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Baseball and Banana Ball. If the second name seems funny and unfamiliar to you, I’m sure that you are not aware of the newly formed sport that is similar to Baseball, the Banana Ball.

This sport follows all the criteria of Baseball but changed the rules in 9 specific places and that makes the biggest difference.

Genuinely, the name, Banana Ball has come from the popular team, Savannah Bananas. The team owner, Jesse Cole, and the team designed the rules to make a new form of Baseball. However, we can’t say that it’s a pure success, But it is definitely not a failure.

Well, if you are new to learning about the Banana Ball rules, I can help. Indeed, I am writing here to explain the entire Banana Ball rules in an easy way so that beginners can understand them properly. Let’s get ready to see what’s this exciting Banana Ball rule.

What Is the Banana Baseball Rule?

What Is the Banana Baseball Rule

The banana ball rule initially comes from a famous team of the Coastal Plain League (CPL), Savannah Bananas. Jesse Cole is the owner of the team and it was created in 2016. While explaining the Banana rule, Cole said, “a little bit too long, a little bit too slow, and a little bit too boring for many fans. So we had to change it.”

No doubt Cole and the entire team wanted to change the rules of classic baseball and they named the new rule, the Banana Ball rule. However, Cole’s team is very famous and most of its contests have already sold out. It has become so popular in the past few years. So, their new rules also got a huge vibe amongst baseball fans.

History Of Savan’s Banana Baseball Rules

Though the team Savannah Bananas was created in 2016, the team started implementing the rules in 2020. Cole and the team designed the set of rules so that the match can have a boost and end earlier while offering proper and equal opportunities for both teams. 

Coal has already admitted that the Banana Ball Rules are not the game for the Baseball traditionalists, still, MLB has instituted different measures in the last few years in an effort to speed up the game.

However, the rule has a set of 9 different rules that have made it unique from classic baseball. It is true that all baseball lovers don’t like the idea but young people like it so much because it is more exciting and fun.

Banana Ball Rules

Banana Ball Rules

As I’ve said before, the Banana Ball Rules have 9 differences from the classic Baseball Rules. Here, I’ve explained all those nine rules. The rest is the same as the Classic one. So, to understand the rules properly, you need to acknowledge the following rule breaks.

1. The Winning Team Will Get the Points

In the Banana Baseball rule, each inning will have a point. The team that scores more by the end of the innings will be the winner of the specific inning. And the winner of the inning will get the point. But this rule is not applicable for the final inning. In this case, all the runs will be counted. So, except for the final inning, the winning team of each inning will get the point.

2. Time Limit Is Two Hours

Actually, it is not completely two hours. Indeed, the Banana Rules will give you only 1 hour and 50 minutes for the match. And this rule is very strict about the time limit and never even considers a second for that. And if the officials cannot decide on a winner within the given time because of a tie, it will go for a showdown tiebreaker.

3. Stepping Out of the Batter’s Box Is not Allowed

Banana Rule doesn’t believe in waiting time at any cost. That’s why it sets the rule that neither the catchers nor the hitters can step out of the batter’s box. If one did that by any means, it would be a strike. Even if the player forgets about the rule and steps out of the batter’s box, it will be a strike too.

4. Bunting Is not Allowed

About the bunting, the Banana system has a hard and fast rule and the rule is all for the batters. The rule says if the batter bunts by any means, he will be thrown out of the match. Actually, most people don’t accept this rule as it leaves no hope for the batters if he makes this mistake even without knowing it.

5. Batters Can Steal the First Base

By any means, if a player makes a passed ball or wild pitch in any pitch of an at-bat, the situation will provide the batter an opportunity to take off in the beginning. However, this rule makes this game even more exciting because the audience can encourage a batter to steal when the ball gets away.

6. Run, Don’t Walk

When a pitcher throws a fourth ball, it will be a sprint. In that situation, the hitter will have the chance to take off running. At that time, the catcher will throw the ball pointing to the place where every defensive player will be standing on the field. And it has to happen earlier to be a live ball.

The hitter can advance to as many bases as he can. The ball does not have to touch the catcher or the pitcher. In that situation, if the pitcher walks, it will be a home run.

7. No Mount Visits Is Allowed

Under this rule, no mount, including the couch, catcher, or anyone, has the opportunity to visit the batter’s box. Eventually, it won’t help if the pitcher wants any type of help or some reassurance.

Also, the pitcher can’t even have time out to talk with the pitching coach or just ask whether to stay on track with his mechanics.

8. A Fan’s Foul Ball Catch Is an Out

You must witness a fan catching the foul ball in a baseball match. Indeed, it happens so often, if something like this happens in the Savana’s Banana Baseball, it will be out. It can’t be a good way to end the series and it can cause injuries to the spectators.

That’s why the committee encourages players not to throw in a way that causes the ball to the gallery. And that’s why this rule is established.

9. It Will Be the Showdown Tiebreaker If the Match Is a Tie

Under the rules of Banana Ball, if the match is a tie in the given time, the authority will follow the little league and finally go for the Texas Tiebreaker rule.

But, in this case, it is called the Showdown Tiebreaker rule. In this case, the match will have extra innings, and the last player who batted out in the prior inning will start on second without an out. This rule simply gives both teams a better opportunity to get more scores.

So, these are the 9 rules of Banana Ball rules that have made it different and unique. However, most baseball fans take the system very well and they love it because it makes the entire match more enjoyable and funny.


Q: How many teams are in the Banana Ball?

A: In the banana ball rules, there are two independent professional teams.

Q: How is Banana Ball different from baseball?

A: Banana Ball is different from baseball in 9 specific rules. The team Savannah Bananas have made 9 differences in the Banana rules that have made the core differences from the classic Baseball.

Q: How do you score points in a Banana Ball?

A: Generally, each inning in the Banana Ball has a point. The team that scores more runs will win the inning and get the point.

End Call

As we see, Banana Ball is a pretty much different sport than Baseball and that’s why you can’t call it a type of Baseball. The effort of the team, Savannah Bananas, and the leader, Cole has made the effort that is more interesting and exciting. 

People who love Banana Ball definitely enjoy their match. Though the set of rules has some hard and fast criteria, it’s really fun.

Tell us what you think about the Banana Ball rule and which part you think is the best of it. Don’t forget to share your ideas about the rules. Thank you for your time.

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