Top 9 Professional Best Chess Players in Belarus

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Belarus is home to some of the world’s best chess players. Not only have they produced some of the best chess players in recent years, but they have also been an integral part of the development of the game.

We will take a look at some of the best chess players from Belarus, their accomplishments, and what makes them stand out from the competition.

From grandmasters to international masters, these players have earned their spots on the list of the world’s best chess players.

1. Vitaly Teterev


Vitaly Teterev is a highly accomplished chess player from Belarus. He was awarded the prestigious title of Grandmaster by FIDE, the international governing body of chess, in 2007.

This title is only given to the very best chess players in the world, and it is a significant honor for Teterev to have attained it. Teterev has also been an active member of the Belarusian national team at several major chess competitions.

He played in the Chess Olympiad in 2010 and 2012, which is the oldest and most prestigious team chess event in the world. In 2013, he also represented Belarus at the European Team Chess Championship.

These performances demonstrate Teterev’s skill as a chess player and his dedication to the sport.

2. Aleksej Aleksandrov


Aleksej Aleksandrov is a highly accomplished Belarusian chess player. He was awarded the prestigious title of Grandmaster by the World Chess Federation (FIDE) in 1997.

Aleksandrov has achieved impressive success in the chess world, claiming five national championship titles for Belarus and representing his country in numerous international competitions.

He was part of the Belarusian team in the Chess Olympiad, the World Team Chess Championship, and the European Team Chess Championship. Aleksandrov is an inspiration for aspiring chess players, demonstrating that with dedication and hard work, one can reach great heights in the sport.

His accomplishments are a testament to his talent and commitment to chess and certainly worthy of admiration.

3. Viktor Kupreichik


Viktor Davidovich Kupreichik was a highly accomplished chess player. He was born in Belarus, a country in Eastern Europe, and was recognized as a Grandmaster of chess in 1976. Kupreichik was known for his deep understanding of the game and his skillful tactics.

He was a three-time Belarusian champion and a two-time winner of the Belarusian Cup. He also represented Belarus in numerous international tournaments, including the Olympiad, and achieved success in the European Team Championship.

Kupreichik was a natural teacher and was the head coach of the Belarusian team for several years. He was also a successful author, publishing a number of books on chess and teaching players the intricacies of the game.

Kupreichik’s influence as a chess player and teacher made him one of the most prominent figures in the chess world. He was a source of inspiration for many aspiring chess players and his legacy continues to be remembered by the chess community.

4. Konstantin Vygodchikov

Konstantin Vygodchikov was a Belarusian chess master who achieved notable success during the early 20th century. In 1926, he won the 3rd Belarusian Championship, claiming the title for himself.

Two years later, in 1928, he shared 1st place with Abram Model and Vladislav Silich in the 4th Belarusian Championship. Although Vygodchikov’s impressive results in tournaments were noteworthy, he is also remembered for his notable correspondence game with Alexander Alekhine in 1908-09.

Unfortunately, Vygodchikov lost the game to Alekhine, yet the match demonstrated Vygodchikov’s skill in the game of chess. Overall, Konstantin Vygodchikov was a talented Belarusian chess master who made a name for himself through impressive tournament results and a notable correspondence game.

He will be remembered for his accomplishments in the game of chess and his efforts in promoting the sport in Belarus.

5. Viacheslav Dydyshko

Viacheslav Dydyshko is an incredibly accomplished chess player from Belarus. He has achieved the prestigious title of Grandmaster from the FIDE (Fédération Internationale des Échecs) in 1995, one of the highest honors to be bestowed upon a chess player.

Dydyshko is also a highly decorated chess champion in his native Belarus. He has won the Belarusian Chess Championship an impressive eleven times, a feat that is not easily accomplished.

He has also represented Belarus in the Chess Olympiads on seven separate occasions, spanning from 1994 to 2006.

This demonstrates that Dydyshko has consistently been one of the top chess players in Belarus and has been a consistent representative of his country at some of the most important chess events in the world.

His sustained success over the years is a testament to his skill and dedication to the game of chess. He is a true champion and a great ambassador for the game of chess in Belarus.

6. Viktor Zheliandinov

Viktor Savelievich Zheliandinov was an outstanding Soviet-Ukrainian chess player, International Master, and coach. He was a highly accomplished chess player and achieved the Master title in 1962. He was also a Soviet Army Champion, winning the title in 1966.

On top of this, Zheliandinov won the Belarus championships in 1970. In 1966, Zheliandinov competed in Prague where he finished in a tie for first place with Vlastimil Hort. This impressive accomplishment is just a testament to the skill and talent Zheliandinov possessed.

He was truly a great player and will be remembered in the chess world for years to come.

7. Yury Shulman


Yuri Shulman is a renowned chess player who hails from Belarus, a country situated in Eastern Europe.

He is also known by the alternate spelling of “Yury Shulman.” Shulman is a highly accomplished chess player, having earned the prestigious FIDE title of Grandmaster, the highest title that can be bestowed upon a chess player.

He is also married to Woman International Master Viktorija Ni, another highly accomplished chess player in her own right. Shulman and Ni are both highly respected members of the chess community and have achieved remarkable success in their respective careers.

They are a great example of how hard work and dedication can lead to success in any field.

8. Albert Kapengut

Albert Zinovievich Kapengut is a highly respected figure in the world of chess. He holds the International Master title, which is only awarded to those who have achieved a very high level of expertise in the game.

As well as being an accomplished player, Kapengut is renowned as a teacher, theoretician, and writer. He made a particularly significant contribution during the 1960s when he was part of several successful student chess teams at the Olympiads.

This was an impressive feat, as the level of competition was incredibly high and these teams achieved great success under his guidance. Kapengut is credited with helping to develop the skills of countless chess players over the years.

He is an authority on the game, and his research and writings have been extremely influential in the chess world. His expertise has been sought out by many, and his contributions to the game have been invaluable.

He has left a lasting legacy in the world of chess, and his memory will live on for many years to come.

9. Kira Zvorykina

Kira Alekseyevna Zvorykina was a remarkable figure in the world of chess. She was born and lived in Belarus and was a three-time winner of the Women’s Soviet Championship.

Her remarkable success in the sport earned her a place in the World Chess Hall of Fame in 2018. Kira was a passionate and tireless competitor. She was always looking for ways to improve her game, and her dedication and hard work paid off.

She was known for her tenaciousness and determination, and her ability to stay focused and finish strong. Throughout her career, Kira was a force to be reckoned with.

Her tournament wins included victories in the Women’s Soviet Championship, the International Chess Festival, the European Championship, and the Women’s World Championship.

She also earned awards at the European Team Championship, the World Team Championship, and the Olympiad. Kira was an inspiration to many. Her work ethic and dedication to the sport were a source of motivation for those around her.

She was an example of what could be achieved through hard work and determination, and her legacy has been carried on by the many young chess players who have followed in her footsteps. Kira Alekseyevna Zvorykina was an incredible chess player who left a lasting legacy in the world of chess.

She was a three-time winner of the Women’s Soviet Championship and was inducted into the World Chess Hall of Fame in 2018. Her success was a testament to her hard work and determination, and she was an inspiration to many.

Her legacy will live on through the generations of chess players who have been inspired by her determination and skill.


Belarus is home to some of the most talented and accomplished chess players in the world. From the legendary Garry Kasparov to the current world champion, Magnus Carlsen, Belarusian chess players have consistently achieved success on the world stage.

Their drive and determination to succeed have made them an example for aspiring players all over the world.

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