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Zach Allen is a defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals. He was born on August 20, 1997 in New Canaan, Connecticut, and stands at 6 feet 4 inches tall with a weight of 281 pounds.

In college, he attended Boston College from 2015-2018 where he earned Second-team All-ACC honors in his senior year.

During the 2019 NFL Draft, Zach was selected in the third round as pick number 65 by the Cardinals.

Since joining the team he has been an active presence on defense and has racked up 138 total tackles along with 11 sacks so far during his career.

Additionally, Allen also has 3 fumble recoveries to go along with 1 interception plus 15 pass deflections since joining Arizona’s roster back in 2019 when they drafted him out of BC.

He even scored one defensive TD for good measure too. Zach continues to be an important part of this Cardinal’s squad heading into 2022 and beyond that too

Zach Allen
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Personal Information of Zach Allen

Real Name/Full NameZachary William-Jacob Allen
Age24 years old
Birth DateAugust 20, 1997
Birth PlaceNew Canaan, Connecticut
Height6 ft 5 in (1. 96 m)
WeightAround 285 lb (129 kg)
Wife/Spouse (Name)Unmarried
ProfessionProfessional Football player
Net Worth$5.00 million



College career

Zach Allen’s college career began in 2015 as a freshman at Boston College.

He played in all 12 regular season games, primarily on the special teams unit and had 66 plays on special teams and 46 defensive end snaps.

In his first game of collegiate football, he recorded an assisted tackle against Maine for his first collegiate points.

Throughout the rest of that year, Zach continued to contribute including one solo tackle against Howard University later in the season.

As a sophomore in 2016, Zach became more involved with the team playing 574 total snaps over 11 starts while being named second-team All-ACC by both media outlets and coaches alike; finishing fourth among ACC defensive linemen with 73 tackles (38 unassisted).

His best performance came during their win over UConn where he was selected as national player of week after recording two sacks along with 10 tackles which included three for losses totaling 20 yards overall.

By 2017 he earned even higher honors when ESPN named him honorable mention All-American selection due to his great performances throughout entire season..

In 2018 Zach’s senior year saw him become captain of defense line leading squad from sidelines stepping up big time versus Clemson holding them scoreless until last drive completing 16 passes breaking record set back 1950.

For personal accomplishments zach led whole conference collecting 18 quarterback hurries despite knee injury ending campaign early allowing him declare draft entering 2019 NFL Draft becoming third round pick Arizona Cardinals continuing professional career growing talent further showcasing potential held within this rising star.

Professional career

Zach Allen is an American football defensive end who was selected by the Arizona Cardinals with the 65th overall pick in the third round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

After being drafted, he signed a four-year contract worth $3.9 million dollars that included a signing bonus of $1 million on May 10, 2019.

Allen made his professional debut in week 1 against Detroit Lions and recorded two solo tackles as well as one pass defended during their 27–27 draw game.

He started 11 games out of 16 until suffering from neck injury which ended his rookie season early in December 2019 after recording 47 total tackles (35 solo), 4 sacks, 7 quarterback hits and 6 pass defended; all career highs for him till now.

He returned to play full seasons since then, starting 14 out 15 games played respectively in 2020 & 2021 seasons where he had a combined total number of 43 tackles (25solo) along with 8sacks, 13 QB Hits and 9 Pass Defended over those two years.

His best performance came when the Cardinals faced Seattle Seahawks at home on November 19,2020 when he sacked Russell Wilson twice leading them to victory 37-34 win under Monday Night Football lights.

In March 2021, Zach Allen re-signed a three-year deal worth up to 18 Million Dollars keeping him within the Cardinals family until 2024 Season; showing faith into the young Defensive End’s potential by the organization.

As it stands currently, Zach Allen has already established himself as solid piece entrenched into core unit defense going forward alongside Chandler Jones and Haason Reddick plus addition through draft or free agency this offseason would only be a boost for Card’s Defense line looking towards the upcoming years ahead.

Who is Zach Allen?

Zach Allen is a professional American football player who currently plays as a defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals of the National Football League (NFL).

He was born on August 20, 1997, and began his football career at Boston College, where he played college football for four years.

As a freshman at Boston College, Allen played in all 12 games of the regular season, primarily as a member of the special teams unit.

However, as he progressed through college, he developed into a strong defensive player, and by his senior year. he was a key contributor on the Boston College defense. His performances in college caught the attention of NFL teams, and he was ultimately selected by the Cardinals in the third round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

Since joining the NFL, Allen has established himself as a valuable member of the Cardinals’ defense. Known for his ability to disrupt the opposing team’s offense, Allen has the ability to play both against the run and the pass.

He has good size and strength, and is able to hold his own against some of the best offensive linemen in the league. Despite a recent injury, Allen is expected to return to the field soon and continue to be an important player for the Cardinals.

What position is Zach Allen?

Zach Allen’s Position

Zach Allen is a defensive end for the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals. He was drafted by the Cardinals in the third round of the 2019 NFL Draft out of Boston College, and has since become an integral part of their defense.

Background on Zach Allen

Allen played his college football at Boston College, where he earned numerous accolades during his four-year career with the Eagles.

During that time, he racked up 124 total tackles (80 solo), 19 sacks, five forced fumbles and three interceptions while starting 39 games over four seasons for BC. His strong play led to him being named first team All-ACC in 2018 as well as twice earning second-team honors from 2016–17.

Position Description

As a defensive end for Arizona, Zach plays a key role in stopping opposing offenses’ running game and disrupting passing attacks through pressuring quarterbacks into making bad throws or hurried decisions that can often lead to turnovers or errant passes resulting in incomplete passes.

His ability to bull rush offensive linemen also allows linebackers behind him more freedom when it comes to blitzing higher percentage gaps between blockers which gives them better angles when attacking ball carriers coming off tackle blocks or attempting cutbacks against outside runs.

Impact on The Team

The presence of Zach Allen helps solidify one side of Arizona’s line allowing other defenders like Chandler Jones more opportunities to make big plays due to less double teams along that edge helping create havoc throughout opposing backfields leading directly to increased production from both himself and teammates around him.

Overall, having players such as Zack are essential part any successful defense due their versatility in playing multiple positions run stuffing, pass rushing, and setting edges containing mobile QBs thus aiding the overall success how they perform field.

Who is 94 on the Arizona Cardinals?

Who is 94 on the Arizona Cardinals?

The player wearing number 94 for the Arizona Cardinals is outside linebacker, Chandler Jones.

The 6’5”, the 265-pound defensive end was drafted by the New England Patriots with their 21st overall pick in 2012 NFL Draft and spent four years with them before signing a five-year contract with Arizona during free agency.

Jones has been one of the most consistent pass rushers since entering the league, recording double-digit sacks every season since 2013 and even setting an all-time single-season franchise record for sacks (17) while he was still playing for New England back in 2015.

He currently leads active players in career sack percentage which makes him one of – if not THE– best edge rusher going into this 2020 season.

During his time as a Cardinal, Jones has also earned multiple Pro Bowl selections and All-Pro honors along with winning NFC Defensive Player of Year twice; once at 2016 when he recorded 11 total forced fumbles and then again last year after leading league leaders in quarterback pressures (93).

In addition to that, he’s also tied for fourth place among current NFL defenders who have had over 50 solo tackles per game throughout their careers so far – making Chandler Jones undoubtedly worthy candidate to watch out for this upcoming campaign.

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How much does Zach Allen make?

Zach Allen is currently signed to a 4 year, $4,293,762 contract with the Arizona Cardinals. This includes a signing bonus of $1,142,736 as well as guaranteed salary money of the same amount.

His average annual salary works out to be approximately $1,073,441 per year. In 2022 alone he will make an impressive base salary of $2,540 000 and his cap hit for that season has been estimated at around $2 825 684 while his dead cap value sits at just under 300k ($285 684).

All in all it looks like Zach Allen makes quite a substantial sum each year from this current deal with the Cardinals.

How is the shortest player in the NFL?

J.J. Taylor of the New England Patriots is currently the shortest player in the NFL, measuring in at 5-foot-5 1/4.

He is also believed to be one of, if not the smallest running back playing football today which makes his accomplishments on and off the field even more impressive.

Despite being undersized for a professional athlete, he has been able to find success as both an offensive and defensive threat against opponents.

who are much larger than him physically speaking. His agility allows him to dodge defenders with ease while still having enough power behind each step thanks to.

his quick movements that often leave tacklers grasping after thin air when trying to tackle or contain him from making plays downfield or breaking free for long gains time after time again due largely in part because of how small he actually is compared most other players on any given roster across all levels of competition.

Additionally, JJJTaylor’s ability pass block protects Quarterbacks better by taking up less space which helps them evade sacks more quickly making it easier for their team’s offense stay alive longer during drives & keep possession longer prolonging opportunities within each drive leading into potential scoring positions & ultimately touchdowns.

To Recap

Zach Allen is a defensive end for the Arizona Cardinals. He was born on August 20, 1997 and hails from New Canaan, Connecticut. Standing at 6’4″ and weighing 281 lbs, Zach is an imposing presence on the field.

During his college career with Boston College he earned Second-team All-ACC honors in 2018 before being drafted by the Cardinals in 2019’s third round (65th pick overall).

Since joining the NFL ranks, Zach has had impressive stats so far – 138 tackles including 11.5 sacks as well as 3 fumble recoveries and 1 interception all backed up with 15 pass deflections and even one defensive touchdown.

With these numbers it seems clear that we can expect to see great things from this young talent during his time with Arizona Cardinals.

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