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Soccer Extra Time Rules

Soccer Extra Time Rules: What Happens After the Match Ends?

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You probably don’t know about the longest extra time in Soccer, right? It was between Shabab Khanyounis and Ittihad Khanyounis ...

Stoppage Time In Soccer

What Is Stoppage Time In Soccer? Soccer Stoppage Time Rules 

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Stoppage Time is not Extra Time. Even though 50% of the world population loves football, ask them individually, and only ...

Substitutes in Soccer

Soccer Substitution Rules: Can You Substitute All 11 Players? 

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In any football match, you have five substitute players in total. Meaning, that for any event when a player is ...

Long Is A Soccer Match

How Long Is A Soccer Match? Total Soccer Game Length

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Ask around and you will hardly find someone who doesn’t know about Soccer. Almost 50% of people on Earth know ...

Basics of Soccer

The Basics of Soccer Terminology: How Soccer Works

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Have you recently grown your interest in Soccer? It’s not too late yet!  Start with the basics of Soccer and ...

Comprehensive Soccer Defense

A Comprehensive Soccer Defense Drills List

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Defensive prowess is the backbone of a successful soccer team, and mastering the art of defending requires rigorous training and ...

Soccer Center Forward Position

Soccer Center Forward Position: Is the Center Forward & Striker Same?

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In the world of sports, Soccer follows some simple rules. Anyone can understand what’s happening in the play with little ...

Basic Rules of Soccer

Basic Rules of Soccer: 101 Soccer Rules & Terminology Explained 

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There’s not a single soul on earth who hasn’t heard of World Cup Football. Kids to adults, Football a.k.a Soccer ...

15 Best Football Player in Oceania

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Oceania is a region that is home to some of the best football players in the world. From the likes ...

47 Best Player in Syria of All Time

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Syria is a country with a rich football history. The Syrian national team has participated in multiple international tournaments, including ...