world of chess. He is an International Master, which is the third highest title a chess player can achieve and is considered to be the highest title achievable for a non-professional player.

Rajlich is also the author of the computer chess playing program Rybka, which has been one of the strongest chess playing programs in the world for many years. Rybka has won numerous World Computer Chess Championships and has been a dominant force in the world of computer chess.

Rajlich’s work on Rybka has been widely praised for its groundbreaking contributions to the field of computer chess.

He has been credited with revolutionizing the way computers play chess, and his work has been instrumental in making computer chess a competitive and exciting field of play.

10. Jana Jacková

Jana Jacková is a Czech chess player who has been an active participant in the Chess Olympiads. She has represented her home country in six different Olympiads, starting in 1998 in Elista and ending in 2008 in Dresden.

In 2002, the team achieved a tenth-place finish in the final ranking, a feat which was repeated in 2006 in Turin. Overall, Jana Jacková has helped the Czech team to be competitive in international chess competitions and has been a key player in the team’s success.

11. Jan Smejkal


Jan Smejkal is a renowned Czech chess player and one of the top players in the world. He has been an International Grandmaster since 1972, having achieved the title at the age of 22. In the 1970s, Smejkal was considered to be one of the world’s elite chess players.

He was known for his tactical play and his ability to outwit his opponents. During this time, Smejkal was one of the strongest players from the Czech Republic and was a major force in international chess competitions.

He competed in several tournaments and even represented his country in the World Chess Olympiad. Smejkal’s success in the 1970s established him as one of the game’s greatest players, and he continues to be respected in the chess world today.

12. Julius Brach

Julius Brach was a talented Czech chess master who had a successful career. In 1899, he won the Brno tournament – an impressive feat considering the early stage in his career.

He then went on to take 3rd place at Osyky u Lomnice, 2nd place at Brno 1901, and 3rd place at Brno 1905. In 1906 he tied for 5-6th place in the Nuremberg tournament, and in 1907 he shared 2nd place with another player in the Brno tournament.

Throughout his career, Julius Brach was able to consistently place in tournaments, which speaks to his skill as a chess master.

13. Joanna Worek

Joanna Worek is a Polish and Czech chess player who is highly accomplished. She holds the title of Woman Grandmaster, which is the highest achievable title in women’s chess.

In 2001, Joanna achieved a major feat when she won the bronze medal at the World Youth Chess Championship in the Girls U16 category.

This accomplishment is a testament to her skill as a chess player and reflects her dedication to the game.In 2016, Joanna decided to transfer national federations from Poland to the Czech Republic.

This decision demonstrated her commitment to the Czech Republic and also her willingness to embrace a new nation’s culture. It is a testament to her dedication to her craft, and shows her determination to continue to excel in her field.


The Czech Republic is a country that is known for its top-level chess players. With the likes of David Navara, Vlastimil Hort, and Ivan Sokolov, the Czech Republic has produced some of the best chess players in the world.

This is due to the commitment and dedication of their players, as well as the resources available to them. With the backing of the Czech Chess Federation, Czech players have been able to compete and win internationally.

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