Why Is Scott Piercy Not Wearing A Shoe?

Why Is Scott Piercy Not Wearing A Shoe

During the third round of the Genesis Invitational tournament in February 2021, professional golfer Scott Piercy made a peculiar decision to play without one of his shoes.

This immediately caught the attention of the on-course commentators and spectators at the Riviera Country Club in Pacific Palisades, California.

It left many wondering, why would someone play golf without his shoe. This article aims to explore the reasoning behind Scott Piercy’s decision to play with only one shoe.

Explanation of the Incident

Scott Piercy, a professional golfer, was caught playing with one shoe untied during the first round of the Honda Classic at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

He explained that he was suffering from a blister on his right heel and had to take off his shoe after hitting a shot on the sixth hole. Piercy simply kept the shoe untied and played the rest of the hole with one shoe, and then continued to play the next hole with one shoe on.

As Piercy continued to play, he discovered that putting one shoe on was more comfortable than putting with both shoes on. Thus, he kept the shoe on when putting it.

The reason behind this was that it allowed him to feel the green better with his left foot, allowing him to gauge the speed and break of the putt more accurately.

The decision to play with one shoe untied was not without its risks. Golfers need to have firm footing during their swings and need to balance themselves on uneven surfaces.

An untied shoe can lead to a loss of balance, which can affect the golfer’s swing and cause them to hit a poor shot. However, in this case, Piercy’s discomfort caused by the blister on his heel led him to take a risk by playing with one shoe.

It is not unheard of for golfers to play with only one shoe on, as there have been instances where golfers needed to remove their shoes due to injury or discomfort.

The reason behind Scott Piercy playing with one shoe untied and keeping the shoe on while putting was due to a blister on his right heel. While it was a risky decision, it allowed him to continue playing without significant discomfort.

Although the incident was unusual, it did not impact Piercy’s performance, as he went on to finish in the top 20 of the tournament.

Update from CBS Commentator Dottie Pepper

During the BMW Championship held at Olympia Fields Country Club, Illinois, on Friday, September 4, 2020, golfer Scott Piercy was spotted playing with only one shoe on.

CBS on-course commentator Dottie Pepper reported that Piercy had removed one of his shoes after hitting a shot but kept the shoe on while putting. This bizarre incident captured the attention of the media and golf fans across the world, with everyone wondering why Piercy would prefer to play with one shoe.

To add to the intrigue, Piercy had just completed five consecutive birdies on the front nine before the game was stopped due to inclement weather.

Piercy’s Physical Condition During the Game

According to CBS commentator Dottie Pepper, Piercy was suffering from a blister on his right heel. A blister is a small fluid-filled lesion that forms on the skin after prolonged friction, pressure, or irritation.

They’re a common occurrence among athletes, especially runners and tennis players, who put a lot of strain on their feet. Blistered feet can be painful and uncomfortable, and if not treated properly, can lead to infection or more severe foot conditions.

The Cause of Piercy’s Blister on His Right Heel

It’s unclear what caused Piercy’s blister, but it’s possible that he was wearing ill-fitting shoes or had not broken in a new pair before the tournament. Golfers spend many hours walking and standing, and a poorly fitting shoe can lead to pressure points and rubbing, causing blisters.

It’s also possible that Piercy had an existing blister that was exacerbated by the wet conditions on the course, which can make the skin more susceptible to injury.

Scott Piercy’s decision to play with only one shoe on during the BMW Championship raised eyebrows and generated considerable interest.

However, the reason for his unusual approach was relatively straightforward – he was suffering from a blister on his right heel, a common condition that can be painful and uncomfortable.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of wearing well-fitting shoes, especially during athletic activities, and properly caring for foot injuries to prevent further complications.

Social Media Reactions

The incident with Scott Piercy’s untied shoelace during the 2021 PGA Championship caused a stir on social media. The following are the different reactions from Twitter users, memes and funny comments about the incident and views from golf enthusiasts and experts.

Reactions from Twitter users

Twitter users were quick to react to the bizarre incident that happened during the third round of the PGA Championship. Some were amused, while others were critical of Piercy’s actions.

One user tweeted, “Did Scott Piercy just hit a shot with his shoe untied? Classic.” Another user commented, “I hope Scott Piercy’s shoe tying skills are better than his golf skills.”

Memes and funny comments about the incident

The incident sparked numerous memes and funny comments on social media. One meme showed a picture of Piercy hitting a shot with his untied shoe, and the caption read, “When you have to get in a quick round between weddings.” Another funny comment read, “Scott Piercy’s Laces = Britney’s weave during the 2007 VMA performance.”

Views from golf enthusiasts and experts

The incident also drew mixed views from golf enthusiasts and experts. Some viewed Piercy’s actions as reckless and unprofessional, while others thought it was nothing to fuss about. CBS on-course commentator Dottie Pepper stated that she had never seen anything like it in her 40 years of covering golf.

The incident with Scott Piercy’s untied shoelace during the 2021 PGA Championship generated mixed reactions on social media. While some found it amusing, others were critical of Piercy’s actions.

Golf enthusiasts and experts also had varying opinions on the matter, with some calling it unprofessional while others shrugged it off as a non-issue. Nonetheless, the incident added a bit of humor and excitement to the tournament, and it is likely to be remembered for some time to come.

Other Similar Incidents in Golf

Other Cases of Golfers Playing With One Shoe or No Shoes

Although it’s not a common occurrence, there have been instances where golfers have played with one shoe or no shoes at all. In 2017, Jon Rahm removed his shoes and socks to hit a shot from the edge of a water hazard at the WGC-Dell Technologies Match Play.

Dustin Johnson also played the 2011 Masters without shoes after injuring himself falling down stairs the day before the tournament. In a more extreme case, Andy Sullivan lost a shoe during a tournament and played the remaining holes with just one shoe on.

Possible Reasons Why Golfers Remove Their Shoes During a Game

Golfers may choose to remove their shoes during a game for a variety of reasons. As was the case with Scott Piercy, blisters and discomfort can be a significant factor.

In warm weather, some golfers may remove their shoes to cool off and improve their grip on the grass. Additionally, in situations where a golfer’s ball lands in a hazard, it may be necessary to remove shoes and socks to hit a shot while keeping dry.

The impact of shoe-wearing on a golfer’s performance

Wearing appropriate golf shoes is crucial for a golfer’s performance. Proper footwear can provide the comfort, stability, and traction necessary for a good round. Golf shoes also come in a variety of styles each with unique features such as waterproofing and comfortable cushioning.

Poor-fitting golf shoes can result in discomfort and blisters, which can impact a golfer’s focus and swing. On the other hand, golfers who remove their shoes may experience a difference in feel, balance, and consistency which can have an impact on their performance as well.

Therefore, a golfer should choose their footwear based on individual preference and find the perfect fit for their game.

Who is the Pga Golfer With a Blister?

The PGA golfer with a blister is Scott Piercy. He had to walk over 7,500 yards while leading the 3M Open. Walking with a blister is uncomfortable, let alone in a professional golf tournament. Scott Piercy’s perseverance and pain tolerance is impressive.

Golf may not receive the same recognition as other sports, but it still requires physical endurance. Scott Piercy has a history of foot-related injuries, including plantar fasciitis. He is a four-time winner on the PGA Tour.

His best finish in a major championship was a tie for second at the 2016 U.S. Scott Piercy is known for his strong iron play and putting ability. Despite his blister and any other injuries, he continues to compete at the highest level of professional golf.

How Many Wins Does Scott Piercy Have?

Scott Piercy has a total of 6 professional wins. He won his first title in 2008 at the Utah Championship. Piercy has two wins on the PGA Tour. In 2011, he won the Reno-Tahoe Open. His most recent win was in 2018 at the Zurich Classic of New Orleans with partner Billy Horschel.

Piercy has also won three times on the Web.com Tour. He played collegiate golf at San Diego State University. Piercy turned professional in 2001. He has consistently been in the top 100 of the world golf rankings.

Piercy is known for his strong ball striking and ability to make birdies.

Where Does Lee Westwood Live Now?

Lee Westwood currently resides in Jesmond, located within the city of Newcastle upon Tyne. He shares his home with his wife, Helen Storey, who also works as his caddy. The couple tied the knot in Las Vegas in June of 2021.

Westwood is famously known for his successful career as a professional golfer. He is a Ryder Cup star who has competed with other notable golfers such as Darren Clarke. Clarke and Westwood co-owned a private jet from April 2006.

Despite his international fame, he chooses to reside in the Northeast of England. Newcastle upon Tyne is a historic city known for its landmark structures and iconic bridges. The city is also known for its thriving cultural scene and has many attractions to explore.

Westwood’s current home is in a neighborhood called Jesmond, which is known for its stunning Victorian architecture.

To Recap

Scott Piercy’s decision to play golf with only one shoe was due to a blister on his right heel. Despite the inconvenience, Piercy managed to overcome the pain and continue his game, scoring five straight birdies on the front nine before play was suspended.

The incident may have caught spectators off guard, but it is a lesson in how golfers can persevere through discomfort and continue to excel in their game.

It is also worth noting that Piercy’s determination and dedication toward his sport are commendable, and he serves as an inspiration to aspiring golfers.

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