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Why Did Tiger Change His Swing?

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Poor posture can lead to lost momentum, shortened swing and other problems with your golf game. To improve your stance, ...

Far Does Louis Oosthuizen Drive The Ball

How Far Does Louis Oosthuizen Drive The Ball?

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Louis Oosthuizen won the 2013 Ballantines Championship at Blackstone Golf Club in Incheon, South Korea with a score of 500 ...

Long Is Brian Harman's Driver

How Long Is Brian Harman’s Driver?

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Brian Harman’s driver is about 3 minutes long. It covers a wide range of styles, from funk to soul and ...

Tiger Woods Have A Strong Grip

Did Tiger Woods Have a Strong Grip? Benefits & Influence on Career

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Tiger Woods, a name synonymous with excellence in the sport of golf, made a lasting mark on the game with ...

Sponsors Talor Gooch

Who Sponsors Talor Gooch?

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Wilson Cadillac is proud to sponsor Oklahoma State Cowboy Golf professional Talor Gooch. The PGA TOUR pro has a long ...

Sponsors Did Tiger Lose

What Sponsors Did Tiger Lose?

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Tiger Woods has suffered a major loss with the recent news of his wife’s divorce and subsequent media attention. This ...

Nike Pay Tiger Woods

How Much Do Nike Pay Tiger Woods?

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In 1996, Nike signed Michael Woods to a reported $40m deal. The contract was renewed for a reported $100m over ...


What Grip Does Louis Oosthuizen Use?

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The prodigious distance that Rory Oosthuizen has hit during his golf career is nothing short of spectacular. His right hand ...

Tiger Woods

How Much Does Tiger Woods Pay His Caddie?

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In professional golf, while players bask in the spotlight, their caddies operate in the background, playing a crucial yet often ...

Tiger Woods Swing

How Fast Does Tiger Woods Swing?

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Tiger Woods’ average golf swing speed is around 82 mph according to Golf Digest. A range of club head speeds ...